45 Unexpected Weakest Pokémon Of All Time

In the past, we’ve talked about many Pokemon, like dog Pokemon or cat Pokemon. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the weakest Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe.

Many Pokemon fans say that it’s more than just a fad; it’s a real thing. There have been more than 800 Pokemon released, so you’re bound to find some strong ones. But what about the weak ones?

So, today we’re going to talk about the weakest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe.

Before we start, I want to say that this list is based on my own opinions, so if you don’t agree with me, let me know in the comments.

Let’s start with the 45 weakest Pokémon ever.

45. Patrat

Patrat Weakest Pokémon

Patrat is the weakest Pokemon, and it looks like a chipmunk. It is mostly brown, but its belly and face are tan. It has a big tooth that sticks out of its mouth and is pointed.

Patrat has a flat face and very round cheeks. Patrat has pouches in its cheeks where it stores food.

It has small ears that point out. It has a black band around its head that covers its eyes, which are red and have a yellow ring around them. Its pupils are black.

44. Paras


Paras is an orange insect-like creature that looks a lot like a cicada nymph.

It has three pairs of legs and a body in the shape of an ovoid. The front pair of legs are the biggest and end in sharp claws.

It has five spots on its head, and each side of its mouth has three teeth. It has round eyes with big “false pupils.”

43. Spoink


Spoink is a gray, pig-like Weakest Pokemon. It has dark eyes in the shape of a circle, a big gray nose, and small ears. It has short, stumpy arms and no back legs.

It moves by bouncing on its tail, which is like a spring. The hopping is important because it keeps the heart beating.

It keeps bouncing even when it is sleeping. On top of its head, it wears a pearl made by Clamperl, which boosts its psychic abilities.

42. Slaking


Slaking is a large, bulky, ape-like bipedal Weakest Pokemon. Most of its shaggy fur is brown, and so is the pattern under its eyes, which looks like a half-circle.

It has lighter-colored skin on its face, chest, hands, and feet. It has thick, pointed eyebrows and a big, pink, pig-like nose.

It has a white fur collar around its neck that goes over the top of its head and ends in a small tuft. It has big hands with five fingers and feet with two toes.

41. Vanilluxe


Vanilluxe is made when two Vanillish stick together after melting during the day and freezing at night.

It has two heads and is covered in a white substance with swirls that looks like ice cream.

Each head has a mouth and two light purple eyes. There are two light blue ice crystals under each mouth and one on each side of the eyes.

It has two short arms and three spikes that look like icicles under its body.

40. Wobbuffet


Wobbuffet is a tall, weak Pokemon that is cyan in color and has a soft body. Its eyes look like they are scrunched up, and its upper lip is jagged. The female Wobbuffet’s mouth has a red mark that looks like lipstick, but the male doesn’t.

It has four short legs at the base of its body. Its arms are flat and get wider towards the tips. It has a black tail with two spots that look like eyes.

In the Pokémon Stadium series, it is shown that its eyespots can blink and that it can use its tail to look around.

Wobbuffet is very protective of its tail. If the tail is attacked, it will act in a way that is out of character for it.

39. Aegislash


The body of the Weakest Pokemon Aegislash looks like a golden sword. Near the tip, the steel blade’s edge is white and a little bit serrated.

At the point where the blade meets the handle, there is a single purple eye with a white pupil and black space around it.

The handle is a thick spike with ridges. Two arms made of cloth come out of the sides of the hilt. Each arm is mostly black, but it fades into a light purple with a swirly pattern at the end.

At the ends of the sash-like arms are four tassels. At least one of its arms always has a fancy shield in it.

The shield is gold, and in the middle, there are three brown rings surrounded by black. It also has a brown edge with three lines that come together in the middle.

38. Beedrill


Beedrill looks a lot like a yellow, two-legged wasp, but it only has four legs instead of six and doesn’t have any spots of color.

Beedrill has a round head with a mouth that is a little bit pointed, big red eyes, and black antennae that bend sharply in the middle. Its front legs end in long, cone-shaped stingers.

It stands on its long, segmented, and insect-shaped other two legs. Beedrill has two sets of round, veined wings and another stinger on its yellow-and-black-striped abdomen.

37. Pinsir


Pinsir is a Weakest Pokemon that looks like an insect. It has two legs and a wide, dull-brown body that is divided into sections by thin lines. It has a big pair of gray pincers with sharp points on top of its head.

It has a lot of long, flat, horizontal teeth in its mouth, and its eyes are in the shape of triangles. It has short, thick legs, and its arms are long and skinny.

It has three claws on each hand and foot. Two of its toes face forward and one faces backward.

36. Luvdisc


Luvdisc is a Weakest Pokemon that looks like a fish and has a heart-shaped body that is mostly flat. This Pokémon got its name from a couple who saw it swimming in the ocean.

