Soul Eater: Filler List & Watch Order Guide

The Soul Eater is the Best Anime Ever Made, with an amazing music score, storyline, and characters. The show’s personal development is truly amazing. 

It rarely departs from the clichés or stereotypes that the majority of major animes adhere to.

The manga has two songs that are the opening ones, Resonance, and The Music. The music is graphically amazing as well. 

It seems to diverge from the manga about halfway through. This is why we need the “Unity” variation of Soul Eater. The conclusion of the animated series is abrupt and fast.

There’s hidden comedy woven throughout the characters, the animation, and the parody of history that is woven into an extremely distinct anime ever made.

If you love the horror genre as well as folklore, historical fiction, and the perverted style of comedy, this show is sure to enlighten your “spirit.” The people on the show are powerful, clear, distinctive, and full of personality.

Watch Order

Soul Eater is a well-known television show that is being developed and has impressed viewers. 

The show started quite a while ago, and it is continuing to update its content so that fans don’t need to let go of the show.

The series’ successful episodes have been converted into different languages, and replicas of them can be found in a variety of countries. Soul Eater’s fans come from every corner of the globe.

There are numerous episodes, but they’re easily countable. We have created an episode guide for anyone who wants to use it.

Instead of searching for shows and working endless hours searching for them, you can just go to the desired episodes.

The episode guide contains both a filler and canon list.

Some episodes are fantastic Some are great, while others aren’t however, the overall collection is among the best Japanese animations of all time.

How many episodes of Soul Eater are there?

The reason (how many episodes?) is 51 total. It is among the most memorable shows of all time and remains in the top ten lists of outstanding shows. 

Soul eater during the time between 2008 and 2009.

Atsushi Kubo is the creator and illustrator of Japanese manga. Following that, the manga was serialized regularly. The show was reprinted in 19.6 million copies.

Filler list


The list of fillers isn’t as long as the other anime series. Soul Eater has a number of episodes. It has a low fill rate.

Soul eater filler lists have one filler episode, and the episode’s title is Episode 17. The title of the episode can be described as “Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?”.

Soul Eater: Canon Episodes

1-6, 8-16, 18-38

Mixed list


Soul Eater: Anime Canon List


The episode’s title is “Resonance of the Soul: Will the Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe?” Episode 51, which is titled “The Word is Bravery!” and among the episodes, Episode 17, serves as the “filler” episode.

Soul Eater: Episode List

Resonance of the Soul – Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe?MANGA CANON2008-04-07
I Am the Star! The Big Man Is Showing Up Here?MANGA CANON2008-04-14
The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid’s Magnificent Mission?MANGA CANON2008-04-21
Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?MANGA CANON2008-04-28
The shape of the Soul – Enter the Ultimate Meister Stein?MANGA CANON2008-05-05
The New Student – Kid’s First Day at the Academy, Will It Be an Entrance to Remember?MANGA CANON2008-05-12
Black-blooded Terror: Is there a weapon within Crona?MIXED CANON/FILLER2008-05-19
Medusa the Witch – The One Who Possesses a Great Evil Soul?MANGA CANON2008-05-26
Legend of the Holy Sword – Kid and BlackStar’s Great Adventure?MANGA CANON2008-06-02
The Enchanted Sword Masamune – Break the Soul Possession: A Heart Sings in the Rain?MANGA CANON2008-06-09
Tsubaki, the Camellia Blossom – What Lies Beyond the Grief?MANGA CANON2008-06-16
Courage That Beats Out Fear – Maka Albarn’s Great Resolution?MANGA CANON2008-06-23
“The Magic Man” Eye The Man with the Magic Eye Soul and Maka’s diverging Soul Wavelength?MANGA CANON2008-06-30
The Super Written Exam – Heart-Pounding, Reeling, and Restless. You’re Kidding! ?MANGA CANON2008-07-07
The Soul Eating Black Dragon – Scaredy-cat Liz and Her Merry Friends?MANGA CANON2008-07-14
The Fierce Battle on The Ghost Ship – The Hell inside My Head?MANGA CANON2008-07-21
Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?FILLER2008-07-28
The Eve Party Nightmare – And so the Curtain Rises?MANGA CANON2008-08-04
The Underground Battle Commences – Break Through Medusa’s Vector Arrow?MANGA CANON2008-08-11
The Black Blood Resonance Battle! A Small Soul’s Great Battle against Fear?MANGA CANON2008-08-18
May My Soul Touch You – A Heart That is Dry In the middle of an unfavorable isolation?MANGA CANON2008-08-25
The Seal Shrine – The Immortal Man’s Tricks?MANGA CANON2008-09-01
Dead or Alive – in the Rift between Revival and Dazzlement?MANGA CANON2008-09-08
The Battle of the Gods – Death City on the Verge of Collapse?MANGA CANON2008-09-15
The Death Scythes Convene – Stop Dad’s Staff Reassignment! ?MANGA CANON2008-09-22
The Exciting and Embarrassing Trial Enrollment! The DWMA New Lifestyle Support Fair Is Open?MANGA CANON2008-09-29
800 Years of Bloodlust – Advent of the Heretic Witch?MANGA CANON2008-10-06
The Sword God Rises – Does It Have a Sweet or Salty Taste?MANGA CANON2008-10-13
Medusa’s Revival! A Spider and Snake’s Fateful Reunion?MANGA CANON2008-10-20
The Red Hot Runaway Express – A Magic Tool Left Behind by the Great Wizard?MANGA CANON2008-10-27
Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight?MANGA CANON2008-11-03
Legend of the Holy Sword 3 – The Academy Gang Leader’s Tale?MANGA CANON2008-11-10
Resonance Link – Play the Melody of the Souls?MANGA CANON2008-11-17
A Battle for Brew – Clash The DWMA Vs. Arachnophobia?MANGA CANON2008-11-24
Mosquito’s Storm! Ten Minutes to Fight in the World of the Past?MANGA CANON2008-12-01
Unleash the Seven’s Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation?MANGA CANON2008-12-08
The Detective’s First Case – Kid Exposes the DWMA’s Secret?MANGA CANON2008-12-15
Asura’s Temptation – The Big Man’s Uncontainable Irritation?MANGA CANON2008-12-22
Crona’s Escape – Show Me Your Smile, Please?ANIME CANON2009-01-05
The Cards Are Cut – Medusa Surrenders to the DWMA?ANIME CANON2009-01-12
Twirl ‘Round and ‘Round – A New World in Which the Doc Dances?ANIME CANON2009-01-19
Charge Baba Yaga’s Castle! Things Are Kind of Gloomy?ANIME CANON2009-01-26
The Last Magic Tool – Mission Impossible for Unarmed Kid?ANIME CANON2009-02-02
Weakling Crona’s Determination – For You, for Always Being by My Side?ANIME CANON2009-02-09
Anti-magic Wavelength – Fierce Attack, the Anger-filled Demon Hunter?ANIME CANON2009-02-16
Warrior or Slaughterer? Showdown: Mifune vs. BlackStar?ANIME CANON2009-02-23
The Miraculous Coffee Table Flip – Fly, Our Death City Robot?ANIME CANON2009-03-02
Lord Death Has a Death Scythe. Are you just one Step away from Utter Darkness?ANIME CANON2009-03-09
Asura Wakes – To the End of the World?ANIME CANON2009-03-16
Sink or Swim?! The Men Who Transcend the Gods?ANIME CANON2009-03-23
The Word Is Bravery!ANIME CANON2009-03-30

