15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

People have a tendency to think that boys with blue haired in anime are the most intelligent and capable characters.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular male characters in anime that are not only attractive but also powerful and are blue haired.

Characters from anime have consistently ranked among the most memorable in pop culture over the past few years.

Some of the most well-known male characters in anime are those having blue haired; some of them are regarded as powerful, while others appear to be somewhat average with blue haired.

Let’s take a look at some of the most attractive and well-developed blue haired male characters in anime, shall we?

Not only do these guys have outstanding looks with blue haired, but they also have interesting character arcs.

15. Grimmjow Jagger Jacques From Bleach

blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Grimmjow, Ichigo Kurosaki’s most infamous foe, is a fantastic illustration of how character design should be done.

This figure has been developed to look wonderful in a wanted poster because of his wild blue haired that is slicked back and some blue haired strands of hair that are dangling towards the front of his head.

14. Henry Legolant From Black Clover

Henry Legolant From Black Clover 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

In the anime series Black Clover, one of the characters that are shrouded in mystery is Henry Legolant. He was granted the authority to transform the entire black bulls headquarters into a bullfighter and relocate it.

The long, white locks of this mysterious character from the Manga Anime series reach all the way down to the knee joint.

The layered, disheveled, and unruly aspect of Henry’s blue haired creates an effect similar to that of a bird’s nest.

The look is finished off perfectly by the way the stray blue haired strands of hair in front conceal his face.

13. Marx Francois From Black Clover

maxresdefault blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Our ranking of the finest anime boys with blue haired begins with Marx from the Black Clover series. Marx is a character with blue haired.

He is among the first to have joined the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono’s Magic Knights, which makes him one of the most senior members of the organization.

His rank is that of 1st class Senior Magic Knight, and in addition to that, Julius counts him among his advisors.

It is common knowledge that Marx Francois is one of the anime boys with blue haired, and he possesses a face that is simple to recall.

It is easy to distinguish Marx Francois’ hair from that of other people. The layers are given a classic bowl cut after being colored with a washed-out, pale blue hue that matches the color of the brows.

The blue haired in front is trimmed very short and fills up about half of the face. After that, it is grown out to the point where it touches the back of the neck.

12. Kuruko Tetsuya From Kuroko no Basket

Tetsuya Kuroko anime blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Character who appears in the popular anime series “Kuroko no Basket,” where she goes by the name Kuruko Tetsuya.

He is a student at Seirin High School, where he is a member of the basketball team and plays the position of point guard for the school’s squad.

Additionally, he is well-known for his laid-back personality and demeanor, which frequently stand in contrast to Kiyoshi’s fiery disposition.

In addition, despite the fact that he is considered to be the most emotionally detached of the group, he has a large number of friends on his squad.

However, Kuruko does care about his friends, and because of this, he enjoys the company of those he considers close to him very much.

11. Inosuke Hashibira From Demon Slayer

Inosuke Hashibira.Demon Slayer blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

The hero of the Demon Slayer series is bold enough to have a hairdo that gradually fades from black to white.

The layers in the shoulder-length hair are soft and subtle, and they are accented by a front edge that consists of thick strands that cross in the center.

As it gets closer to the ends, Inosuke’s black hair takes on a midnight blue color that fades into an ocean blue hue.

Inosuke is an extremely hot-headed and tough individual who enjoys deluding himself into believing that he is the finest combatant in every circumstance.

He is able to give most people he meets a challenge, and he is eager to demonstrate his superior strength to everyone he encounters.

His ego has helped him achieve some level of success as a demon slayer; nevertheless, it is also the primary contributor to the majority of his failures, which occur when he underestimates his adversaries.

10. Ban From Nanatsu no Taizai

anime nanatsu no taizai ban character character wallpaper preview blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Ban is considered to be one of the most attractive blue-haired anime boys. This figure of Nanatsu no Taizai has chunky curls that taper down into points at the ends of his light blue haired.

The look is finished off with a single blue haired stray ringlet of hair that falls across his forehead. It has been established that Ban is a loyal man.

He responds by taking action to whatever piques his interest, such as escaping from prison after discovering that his commander is still alive.

In addition to this, he is an individual who is incapable of comprehending the concept of dread. He is willing to put his captain and his crew in harm’s way by taking any risk and resorting to any means necessary.

9. Mitsuki From Boruto – Naruto Next Generation

lFyJnx blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Mitsuki is presented as a character in the Boruto anime who is initially depicted as having a stoic demeanor and a reputation for being mysterious.

Due to the color of his hair that is blue haired, he has a distinct appearance that is distinct from that of the other characters in the series. Mitsuki is a sort of boy who appears in anime.

He has blue haired that hangs down to his shoulders and gives him a highly fashionable appearance.

Layers, spikes, and a warm blue tint characterize the appearance of this boy’s hair in an anime series. His appearance is finished off with a dash of gray and a touch of a tint that looks like frozen water.

