Who is the UA Traitor In My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 335, “Zygotes,” finally exposes the UA as the traitors. However, their motivation and the circumstances are not fully understood.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 335, “Zygotes,” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt, available now in English via Viz Media.

My Hero Academia finally reunited Izuku Midoriya (Deku) with his classmates from 1-A. They, along with the rest of UA, are preparing for the inevitable battle to end all for one., their plans may not be as smooth as they anticipated, especially since the latest chapter has just revealed an alleged traitor among their ranks.

The concept that there was a UA traitor was first proposed by Principal Nezu just following his discovery that the League of Villains had managed to strike in a manner that was suspiciously convenient and crucial in its settings. 

This kind of thing, as attacks on the first year’s summer training camp as well as incidents at the USJ and USJ incident, would only have occurred had there been an internal informant for the League employed an in-house informant. 

To ensure students’ safety as they tried to eliminate molestation, UA established a dorm system.

The school’s method of cutting off communication with the mole was working for a short time. School activities continued without incident for such a long time that some fans started to question the presence of an alleged traitor. 

A different faction went down a different path and attempted to determine the identity of the traitor by examining the bare clues that were dropped in the series. Everyone was suspect, starting with Yuga Aoyama and Recovery Girl. She’s the healer.

It appears, however, that these speculations were not accurate. While All For One was recounting his wealth to Dabi, he mentioned the fact that he had something Dabi was lacking: “Friends to spare.” 

The dialogue was superimposed onto a picture of Toru Hagakure, the Class One-A’s invisible girl, which thereby linked Deku’s classmate to the supervillain. Although the chapter suggests that she’s the UA villain, her circumstances may not be as clean and dry as they appear.

Toru has a warm and bubbly personality. Not what one would think of as a villain with a cold heart. Perhaps she’s been sharing information about her colleagues all for one without even realizing it.

In the case of the villainous boss, nothing is too impossible to imagine. It’s possible that “All For One” may have the quirk that lets him be in control of Toru without her knowing, and that he is using this method of possession to obtain important data from her.

It’s easy to lose sight of Toru since she’s transparent. Toru isn’t one of the top class 1-A players and hasn’t had a lot of involvement in the drama so far, but as she’s demonstrated repeatedly, her skills are stealthy. 

Gaining access to places she shouldn’t be, and then sharing the information she uncovered for All For One would be an easy task for Toru. 

If she’s indeed the one who committed the crime, it would suggest that All For One already knows the majority of the UA barriers’ defense mechanisms. The school could be under attack soon.

The plot of My Hero Academia chapter 335 is explained.

UA Traitor

The chapter begins with All Might explaining the Jets’ study that revealed New Order was a quirk that was a poison that accumulated in Shigaraki’s body. There is a hint of optimism among the students, as the civilians are evacuated and the heroes take to the front.

However, My Hero Academia’s most-loved fan favorite, All Might, provides the most convincing argument to explain the reasons they shouldn’t hurry, as it would be difficult to keep track of the movements of All For One.

The students are aware that it’s crucial to fight Shigaraki because many of his flaws have been eliminated and he’s in a weaker condition. Bakugou Katsuki voiced his concerns that the heroes have lost their troops in half, and the enemies they’re fighting against have been working towards this moment for quite a while.

The students from UA High continue to talk about their talents and strategies. This is the time when we can look at All might fondly remember the first time he trained with the students. He states:

“These tiny eggs were born some time ago. They fought the elements and transformed into birds that are now set to fly across the sky. “

One of the first characters from My Hero Academia, Shigaraki, is grumbling in pain. 

All For One shows affection toward Shigaraki and thanks him for his work in getting the biggest wall out of the way. 

Dabi exhibits a lot of frustration and even says that it is difficult to imagine his father still alive and performing his duties correctly.

All For One says their victory will be secure because of the significant differences in the race between All For One and Toya. 

Shigaraki’s gaze is drawn to the source of light that is visible from a distance. The camera changes to UA and we can get a glimpse of Hagakure.

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