Gintama Filler List – Ultimate Filler Guide!

Are you searching for Gintama Filler List ? Well Today, we are going to create the ultimate Gintama filler list guide for you.

When someone ask you about the funniest anime you ever watched most of the anime fans recall only one name that is Gintama.

This awesome anime has 367 episodes and it ran from 2006 to 2018. While it has many episodes to entertain you but still it has some fillers too.

But to make your watching experience more accessible and easy we have created a Gintama Filler List for you.

Gintama Filler List : The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide!

Let’s check out this Gintama filler list without wasting any more time.

Filler Episodes

1-2, 50, 57, 75, 106, 114, 124, 125, 135, 137, 150, 155, 164, 166, 171, 173-174, 176, 185, 209, 252

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes

82, 111, 120, 367

Note: Mixed Canon Episodes contain some part of additional content that doesn’t exist in the manga. On the other hand, manga canon episodes define the story that follows the original events of the manga. But to enjoy and understand the anime completely, you need to watch these Mixed Canon Episodes too.

Gintama Fillers That Worth You Time!

Gintama filler list has precisely 22 filler episodes, making it 6% of filler percentage but to be honest every episode of this series is too fun that we called all of its episodes are fillers.

So, we’ve made a list of best Gintama filers in our Gintama filler list.

1. Keep An Eye On The Chief For The Day (Episode 57)

1. Keep An Eye On The Chief For The Day (Episode 57) Gintama Filler List

Edo is in an uproar about the serial kidnappings of women. The Shinsengumi goes overboard in cracking down and sees a sudden drop in their public image.

Kondo invites pop idol Tsu Terakado to be chief for the day in order to call on Edo residents to prevent crimes, as well as to boost the Shinsengumi’s image. Otsu is eager to do her duty and begins reforming the Shinsengumi, beginning with the bureau’s regulations.

The Odd Jobs Trio are asked by Otsu to accompany her dressed up as the uninspiring mascot character Makoto-chan. The Shinsengumi realizes who they are and a fight breaks out. While they fight, someone kidnaps Otsu.

2. Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than One (Episode 166)

Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than One (Episode 166)

Hijikata is on a stakeout near the apartment’s dumpster. There, a sleepy Gintoki comes to throw away his trash. Finding Gintoki’s persistent intrusion a burden, Hijikata arrests Gintoki for insulting and obstructing an officer on duty. But while pushing and shoving each other.

Hijikata accidentally handcuffs himself to Gintoki. Hijikata calls Okita who is staking out a different location to come and unlock them and take Gintoki to the Shinsengumi Headquarters.

Instead, Okita puts a second pair of handcuffs on Gintoki and Hijikata. In the midst of all this, the Radical Joi Faction makes a move.

3. We’re Sorry (Episode 252)

We’re Sorry (Episode 252)

Its last episode and we are going out with a bang.

A Gintama clip show!

4. 99% Of Men Aren’t Confident In Confessing Their Love (Episode 137)

99% Of Men Aren’t Confident In Confessing Their Love (Episode 137)

Having been neglected for so long despite her strong love for Gintoki, Sachan finally goes on the offensive. She tries to win the heart of the sugar-loving Gintoki with a cake.

Naturally, her plan fails. That’s when Kondo happens to pass by. Like Sachan, Kondo’s feelings for Otae have continued unrequited and are casually brushed aside (or rather, exploited for running her errands).

They argue over who is loved more than the other. After their heated debate, they somehow end up playing cupid for each other…

5. If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them (Episode 150)

If You Cant Beat Them Join Them Episode 150 1 Gintama Filler List - Ultimate Filler Guide!

The Odd Jobs trio is going about their usual meaningless chatter when a man with an eye-patch suddenly shows up and begins “ordering” them around.

The man’s “power” is so strong, the Odd Jobs find themselves unable to defy his orders…

6. You Guys! Do You Even Have a Gintama? (Part 1&2- Episode 1&2)

 You Guys! Do You Even Have a Gintama?

Long ago, this nation was known as the land of the samurai. The dream-filled Edo skies, upon which the samurai once gazed, are now filled with the ships of the Amanto, beings that suddenly invaded and rose to power. And now these arrogant aliens walk the streets of the city.

The samurai have lost their swords, status, and even their honor… In this city former samurai Gintoki Sakata runs the Odd Jobs business. One day he receives a visit from a client named Katoken.

To regain something he has lost, Katoken needs 30 million ryo—a lot of money. After listening to Katoken’s endless tale of misfortune, the Odd Jobs trio feels obliged to help out. Meanwhile, the Amanto Kariya and his men gather to plot the takeover of Edo city.

7. Are They Still People Who Go To The Ocean And Yell Out ‘Bakayaro’? (Episode 174)

Are They Still People Who Go To The Ocean And Yell Out ‘Bakayaro’?

The Yorozuya go fishing with Hasegawa, and later on get trapped in an elevator with a sad man.

8. Hometown and B00bs Are Best Thought From Afar (Episode 185)

Hometown and B00bs Are Best Thought From Afar

Hijikata’s dream come true when he wins a tour of a mayonnaise factory.

A group of monks hire Odd Jobs to get rid of a giant alien beehive that appeared at their temple.

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