How to Get Sylveon in Pokémon Go?

In Pokemon Go, Sylveon can be caught by using an Eevee that has evolved.

It can be gotten in a normal way (by collecting 70 hearts and using it as a “buddy” Pokemon), through a trade, or by using this name trick (only once, and you must name it Kira).

At the moment, you can’t get Slyveon as a Pokemon that isn’t wild.

In the rest of this post, we’ll explain how you can get Sylveon in the video game Pokemon Go.

Learn how to find it and how to use some techniques to help your Eevee grow faster and help you get the most out of the game.

Sylveon is a very useful Pokémon to have in your collection, so make sure to follow all the rules.

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Go?

how to get sylveon pokemon go 1 How to Get Sylveon in Pokémon Go?

Eevee is a unique Pokemon that is very useful to own. In the beginning, the Pokemon had three different variations, and as the series increased, Eevee has gotten even more variations. 

The latest addition to the lineup is Sylveon, who is one of the Fairy-type Pokemon that were introduced in Generation VI.

When Pokemon Go was expanding its roster and began with the introduction of Generation VI Pokemon, it was just a matter of time until Sylveon was included in the game.

It was the case at the end of May 2021, at the Luminous Legends Y event, at which point Sylveon was introduced.

People who were already prepared for the introduction of the trick did not have a problem with the trick’s introduction, as they were required to employ the trick’s name, along with some 25 Eevee candy (which isn’t much actually).

However, others had to use other strategies. We’ll go over each of these techniques in the next few paragraphs.

How to evolve Sylveon in Pokémon Go?

No matter what game you choose to play, Eevee will always evolve in a constant way.

But, while evolution in the main games is easy to understand, it is harder to understand how evolution works in Pokemon GO.

Changing Eevee is a process, whether you want the random “eeveelutions” of Generation I or those of later generations, which aren’t as random but still take some work.

We’ll focus on the steps we need to take to get Sylveon.

You can get a Sylveon in the game in three different ways. Two involve changing over time (regular evolution and Name trick evolution), and the third involves dealing with someone who already has one.

We’ll tell you about the three ways you can do it.

What name would you give Eevee to gain Sylveon’s attention for the game Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go Sylveon movesets.jpg How to Get Sylveon in Pokémon Go?

If you’re looking to develop Eevee quickly in Pokémon Go, the name trick can do the trick for you quickly. 

The name trick within the game guarantees an accelerated development for your Eevee, but only if you’ve never tried it before.

That is, this intriguing “cheat” works only once per account. It’s a good thing that you can use each name only once, not just one, but it is not possible to make use of it more than once.

What you must accomplish is alter the title of the Eevee into one of the following names, and simply change it

  • Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Jolteon: Sparky
  • Flareon: Pyro
  • Espeon: Sakura
  • Umbreon: Tamao
  • Linnea: Linnea
  • Glaceon: Rea
  • Sylveon: Kira

Every “revolution” has its own specific name. Most are based on anime or the main video games. 

The names, naturally, are symbolic and can be deduced even if you weren’t aware that they existed prior. 

The name Sylveon Kira is an ode to the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games on video, in which Kira is the name of a character. Kira is featured.

Kira is the daughter of the first Sylveon user, the legendary Sakura. She was the pure lady who was a fairy-type Pokemon loved like a queen. 

Kira was a descendant of people known as the Seafolk people. However, unnoticed by Kagetora, her death was in the year 2000.

In-game, the player can track Kira, who is in charge of the first Sylveon today, located at The Seafolk Village, on the Steelix ship to the east. 

As per Kira, Sakura also tried to teach her how to fight before her passing. The player can battle Kira during the game and beat her with Sylveon.

To summarize for you, if you’d like to get a Sylveon by using names, you can just use your Eevee to alter its name, Kira. Spend $25 on Eevee Candy and you’ll get a Sylveon. 

Other requirements for evolution aren’t affected, but you are only able to make use of this trick once per account, so make sure to select an Eevee with good stats since Sylveon is among the best “eeveelutions” in the game.

How can I unlock Sylveon in Pokémon Go without using the name trick?

As we have said, there are three methods to unlock Sylveon in Pokemon Go completely. One of them is known as the “method of the name” cheat, which we have previously discussed as well as explained in the previous paragraph, and it is now time to go over the other two. 

The primary method of getting Sylveon is through the normal evolution technique, as demonstrated within the gameplay.

The standard development requirement of Eevee, i.e., having 25 Eevee Candy, is here However, Sylveon comes with additional requirements to be fulfilled in order to obtain Sylveon as normal.

The next thing to do is to make Eevee the Buddy Pokemon. A concept was introduced in the game that allows you to earn candy by playing a particular Pokemon faster than normal. 

Your Eevee Buddy must achieve a total of 70 hearts before it can transform into Sylveon, which is quite a lot.


Well, there are limitations to the number of hearts you can earn in a day. The following list of activities is Buddy activities that earn EP and Affection hearts. 

The activities in italics indicate that the companion must be walking on the map of the world to earn points for mood and affection.

ActivityInformationMax Daily Affection(EP) Emotion Points (EP)EP Cooldown (in minutes)
Walk with usTwo km walk with a buddy640
Give your buddy a treatFeed buddy is a treat6230
Play with each otherPlay with your friend by touching the animal in AR-mode2230
Battle for gloryBuddy takes part in the following activities: Gym Raid, Training Team leader, or Team GO Rocket Battle.
Buddy is required to have been a part of the team that fought to be counted even if the team was not sent out.
Snap a photoSnap a photo of your buddy in AR mode2230
Explore a new locationThe Spin is a PokeStop that hasn’t been previously visited.2230
BonusEach of these earns one Affection heart and is not subject to an Excited Mood. A present from a friend received a souvenir from a buddySpin or a PokeStop that buddy found340

So, here’s an easy guide to earning as many hearts every day as you can. The process of acquiring 70 hearts is quite a task, but for a Sylveon, you’ll need to put in a little work.

In 2021’s Eevee Community Weekend (which was held between the 14th and 15th of August), Niantic lowered the standard requirement from 70 hearts to seven hearts.

However, this was just during Community Weekend, so we’re disappointed to say that you can’t use that trick right now. To use it, you must get 70 hearts.

Another method to acquire Sylveon In Pokémon Go, not having to meet any formal requirements for evolution is a trade. 

You only need to locate another player with an additional Sylveon one or more and ask for them to trade it with you. 

It’s up to you whether to mention the fact that it’s the very first Sylveon as well, or if it’s a shiny model or not. The price could vary depending on the following:

The type of tradeFriendGood FreundFantastic FreundUltra FriendThe best friend
If you are already registered on PokedexTrade-in regular trade100100100100100
If you are already registered on PokedexLegendary Pokemon
Shiny PokemonShiny Pokemon
Cannot make trades20,00016,0001,600800
If you are not registered with PokedexTrade-in regular trade20,00020,00016,0001,600800
If you are not registered with PokedexLegendary Pokemon
Shiny PokemonShiny Pokemon
It is not possible to trade.1,000,000800,00080,00040,000

You just have to determine your position on the table and be able to determine the amount of stardust each player must be able to acquire so that the exchange can function. 

The alternative method to getting Sylveon without resorting to any tricks is

It’s an easy one for those who have a Sylveon in their possession, though, in reality, you’ll most likely be required to collect the hearts because Sylveon isn’t a Pokemon that’s easy to find.

In terms of obtaining Sylveon on its own or through raid battles, the latter is not likely to occur anytime soon.

However, the latter isn’t accessible, and neither is the possibility of obtaining Sylveon through research.

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