Who is Asta’s Demon? Origin & Anti-Magic Explained!

Black Clover played around with the idea of devils at the start of the manga.

Just a few months ago in the manga, it introduced the devil who controls World Soul magic, and that was the beginning of a new series of antagonists in the Black Clover. 

The most surprising thing was that the motive behind the outrageously powerful anti-magic of Asta was the devil!

After the publication of chapter 268, we now have more information about this Anti-Magic Devil and his relationship to Asta.

Who is Asta’s Demon or Devil?

Who is Astas Demon 2 Who is Asta's Demon? Origin & Anti-Magic Explained!

Asta’s demon is Liebe, who is called “the devil who opposes magic.” After being victimised by Lucifero, his mother adopted him and placed him in a five-leaf grimoire, which Asta later bought.

The Anti Magic Devil was the lowest-ranked devil and was subjected to the devils with higher ranks as well as bullying and torture.

A few days ago, the man was taken into the gates to the realm of the afterlife by a top-ranking devil. 

While many expected the body to explode, the Anti Magic Devil went by the gates due to his absence of mana and went into the realm of the human.

After being hunted by human beings for being a demon and being a devil, the Anti-Magic Devil collapsed and was ready to die. 

When he reopened his eyes, he was lying in an unoccupied bed, his wounds taken by

As it appears in the story, he was saved by Asta’s mother, Lichita. Due to her body, which took in all the vital energy and mana from any person in the vicinity, she was in a house quite far from the town.

It was the Anti Magic Devil’s absence of mana that meant that he was the only one Lichita could remain close to without causing harm to him as well. Lichita had been the only one who cared about him.

Because of this, Asta’s mother named the Anti-Magic Devil Liebe and named him her son, making him Asta’s brother.

How did Liebe Find Anti-Magic?

Liebe Find Anti Magic 1 Who is Asta's Demon? Origin & Anti-Magic Explained!

In the most recent chapter, Asta’s mother finally showed up, and we were able to learn more about her relationship with Asta’s father, the Anti Magic Demon, and the events that led to her abandonment and her demise.

But, once one trick is taken out of the bag, another comes out. Although we have a good understanding of Asta, however, we know virtually all we know about the Anti Magic Demon, i.e., the past of Love.

The most frequently asked question that fans are asking right now is: what happened to Liebe’s becoming rid of magic? 

The theorists of Black Clover are racking their brains about the possibility of two answers to this.

Theory 1: Dark Magic

The primary theory is that Liebe didn’t possess any kind of magic (not at all anti-magic) as an infant, and this was proven when he went through the gates of the underworld and spent time with Lichita.

But when Lucifero attempted to take him captive, Lichita put him within the five-leaf grimoire and kept him there for a long time.

In this way, just like how Patri transformed into a dark elf, Liebe changed, took control of his dark side and reactivated the anti-magic.

Theory 2: Licht & Lichita’s Magic

The second theory has the same foundation, but the motive for his awakening to anti-magic differs.

This is how it looked in Licht’s book: It was full of sword magic that could stop and reflect magic-using weapons.

After Lichita utilized the magic of her spell to “store” Liebe in Licht’s five-leaf grimoire, the ability of her to absorb life and mana forces was paired with the sword’s magic to produce anti-magic.

Then it became a part of Liebe, giving rise to the name The Anti Magic Devil.

Others Black Clover Devils

 Liebe Find Anti-Magic

Devils exist as creatures from the Black Clover universe who live in a realm that is not inhabited by humans

They are sly creatures with mana that is comparable to that of the strongest elves.

All devils begin their lives in the afterlife, where their positions are determined at the moment of their birth. 

In their world, there is a strict hierarchy that is adhered to, where the more powerful and more powerful devils pounce on the weak. 

In particular, the devils enjoy pursuing humans. However, it’s difficult for them to get into the human world.

But, as the show advanced, only a handful of people were able to achieve this. Six people have been in the show, but only four have a strong sense of who they are.

Zagred: the Devil of World Soul Magic

Zagred, the demon of World Soul magic, or Kotodama magic, was the first devil included in the series. His Kotodama power lets him “make everything happen” with any word he uses.

It was he alone who orchestrated the murder of elves a hundred years ago. He was also the primary antagonist of the Elf Resurrection arc.

Liebe: the Devil of Anti-Magic

Liebe is known as the devil of anti-magic and is a part of Asta’s five-leaf Grimoire. He has no magic and can defeat any magic in any way.

In the most recent chapter, it was discovered that Asta was his mother’s adopted son, making Asta’s brother. It appears that they do not know about their relationship.

He holds an ill-will towards the devils, particularly Lucifero, who was responsible for Lichita’s death. He has pledged to take revenge.

Megicula: the Devil of Curse Magic

Megicula is the person who uses a Curse magic is a powerful devil who is Vanica, a member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad.

He is very interested in performing various experiments using magic. Because of his curiosity, Megicula is highly unpredictable and wacky.

He experiments with people using his curse-warding magic to test the effects it can have on them.

This is who cursed the world with deadly ominous ghasts, Acier Silva Lolopechka in the Heart Kingdom and Undine, the water spirit.

Lucifero is the Devil of Gravity Magic.

Lucifero is known as the most powerful demon and the most brutal and fierce demon in Black Clover. 

He is a powerful devil with the power of Dante, who is the King of the Spade Kingdom and is a part of the Dark Triad.

Lucifero uses supernatural magic that has not yet been made available and could heal a fatal injury within a matter of seconds. 

Lucifero has been proven to possess several distinct personalities in comparison to other demons.

Instead of two horns and two wings (weg), Lucifero possesses four wings and four horns, appropriate for a devil.

In addition, it was found that Lucifero had been the devil that tried to seduce Leibe and, presumably, the one who was responsible for throwing Leibe into the world of humankind.

What is the way a devil can enter our world?

Black Clover Chapter 264 1 Who is Asta's Demon? Origin & Anti-Magic Explained!

The belief is that demons are lurking within the shadows of the human race, just like the Kotodama demon fifty years ago. 

There are three routes to being a part of the human race, and the third is reserved for Liebe.

Contract with Humans

One of the ways that a devil could be introduced into the human realm is by using forbidden magic, an offering, to summon it, and then creating an agreement. But, the contract must only be voluntary since, otherwise, the world would be full of demons.

There are some unofficial conditions for this contract; for example, the need to perform a ritual as well as negative emotions or desires among those who are human.

The Dark Triad used this method to permit Lucifero and Megicula to enter the world of humans.

Another way to enter the world is to obtain an enumeration book with five leaves. The leaves of the clover symbolize hope, faith, and love. The fourth leaf contains luck, while the fifth leaf is home to the devil.

When the owner of the grimoire four-leaf is overcome with anger and despair, the grimoire transforms into a pitch-black five-leaf. It’s the grimoire that is filled with despair.

With this grimoire, evil spirits can be made to become human even without having an actual body.

Love’s Particular Case

The only way an evil spirit can get into the human realm is if they lack magical power. Being mana-less is all it takes to physically cross the line between the two worlds.

When Liebe was brought to the gate to the afterlife by a powerful devil, his body didn’t break; instead, the devil went over the barrier due to a lack of mana. He then entered the realm of the human.

Due to the rareness of devils without mana Due to the rarity of manaless devils, only Liebe can travel the globe by this method.

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