Its main color is light pink, and its lips and cheeks are marked with small circles. In the spring, it gathers into groups that make the surface of the ocean look bright pink.

Luvdisc lives in warm seas, where it builds its nest in the branches of Corsola or on coral reefs.

35. Zigzagoon


Zigzagoon is a four-legged Pokemon that looks like a raccoon. Its fur is bristly and has a zigzag pattern. It has stripes made of layers of cream and brown fur that are laid on top of each other.

Its head is brown, and its ears and nose are pointed and black. It has brown eyes with a black mask pattern around them.

When its mouth is open, there are two sharp teeth in its lower jaw. The top half of its mouth is jagged.

It has three claws and pink pads on each foot. It has cream-colored front feet and brown back feet. It has a sharp, bristly brush tail.

34. Pikachu


Weakest Pokemon Pikachu is a short, fat mouse. It has yellow fur with two brown stripes going across its back. It has brown eyes and a small mouth. The tips of its long, pointed ears are black.

Each cheek is a red circle with a pouch on it that stores electricity. It has short forearms and three toes on each foot. Each paw has five fingers. A patch of brown fur is at the base of its lightning-bolt-shaped tail.

At the end of a female’s tail, there is a V-shaped cut that looks like the top of a heart. It is considered a four-legged animal, but it has been seen standing and walking on its back legs.

33. Ralts


Ralts looks like a human and has a white body. It has skinny arms and legs that get wider as they reach the feet.

It has a wispy tail that hangs down from the back of its feet, giving it the look of a nightgown or a big dress.

It has green hair that looks like a bowl cut on most of its face, but sometimes you can see a pair of pinkish-red eyes.

On top of its head are two flat, red horns: one big one in front and one smaller one in the back.

32. Cosmog


Cosmog is one of the weakest Pokemon. Its body is made of gas, like a nebula. The gases in its body range from violet to light blue in color.

Both front and back, the middle of its body is black. Its face, which is made up of yellow eyes, round blue cheeks, and a small mouth, is in the black space on the front.

There is only one blue dot in the space on the back. On both the top and bottom halves of its body, there is a golden half-circle that splits it in half.

31. Ditto


Ditto is a Weakest Pokemon that, in its natural state, is amorphous and light purple or pink. Its face is only partially formed. The face has a simple mouth and large, round eyes.

It also looks like it has two arm-like structures called pseudopods that stick out from its body. It can change into a copy of any physical object, right down to its shape and abilities.

But if Ditto tries to change based on what it remembers, it might get some details wrong.

30. Smeargle


Smeargle looks like a beagle and walks on two legs. It has white and brown fur. It has a long tail that looks like a paintbrush at the end.

This paintbrush is full of paint, and the color of the paint may be different for each Smeargle and change based on how it feels.

In the games, the sprites are green, brown, and red. In the anime, they are also yellow and blue. Smeargle’s back has a footprint that is the same color as the end of its tail.

29. Stunfisk


Stunfisk is the weakest Pokemon. It looks like a flat fish and has a wide, mud-brown body. From behind, the yellow tip of its tail has a yellow mark that looks like an exclamation point.

It has small, horizontal, oval-shaped eyes that are white with a small black pupil and no iris.

It has two thick gray lips that make up its mouth. They are almost right in the middle of these two eyes. It has two small, thin fins on each side of its body. Each of these fins has two lobes.

28. Shedinja


Shedinja is a Weakest Pokemon that looks like a cicada’s exoskeleton after it has shed it. It is mostly light brown, but its belly is gray.

It doesn’t have legs, but instead has four protrusions on its bottom. The two on top are brown, and the two on the bottom are gray. It has round bumps on the side of its head where its eyes should be.

Two lines go all the way around its stomach, and a white halo floats above its head. It has a pair of torn wings on its back, each with three tips.

27. Farfetch’d


Farfetch’d is an avian Pokémon that looks like a light brown duck with a white belly.

It has a flat, yellow beak, brown eyes, a black V-shaped mark (like a unibrow) on its forehead, and a three-feather crest on top of its head.

Its wings are the same size as its body and look like they could be used as hands. It has yellow, webbed feet and a short, stumpy tail.

26. Delibird


Delibird is the weakest Pokemon. It is red and looks like a penguin. Its tail is white and hollow. It has white feathers on its face and chest, and two crests with three points each sit above its eyes.

It has black marks around its round eyes, and its beak and feet are a light yellow color. On its stomach, there is a single white spot. It has two toes on each foot.

Delibird is omnivorous. It has a bundle of food in its tail. It usually feeds its chicks the food it has stored, but it has been known to give food to people who were stuck on icy mountains.