8. Tamaki Amajiki From Boku no hero Academia

Tamaki Amajiki From Boku no hero Academia 1 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

At the University of Alaska, Tamaki is one of the senior students enrolled in Class 3-A. In addition to that, he is a member of The Big 3 and will be serving as Fat Gum’s sidekick in this endeavor.

The unkempt appearance of Tamaki Amajiki’s dark hair is a reflection of his reserved and gloomy personality.

For a more unobstructed perspective, the lengths are spiked at the back and paired with a front border that is layered and separated into several distinct sections.

His ears are a little bit longer than average, with pointed points that give him an elfish appearance.

7. Aomine Daiki From Kuroko no basket

LG Aomine blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

The brown color of Aomine is significantly darker than that of the vast majority of the other figures. His hair has a dark blue color and is cut to a somewhat short length.

His blue haired is combed to the right side of his head. He almost always has a look on his face, and his eyes, which are a dark blue color, are somewhat squinted.

Aomine is an imposing figure due to his height and strength. When Aomine was at the height of his powers, there was no one else he could defeat.

He was far too perfect for his own good to ever open his mouth. Kagami Taiga was the one who presented the greatest level of opposition to him, but even their competition eventually fizzled out because neither of them was able to make any headway—that is, until Kagami awoke the zone.

6. Gintoki Sakata From Gintama

desktop wallpaper gintoki sakata gintama funny blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

We have finally reached the well-known character Gintoki Sakata. In the Gintama series, his naturally wavy hair is styled into a disheveled and jagged shag haircut.

His hair has a natural wave pattern. The threads are shorter at the front and at the edges, while they are longer towards the back.

The icy blue hair ultimately becomes more silver-like as it gets closer to the top of the head. In addition to this, he was a trained samurai who participated in the Joui War many years ago and was a founding member of the Yorozuya!

Gintoki is nothing more than a slacker and a fool. Even though he spends his entire day doing nothing but sitting around and reading comic books, he manages to maintain a cheerful demeanor and impart wisdom to his employees, despite the fact that he frequently lacks the knowledge to back up his statements.

5. Tokiya Ichinose From Uta No Prince-Sama

Tokiya Ichinose From Uta No Prince Sama 1 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

There is no disputing the fact that Tokiya Ichinose is without a doubt one of the sexiest anime lads with blue hair.

This dashing male anime character has dark blue hair that can give the impression of being black at times. The hair is parted to the side and covers a piece of the face and cheekbones in addition to the ears and the neck.

Since he was a child, he has been performing, and throughout that time he has accumulated a great deal of expertise. Even some professional expertise is beyond his reach!

Even though Tokiya can experience high levels of anxiety at times, he typically exudes an air of composure and composure.

He puts a lot of effort into his career as an idol, and he makes an effort to maintain a cheerful attitude.

In private, he presents a very different image due to the fact that he is a perfectionist and a stoic; nonetheless, he is an incredible singer!

4. Ikuto Tsukiyomi From Shugo Chara!

a11 swift 232538 top full blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Who else outside Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Charal has a better handle on rocking blue hair? This anime boy’s hair is styled in long, airy layers, and he has a fringe in the front.

His eyes have a tinge of blue, which is reflected in his hair, which is a deep indigo tint. He never removes the silver cross choker that is permanently attached to his neck, which he wears not only with his school uniform but also with other clothes.

Ikuto is a highly loving person who will do anything in his power to shield others from the difficulties he has in his own life.

It is abundantly evident how deeply he feels about them; consequently, in order to avoid burdening them with his issues, he places emphasis on maintaining his distance from them.

3. Aladdin From Magi

Aladdin summons magoi 1 blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Aladdin is depicted as a boy with blue hair in the anime series Magi.

He is one of the eight commanders in the anime and is considered to be one of the most important characters in the anime.

His small and tiny frame, moderately blue hair, and prominent eyebrows give the impression that he is a compassionate, experienced, and trustworthy general.

2. Lancer From Fate/Stay Night

fate stay night unlimited blade works ufotable lancer blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

Throughout the first few episodes, Lancer is a villain with demigod abilities who eventually becomes the main protagonist’s ally.

This transformation takes place over the course of the story. This character from the anime has a bubbly and happy demeanor.

The origin of his name comes from the fact that he fights with a lance, a massive red spear that is as tall as he is.

1. Nagisa Shiota From Assassination Classroom

Nagisa Shiota Workout 1 1024x529 blue haired 15 Blue Haired Anime Boys of All Time

This reticent young man is actually a lethal assassin. When planning an assault, he keeps a calm demeanor but an extremely lethal approach.

Because his mother had always wanted a daughter, Nagisa was born with long blue hair, which cemented his status as an anime trope.

The things that irritated his mother were passed on to him. The young man does not throw a fit, despite the fact that he is angry.

He is the best student in his class and an expert in all different kinds of assassination techniques. This shy teenager ultimately made the decision to teach while yet continuing to work as a contract killer on the side.

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