Invisible Girl Face Reveal From My Hero Academia

If you’re a fan of the popular manga and anime series My Hero Academia, then you’re probably familiar with the mysterious character known as Invisible Girl.

For the majority of the series, Toru Hagakure, also known as Invisible Girl, has played a minor role, often blending into the background due to her unique ability to become completely invisible.

However, recent developments in the manga have brought her into the spotlight in a surprising way – the long-awaited face reveal of Invisible Girl.

Invisible Girl Face Reveal

The anticipation surrounding Invisible Girl’s face reveal was heightened by the speculation that she might be the traitor within U.A. High School, a theory that had been circulating among fans for some time.

However, in a clever twist, the manga threw fans off by revealing that the true traitor was actually Yuga Aoyama, the character known for his flashy navel laser attacks.

With this unexpected turn of events, it seemed that Toru’s moment in the spotlight had passed, and she would fade back into the background as a secondary character.

But My Hero Academia had another surprise in store. During a confrontation between Deku and Aoyama, Toru stepped in to protect Deku by using her light refracting abilities to redirect Aoyama’s attack away.

In the process, a partial glimpse of Toru’s face was revealed, marking the first time fans caught a glimpse of what she looked like after 330 chapters of speculation.

This tantalizing peek sparked a flurry of emotions among fans, who couldn’t help but share their thoughts and theories about Toru’s appearance.

Naturally, the partial face reveal left fans hungry for more. Many started to wonder what a clearer and more complete image of Toru’s face would look like.

Invisible Girl Face Reveal From My Hero Academia

In the absence of an official depiction, some fans even took it upon themselves to create their own fan art, imagining what Invisible Girl would look like if fully visible. This outpouring of creativity and speculation only fueled the excitement surrounding Toru’s face reveal.

However, not all fans were equally impressed. Some felt that the timing of the reveal, coming shortly after the revelation of Aoyama as the traitor, diminished the impact of both revelations.

They viewed it as a deliberate move by the manga’s author, Kohei Horikoshi, to divert attention from the fact that Toru was originally suspected to be the traitor.

For a significant portion of the series, fans had assumed that Toru’s invisibility and training to enhance her powers made her the perfect candidate to be working for the villainous All for One. The revelation that she wasn’t the traitor after all left some fans feeling underwhelmed.

Nevertheless, the majority of My Hero Academia fans expressed genuine excitement and happiness at the glimpse of Toru’s face.

The long-awaited reveal revitalized their interest in the series, as they eagerly awaited the possibility of seeing more of Invisible Girl in future chapters.

The positive reaction from fans demonstrates the impact and significance of Toru Hagakure’s face reveal, highlighting the potential for increased popularity for My Hero Academia.

With the curtain partially lifted on Invisible Girl’s identity, the burning question remains: will fans have the opportunity to see her face again in a fuller and clearer image?

Only time will tell. But judging from the overwhelming support and enthusiasm generated by the mere glimpse of her face, it’s safe to say that the inclusion of more visible moments for Toru Hagakure’s Invisible Girl would certainly be a welcome addition to the My Hero Academia universe.

Does Toru Hagakure’s Face reveal in My Hero Academia chapter 337 imply the evolution of other Quirks as well?

It was said that Toru Hagakure had a mutant trait called “Invisibility” that made her invisible. Because it is a mutant-type quirk, it couldn’t be turned off or turned on, so Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk couldn’t help her.

Hagakure’s Quirk, on the other hand, lets her bend and control light. At first, she couldn’t do anything with this other than make herself permanently invisible, which gave her great sneaking skills.

But since her first work-study job, she has begun to change. Toru Hagakure used her move Warp Refraction for the first time in the Pro-Hero License Exam. She used her body as a lens to bend light and make everyone around her go blind.

Hagakure was able to use her Quirk to change the direction of light after her second work-study with Yoroi Musha. She could also use her invisible body to bounce other light-based attacks, like Aoyama Yuga’s Navel Laser.

In My Hero Academia chapter 337, when Aoyama shoots his Navel Laser at Midoriya after he and Hagakure find out that Aoyama is the U.A. traitor, Toru Hagakure jumps in the middle and moves Aoyama’s Navel Laser.

Then, in chapter 337 of My Hero Academia, part of her face is shown, and it looks like light is being pushed away from it. But it only works for a moment, and in the next scene of My Hero Academia chapter 337, Toru Hagakure is invisible again.


Was Toru Hagakure suspected to be the traitor in My Hero Academia?

Yes, for a significant part of the series, fans speculated that Toru Hagak

How did Toru Hagakure’s partial face reveal happen?

During a confrontation with Yuga Aoyama, Toru used her light refracting abilities to redirect Aoyama’s navel laser blast away from Deku. In the process, the refracted light partially revealed Toru’s face.

Will there be a full and clearer image of Toru Hagakure’s face?

While it’s uncertain at this point, the positive reception from fans suggests that there is a possibility of seeing more of Invisible Girl’s face in the future chapters of My Hero Academia.

How did fans react to the face reveal?

Fans had mixed reactions. Some were excited and satisfied to finally catch a glimpse of Toru’s face, while others felt that the reveal was overshadowed by the concurrent reveal of Yuga Aoyama as the traitor.

What impact does the face reveal have on Toru Hagakure’s character?

The face reveal brings Toru into the forefront of the My Hero Academia discussion and sparks curiosity about her character development moving forward. It adds a new layer of intrigue to her role in the series and opens up possibilities for further exploration of her character arc.

How did the face reveal impact the popularity of My Hero Academia?

The face reveal generated excitement and interest among fans, reigniting their enthusiasm for the series. The positive reception suggests that showcasing more of Toru Hagakure’s character could potentially increase the popularity of My Hero Academia.

The reveal of Toru Hagakure’s face in My Hero Academia chapter 337 not only shocked and surprised the readers, but it also has a lot of interesting possibilities for the future.

We hope that Horikoshi will say more about this in later episodes. My Hero Academia chapter 337 is now public and can be read on Manga Plus and

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