25. Abra


Abra is a Weakest Pokemon that has two legs and is mostly yellow. It has a kite-shaped face with a small, pale yellow nose and two short, pointed ears with pale yellow insides.

Most of the time, its wide eyes are shut. Abra’s body is made up of different parts, and you can see black skin between its joints and along its neck.

It has two brown pieces that look like pauldrons on its shoulders and a brown piece that looks like a fauld around its chest.

24. Wimpod


Weakest Pokemon Wimpod is a small insect. Its main body is purple, and its back is made of silver plating. All together, there are four plates.

The first plate covers half of its head but leaves space for its eyes. The tops of its eyes look like they have extra plating over them.

On its back, the three plates overlap, and in the middle of each one is a single black triangle.

23. Slakoth


Slakoth is a brown, four-legged Pokemon that acts like a sloth. It has rough, shaggy fur, and on its back there are two dark brown stripes.

It has a scruff of fur on top of its head and a big, pink nose like a pig’s. It also has pink eyelids and dark rings around its eyes. Its arms are long and skinny, but its legs are shorter.

Each foot has two sharp claws, and the back feet have pink pads. It also has a pink back and bottom.

22. Zubat


Zubat is a blue, bat-like Weakest Pokemon. It has pointed ears with purple insides and a mouth with two sharp teeth on each jaw, but no eyes.

The fangs of a male will be bigger than those of a female. It has purple membranes for wings that are held up by two long fingers and two thin, long tails.

A lot of Zubats live in caves. It has changed over time so that it no longer has eyes or noses. Instead, it uses sound waves to find its way in dark places.

21. Rattata


Rattata is a small rodent that walks on all fours. It has purple fur, and its face, paws, and underbelly are cream-colored.

It has narrow eyes with red irises and white sclera and pupils. Its ears are round with cream-colored insides, and each cheek has a single whisker.

At the end of its long tail is a tight curl. Its big teeth are the most noticeable thing about it.

20. Bidoof


Bidoof is a brown Weakest Pokemon that looks like a rat. It has four short legs.

Its face is short and dark brown, and its nose is small and red. Markings in a creamy color cover its underside and go all the way around its face.

Its tail is made up of five round tufts of fur on the male and three on the female.

At the bottom of its face, there are tufts that look the same, and two single ones make up its ears. Bidoof has black paws with three toes that are connected by webbing.

19. Cleffa


Cleffa is a small, pink Pokémon that looks kind of like a star. All of its ears are brown.

It has two small black eyes, a small mouth, and it looks like its cheeks are always a little pink.

It has short, stumpy arms and legs that don’t have fingers and end in a point. It has a curl on the top of its head, and its tail is curled up.

18. Burmy


Burmy is a small Pokémon larva with a black body made up of segments and a coiled antenna on top of its head.

It has yellow eyes and a mouth that looks like a beak. Burmy has six short legs. Two of them are black, and the other two are yellow.

It has two white spots on each cheek, but you can only see them when a Burmy isn’t wearing a cloak.

17. Spewpa


Spewpa is a small Pokémon that looks like a cocoon. It is mostly hidden by white fur with red, black, and pale yellow squares in and around it.

Its big, round head sticks out of the top of its fur. The back of the head is a light gray color, while the face is a darker gray.

Each eye has a small beige dot, and the face is split in half by a thin black line that ends in a small beige triangle at the top of the head.

16. Silcoon/Cascoon


Silcoon looks like a cocoon, and it uses silk to stick to tree branches.

There are only two small holes in the white silk covering.

Through the holes, you can see a pair of red eyes, but a rough edge of silk hides some of them.

15. Kakuna


Kakuna is a yellow Pokémon with a shape like a cocoon. Kakuna’s head is shaped like a dome, and his black, triangular eyes have white pupils that glow. It has two arms in the middle of its body that look like scythes.

When it’s almost ready to evolve, its body heats up, making it feel warm to the touch.

Kakuna doesn’t move much and hangs from tree branches by long threads of silk while it waits to evolve.

14. Pichu


Pichu is a small Pokémon with pale yellow fur that lives on the ground. It has black, pointy tips on its ears, collar, and tail.

The pink pouches on Pichu’s cheeks can hold small amounts of electricity, and its nose is so small that it looks like a dot.

Pichu is a four-legged animal, but it walks well on its back legs.

13. Scatterbug


Scatterbug is a larval Pokémon that is black and has a pretty big head. A line that goes from its forehead to its mouth cuts its head in half.

It has big beige eyes with square black pupils, a single pointed tooth that sticks out of its mouth, and three white hairs on the top of its head.

Scatterbug has three parts to its body, and each part has a pair of nubby, beige legs.

12. Wurmple


Wurmple looks like a small caterpillar. Its body is mostly red, but the bottom and face are cream. It has big yellow eyes with dark circles in the middle.

