14 Best Anime Characters With A Bowl Cut

With millions of fans across the universe, the anime world is growing globally very vividly. So, feature and appearance of the character is the most important thing for anime. 

The appearance of any character shows his personality and we can simply classify him in a category so today’s topic is bowl cut character in the anime world which is mast popular hairstyle in the ’90s without any doubt and to make it more apt we can also call it mushroom hairstyle.

This hairstyle is simple as pouring water in the glass just put a bowl in the head and cut the rest of the hair. But in the anime world, every feature of the character has some different meaning so here’s the list of 15 Anime with the best bowl cut of all the time. 

With plenty of hairstyles in anime today we have the best hairstyle of old time that is Bowl cut or I can say “moms’ Favorite hairstyle for their kids” hahaha…. So, let jump on the topic now and check out the listing. 

14. Sachiya Yoshida From DIVE!!

Sachiya Yoshida From From DIVE!!

Sachiya Yoshida is a member of the Mizuki Diving Club. He is an elementary school student. 

With the nickname “Sacchin”.

His bow cut hair gives him such a refreshing look throughout the series.

13. Tomohito Kimura From Nodame Cantabile

Tomohito Kimura From Nodame Cantabile

He is a member of the Rising Star Orchestra. He is the supporting character in the series. 

With not so good looks but talented!!

His bow cut with the small eyeglasses make him look like an intelligent student. He is also a Violinist.

12. Leon Elliot From Black Cat

Leon Elliot From Black Cat

Leon Elliot was a member of the Apostles of the Stars until he was beaten by Eve.

He is bright, blue hair with short cut which looks him cool but he doesn’t trust anyone nor he like everyone to be around him.

11. Marlo Freudenberg From Attack on Titan

Marlo Freudenberg From Attack on Titan

Marlo was a tall young man with black bowl-cut hair, grey eyes, and a cold look that surely makes him stand out from the crowd. 

Marlo was a very righteous person. While most who join the Military Police Regiment do so because they want a safe position far from the danger of the Titans, Marlo did so because he wanted to do what is right.

10. Dr. Kuseno From One Punch Man

Dr. Kuseno From One Punch Man

Old but Gold right!! The character from One Punch Man, Dr. Kuseno is a caretaker of Genos. 

His comically large nose and ridiculous bowl cut to contrast with his intelligence, which is always able to forewarn Genos of impending disasters.

9. Hinata From Naruto

Hinata From Naruto

This character needs no introduction, she is Naruto’s wife. As a teen, I find her style cute and adorable with blue color and bangs on both sides. 

But by the time her hair grows longer when she was pregnant with Naruto’s baby named Boruto.

Despite the fact, her bowl hair face is her signature and best for her character to remember.

8. Nobita From Doraemon

Nobita From Doraemon

The iconic anime with whom everyone grows up watching and one of my favorites all the time. 

He is a student with his Robot cat and the main character of the Anime, he is a nerd without Doraemon he can’t do anything.

And his terrible bland cut hair sits his character a lot. 

7. Bruno Buccellati From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Bruno Buccellati From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Each character of the JoJo series are different on their own so like Bruno, a clever member of an Italian mafia gang called Passione. Although part of Passione, Bruno has amassed and loyal toward him.

What’s the reason? Because his father was killed by the drug trade

His perfectly straight stylish bowl cut is unique but yet boring and did make him brilliant!

6. Maruko-Chan From Chibi Maruko Chan

Maruko-Chan From Chibi Maruko Chan

Cute or Dumbo?

In the series Maruko has short bowl hair but for little time. But she looks cute with her bang.

Like Nobita this anime also cover a lot of kid’s childhood time and also enjoyed it a lot. 

5. Gohan From Dragon Ball (Namek Saga)

Gohan From Dragon Ball (Namek Saga)

Do you think this character needs any introduction?

One more very well-known character of all Dragon Ball Z. He is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi.

His bowl hairstyle makes him look cuter. His hairstyle is very popular and also on the search list ‘Gohan Bowl Cut’ by fans.


4. Rock Lee From Naruto

Rock Lee From Naruto

Rock a well know character of very popular anime. He was trained by the mighty guy and later become a master in Martial arts.

But more than that, he picked up the same hair and fashion sense as his personality.

And he keeps his hairstyle unchanged throughout his life. Standing out in this way suits him.

3. Seto Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Seto Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Seto Kaiba, more often known simply as Kaiba, is one of the two deuteragonists alongside Joey Wheeler of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. 

In the series, which was based on the original manga, Kaiba has green hair, even though he has brown hair in all other appearances, including the manga itself.

With his bowl-cut, his appearance enhances a bit more.

2. Mob From Mob Psycho 100

Mob From Mob Psycho 100

The mob is a series about teens who have physic power. The main character named Shigeo is a student.

He has amazing power that can also destroy the world if it gets out of control.

With a cute and decent look on his face that matches his black color bowl hairstyle and dark eyes, as a child, Shigeo learned that his psychic power was linked to his emotions. 

1. Mako Mankanshoku From Kill La Kill

Mako Mankanshoku From Kill La Kill

Just like any other human she can fight toe to toe in her way. Our character Mako is a student of high school and she lives her life in poverty. 

The kind and loyal character of her make her adorable. I do like her Bowl cut hair with a simple style and a simple bow on the top of her head.

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