My Hero Academia Filler List

Boku no Hero Academia is one exciting anime to watch! There is no boring BnHA episode, there is always something happening or some new developments in the anime.

MHA sure doesn’t need any introductions but for the new anime fans let us hear it one last time. My Hero Academia is about a world where humans have evolved various traits called, “quirks” these quirks are very varied.

These quirks gave humans powers to do both good and bad, those who chose good became heroes and those who chose to bad are the villains, simple enough. MHA has amazing plot but it is mostly know for its varied cast of characters.

There are so many amazing quirks in MHA and I guarantee you will enjoy seeing all of these quirks.

My Hero Academia Filler List

Let us find out all the fillers and pick the best one’s to watch from My Hero Academia.

Filler Episodes

32, 39, 58, 64

Mixed-Canon Episodes

30, 34, 40, 54-55, 89

3 Best My Hero Academia Fillers Worth Watching

Here are our top 3 picks of my hero academia filler that we recommend you to watch.

Episode 32: Everyone’s Internships

I absolute loved this filler, My Hero Academia doesn’t have a lot of fillers but it does have this gem of a filler episode.

In this filler, we get to see the lives of all the side characters that we love so much! The episode shows a glimpse into every Class 1-A student’s internships.

Tsuyu Asui

It is like the viewers get a tour of all the amazing backstories and extra scenes from their lives. It is super interesting to know about other students from the class.

We get a major glimpse into Asui’s internship on the ship. This was my favorite part of the episode.

Episode 58: Special Episode: Save the World with Love!

This episode is the definition of a fun filler that you won’t mind watching even in between the show, Watch it with the show and you’ll not regret it at all.

In this episode, the students of Class 1-A are given a training scenario on Ground Beta about a villain robbing a store. This episode is filled with comedic scenes and random quirkiness from all the characters and amazing little moments.

Special Episode: Save the World with Love

The entire episode is filled with such amazing little moments its absolutely adorable, just so cute and happy.

Episode 64: Scoop on Class 1-A

As the title of this amazing episode suggests, it is about a news story about Class 1-A from UA High.

In the episode we are shown a news agency trying to find about the recent events, the skirmish between All Might and All for One, which is kept a secret by the police and very little information is let out about the fight.

Class 1-A

A freelance journalist after analyzing All Might’s last lines, “You are Next!” comes to an interesting conclusion that he has already found his successor.

So the students of Class 1-A, our favorite characters are set up for an interview throughout the entire day. Watch the episode to find out if the journalist finds out who the successor is!

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