Soul Eater: Arcs

  • Prologue Arc
  • Remedial Lessons Arc
  • Demon Sword Arc
  • Uncanny sword Arc
  • The Arc experiment
  • Arc of the Black Dragon
  • A fight to the end during the huge bash of Arc
  • Trial enrollment Arc
  • The bodyguards Arc
  • Reunion express Arc
  • Brew, the tempestuous arch
  • Internal investigation is arc
  • Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc
  • Kishin Battle Arc

How many episodes are there in Soul Eater?

Soul Eater does not have a single season, and it aired in April 2014. It is a five-volume show and the total of the episodes of Soul Eater do not include 12 episodes.

The first show is “E01: Enrolling at DWMA!” and the final episode was “E12: Soul Resonance!”.

It is filled with amazing characters and some of them include Tsugumi Harudori Anya Hepburn, Shaula Gorgon, Elizabeth Thompson, Kim Diehl, Maka Albarn Death the Kid, Akane Hoshi, Kana Altair, etc.

Is the Soul Eater filler list worth watching?

The filler list isn’t exhaustive, as the show is only one episode long.

It is among the best anime series that is worth watching since viewers from all over the globe are avid fans of the show, and yet it is watched by people all over the world.

The show has millions of copies distributed all across the globe. The style of the show is appealing and attractive, as are the concept and story of the show.

What Soul Eater filler lists can I leave out?

The Soul Eater Filler List is not very long and contains just one filler episode. However, it doesn’t need any confusion to not watch the episode.

For other non-filler episodes, every episode of the series is a distinct concept and concept. The story continues to go on and on. Each episode brings something new to the scene.

There are some shows which are slightly better than expected and some that are just a bit better.

Everyone is free to choose and has the option to quit the program at any time. While watching the entire show isn’t the best option, if one feels a certain episode is boring, they may skip some episodes.

Main Characters of Soul Eater:

It is among the most popular anime shows that have been watched by people all over the world and have become well known. 

To date, it has been on the list of top anime series due to the theme, the characters, the story, and more. The show is outstanding in every aspect. 

One reason for its popularity is the incredible characters.

A few characters from the shows are mentioned:

  • Maka Albarn
  • Soul Eater Evans
  • Black stars
  • Crona
  • Death the kid
  • Spirit Albarn
  • Asura
  • Medusa
  • Elizabeth Thompson
  • Eruka Frog

Final Words

It is home to trillions of viewers. It’s nothing more than a full package of entertainment.

Every detail of the episode, like the summary, the Excalibur episode test episode, and whether or not the soul will ever turn into the death scythe, are discussed in depth.

We recognize the difficulty and that’s why we’ve decided to provide you with complete and truthful information on the show so that our viewers can have a better understanding of the conclusion before examining every show.

The entire episode list along with its genre, filler, and non-filler episodes lists and what shows are notable and what is not are available on one exclusive website.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us.

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