It has three sharp yellow stingers: one on its head and two on its back. Behind its head, it has a tall, straight, red spine and another, smaller spine that looks the same.

It has five pairs of short, white legs and small spikes on the top parts of its body.

11. Weedle


Weedle is a larval Pokémon with a body that is segmented and can be yellow to reddish-brown in color.

Every part of its body is a ball. It has a big red nose, two small black eyes, and two round feet on each piece of its body.

Its bright red and yellow colors show that it is poisonous and should be avoided by predators.

10. Caterpie


Caterpie is the weakest Pokemon. It looks like a green caterpillar with a yellow underside and a tail in the shape of a teardrop.

Along the sides of its segmented body, there are yellow rings that look like eyes and are meant to scare off predators.

Even though Caterpie has these traits and can hide in green plants, Flying-type Pokémon often hunt it.

9. Kricketot


Kricketot is a bipedal, bug-like weakest Pokemon. It is mostly red, with a black stripe down its front and a black mark that looks like a cape on its back.

It has a flat, white structure around its head that looks like a collar. A girl’s collar is bigger than a boy’s.

A dark red segment goes from the head to each of the two hard, black antennae, which have curled tips.

8. Feebas


Feebas is the weakest Pokemon and looks like an old, worn-out fish. Its body is light brown and covered with dark, irregular spots. It has big, pink lips and big, deep-set eyes.

The pectoral fins and tail are a dull blue color and look worn. The dorsal fin has a hole in the middle of a triangular shape.

Because it looks bad, most hunters, Trainers, and researchers don’t bother with it.

7. Azurill


Azurill is a round, blue mouse Pokemon that is the weakest. It has round ears that are pink on the inside. It has two white dots on each cheek, and its eyes are black. It has a thin, black tail that zigzags and ends in a big blue ball.

The ball is full of the food the plant needs to grow, and it bounces. The ball can also be used to help you stay afloat.

On this rubbery tail, it can be seen bouncing and playing. The tail can also be used as a lasso by spinning it around.

6. Igglybuff


Igglybuff is a small animal that looks like a balloon and has two legs. It is all pink. When the temperature goes up, its body can turn a deep pink color.

It has a round tuft of hair on top of its head, a small pattern on its forehead that looks like a swirl, and red eyes. Igglybuff’s legs are short and small.

This small Pokémon is very flexible and can bounce like a ball, but if it does that, it might not be able to stop.

5. Magikarp


Magikarp looks like a fish and has big, heavy scales that are orange-red. It has pink lips and big, empty eyes. It has white fins on its chest and tail.

It has a stiff, yellow fin on its back that looks like a crown. It also has a similar fin on its bottom. Also, its hair is long. The barbels on a female are white, while on a male they are pale yellow.

A Magikarp that lives for a long time can use its huge splashing power to jump so high that it can climb mountains. It also has a strong immune system that lets it live in water that is very dirty.

4. Wishiwashi


Wishiwashi is a weakest Pokemon that looks like a fish. Even though a single Wishiwashi is small and weak, the people of Alola still fear it and call it the “demon of the sea.”

This is because Wishiwashi have a powerful School Form. This form is made when a Wishiwashi is in danger and calls for help by shining its eyes, which can be seen from almost 25 miles (40 kilometers) away as an SOS signal.

Wishawashi is preyed on by many animals in the wild, such as Dewgong, Wailmer, Wailord, Wingull, and Pelipper.

3. Metapod


Metapod is the weakest Pokemon. It looks like a green cocoon. Its body is in the shape of a crescent, and the point at the bottom is made up of several segments.

The front of its shell looks like the face of a person with big eyes and a sharp nose. On the back of its shell, there are several parts and projections with geometric shapes.

During the process of metamorphosis, its hard shell protects its soft body. Even though this shell is said to be as hard as steel, a strong blow could cause its liquid insides to pop out and leave it completely open.

2. Sunkern


Sunkern is a weak Pokemon that looks like a yellow seed and has a small sprout coming out of its top.

It has triangle-shaped spikes coming out of the top of its head. These spikes surround the sprout. It has three wide, brown stripes going up and down its body.

Two of the stripes start in a jagged way above Sunkern’s dark eyes and go down. Sunkern’s other stripe is right below his mouth.

1. Unown


Unown is the weakest Pokemon. It is flat and thin, and it looks like an eye with arms that make it look like a letter or a punctuation mark. It is all black except for its white eyes, which are called sclerae.

All 26 alphabetic forms of Unown have their eyes wide open, but the two punctuation Unown have their eyes half closed.

Even though each of its forms has a match in the Latin alphabet, it is said that Unown looks like old writing and hieroglyphs.

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