Regi Pokemon

All 6 Regi Pokemon – The Legendary Titans

Regi Pokemon is the Legendary Pokemon of Hoenn Sinnoh and Galar. 

All of them share some common traits: They have an anime language that is made up of electronic croaks and rapid sputterings of “Regi” in robotic tones. 

Each has seven eyes with different patterns. 

All have a similar structure to a golem. 

6. Regirock (Rock-type Pokémon)

Regirock (Rock-type Pokémon)

Regirock is a light grey and tan Pokemon that looks like a face.

It has seven small orange dots on its forehead that look like a face. 

It has two large orange boulders perched on its shoulders.

There is also an orange rock under its head, one near its ankle, and three spikey ones on its back. 

Its body is light tan and appears to be made up of several separate rocks, with cracks between them. 

Regirock appears to be an angry, but silent Pokemon.

5. Regice (Ice-type Pokémon)

Regice (Ice-type Pokémon)

Regice is a bipedal, light-blue-coloured Pokemon. 

It has seven yellow eyes, and its head is pointed. 

It has thick arms and crystal-shaped arms.

On the bottom of its arms, three crystal-shaped fingers are found. 

Four crystal-shaped spikes protruding from its back are visible.

It has conic feet below its hexagon-shaped joints. Regice doesn’t evolve.

4. Registeel (Steel-type Pokémon)

Registeel (Steel-type Pokémon)

Registeel is a silver-grey Pokemon with seven red dots on its face, and a small, bulky body is its counterpart. 

It has three fingers and small, stubby feet. 

It also has three small, red triangles at its knuckles. 

Registeel is a very hard, but flexible, material that has been tempered underground by high pressure.

3. Regigigas (Normal-type Pokémon)

Regigigas (Normal-type Pokémon)

Regigigas is a very large Pokemon that bears a similar resemblance to the original three Regi Pokemon.

Regigigas looks almost identical to the other three Regi Pokemon since it is quite huge.

Regigigas are primarily white with a few black stripes on their bodies and yellow plates around their wrists, shoulders, and upper regions. 

Regigigas are covered in moss or plants around their feet and back. 

It is a large animal with long arms and short legs. There is no visible neck or head.

It awakens initially only when the three Hoenn Titans are present in a player’s group. However, after Galar was opened, it could now be woken when all five of its creations were at the party.

2. Regieleki (Electric-type Pokémon)

Regieleki (Electric-type Pokémon)

Regieleki is a yellow bipedal Pokemon that has electricity running through its body. 

It can be identified by its small, lightning bolt-shaped legs and large, slightly cylindrical arms.

They may also have an opening at the ends of their arms.

This Pokemon absorbs electrons to live. Its body is dominated by electrical energy.

Numerous studies have shown that Regieleki’s blue rings limit emotional distress.

Regieleki is a well-known Pokemon because it can generate all of Galar’s electricity.

It also has the best techniques for Electric-type Pokemon. 

It is believed that it will unleash its hidden power by removing the insulation.

1. Regidrago (Dragon-type Pokémon)

Regidrago (Dragon-type Pokémon)

Regidrago is a pink-coloured orb Pokemon that has jaw-like cracks around its eyes.

These cracks are blue and stylized into somewhat of a “Y” shape. 

Its arms resemble Charizard‘s by being half of a skull’s jaw. 

It has two long, stubby legs and black-cracked feet.

Regidrago is made of crystallized dragon energy.

The energy is concentrated in the central core. 

Because of its body composition, Regidrago can use Dragon-type moves at a higher level than other Pokemon. 

Folklore says Regigigas attempted to create a Pokemon using crystallized dragon energy.

However, he ran out of crystals. 

Only the head could be made. 

Ancient people sealed Regidrago away in a temple within the Crown Tundra, fearing it would bring destruction to their land if it was completed.

Trivia about Regi Pokemon

Regis, except Regigigas, appears to be based on certain periods in the real world.

Regirock seems to be based on the Stone Age. 

Regice seems to be based on the Ice Age. 

Registeel seems to be based on the Iron Age or Bronze Age. 

Regieleki seems to be based on the Modern Age. 

Regidrago seems to be based on the Middle Ages and the Mesozoic Age. 

All Regi Pokemon before the introduction of Regieleki or Regidrago, in Generation VIII, were weak to the Fighting type. 

As several Pokedex entries indicate, Regigigas could have been based on tectonic shifting. 

It is likely to be based before Regice, even though the continental shift is still occurring.

History Of Regi Pokemon

In the past, Regigigas is believed to have moved the continents and then created titans using an frozen mountain composed of rocks, magma which is pure electric energy as well as crystallized energy of dragons its own image. 

Regigigas was believed to be worshipped in the past, along with Hoenn titans by the ancient people. 

Due to its being formidable, Regigigas was sealed away in the basement of the Snowpoint Temple, while the ones it created were taken into the distant Hoenn region, and then locked within three structures of stone which were later sealed. 

A message was sent in braille for anyone who would find this Sealed Chamber, whose only access was through an underwater cavern in hopes that eventually it would be the time that Pokemon could be defeated. 

Regieleki along with Regidrago were locked in the Split-Decision Ruins, located within the Crown Tundra due to fearing the destruction and terror they’ve caused to the ancient people.