Was Light Yagami Evil in Death Note?

Light is the main villain in Death Note – and a very serious serial killer in fact. However, there are instances that we feel pity for Light.

What seems good at first can turn bad within a matter of minutes. The desire to be powerful triggers this transformation. His way of thinking led to him being a criminal who could not think of anything other than himself or his need for power.

Even those who are brand unfamiliar with anime are aware of the fact that Light Yagami, the principal antagonist in The Death Note, isn’t an ordinary villain. Sometimes, he brutally eliminates his foes and is portrayed as among the world’s most horrific villains. 

There are instances when his actions of lawlessness appear to be justified. In simple terms, light is morally grey, and it’s this moral grey area that divides supporters into two distinct groups.

While many firmly believe that Light is driven solely by selfish motives, others may be able to identify with his flawed but fervent conviction of the righteous. Whatever one’s opinions are about Light, it’s not difficult to feel empathy for his character sometimes. 

Most of the time, Light may be held responsible for the numerous trials and tribulations revealed near the end of the show. However, his tragic end and the circumstances that contributed to it are a tragedy nonetheless.

Light Yagami is the protagonist of the Death Note series, who discovers a “death note” on the campus of his school. If the name of a person is written in a logical order, following its guidelines, then the person is likely to die. It was one of the protagonists who was more like an antagonist.

It is said that

“Good as well as evil are the two faces of one side of the same.”

What seems good at first could turn into a disaster within minutes. The desire to be powerful triggers this change. His thinking style led him to be a villain who could not see anything beyond his own ambitions or power. 

However, even if we accuse him of being evil, we can’t be angry with him. This is how it works: someone who is loved until he can be demonized, but that fear of being hated can be reduced.

Light Yagami – “The god of the new world”

Light Yagami – The god of the new world Was Light Yagami Evil in Death Note?

Ryuk, the god of death, once told Light Yagami, the god of death, that

“If you keep killing the bad guys, you will be the only bad guy left at the end.”


It is possible to claim that Ryuk was correct. 

Light Yagami is now the thing he was most afraid of. 

The desire for power caused him to believe that he was an incarnation of God in the modern age. 

He believed that he was an individual who was worthy enough to be considered superior to God.

Then, he began killing those who tried to catch him. It was evident when Light Yagami killed Lind L.

Tailor, assuming that they were the “L” man seeking him. 

When Lind claimed that Lind was Kira (known as the murderer in English and the name for Light), in a way, Light was angered by his pride, and his conviction of justice was gone. 

Light Yagami did not realize that Lind was a death row prisoner and was able to kill him because of the risk to his plans and life.

Love for Kiyomi Takada as well as her brutal death.

Love for Kiyomi Takada as well as her brutal death. Was Light Yagami Evil in Death Note?

Light Yagami has tricked Kiyomi Takada into cooperating with him.

In return, she will become his godsister. 

She was instantly attracted to Light because she was deeply in love with Light and was willing to do anything for him. 

But, when Takada was abducted by Mello, Light Yagami asked her to write Mello’s name on an unnoticed part of the Death Note and to promise her that she would be saved. 

However, Light wrote the name of Takada in the Death Note, specifying that she would burn herself alive and then burn all evidence to ensure that nobody could find the kidnapper.

Misa Amane, The Second Kira

Misa Amane The Second Kira Was Light Yagami Evil in Death Note?

Light Nagami was plotting to murder Misa Amane because he was angry with her. 

However, he stopped due to Rem’s Shinigami. 

He was terrified of Misa Amane as the second Kira because of her devotion and love for light. 

She always backed him ever since he killed the man responsible for the murder of her parents. 

He used her love to make her comply and follow his instructions.

Soichiro Yagami, Father of Light

Soichiro Yagami Father of Light Was Light Yagami Evil in Death Note?

In the Shinigami Eye agreement, using the Death Note with Ryuk, Soichiro was introduced to Mello’s name.

Mello in the course of the battle. 

But Soichiro was seriously wounded by the blast and was taken to the hospital. 

Even at the time, Soichiro was at the brink of losing his life, he was determined to take Mello’s name without any thought for his father

It was also depressing to observe that a son did not seem to feel any sympathy for his father’s passing.

Raye Penber, Naomi Misora, and the FBI Agents

Death Note Naomi At The Police Station Was Light Yagami Evil in Death Note?

Light Yagami killed FBI agents who were assigned the responsibility of investigating Japanese police.

He did this by having Raye Penber sign the name of a police officer on the Death Note. 

He also killed Raye Penber’s wife, Naomi Misora, an ex-FBI agent, by tricking her into believing in her so that he would be able to know her name and prevent her from revealing to authorities the way she came to know his.

In her final moments, he didn’t allow her to make fun of her by asking her to speak to Soichiro Yagami. 

He tried to coerce Naomi to assist him, as he attempted to take revenge for her fiance’s death. 

However, Light Yagami in fact killed the woman, making it appear like a suicide, and her body was never discovered.

Final Words

After studying all this, I can say yes. Even Ryuk was aware of this and told him that if he killed all the bad guys, “you would be the only person who was bad.”

Light Yagami was an arrogant narcissist who, immediately following the murder of two of them, announced that he wanted to become the “God of the New World” and had followers worship him and that anyone who disagreed with him was inherently evil, without question in black and white.

Consider the actions he took when he was convinced that the man on the television was L He killed him without thinking, but not because Light believed that he was an evil criminal who was planning to rape a person similar to his first homicide.

Instead, he did so because he thought the thing Light did was a sin and was able to challenge the authority of Light. Although it was not L, but the victim was a Death Row inmate masquerading as Light, and Light didn’t realize that.

This isn’t something that a good person would do. It is something that an evil person would do. Yagami did not only take out criminals he hated, He killed everyone who crossed his path – even law enforcement officers like those from the FBI.

He killed all the innocent FBI agents. He also had an unsettling aspect to his murders too. He wanted Ray Penber to see his face when he boarded the train where he was killed to let him recognize who he was. Kira and Penber were played. He also did not hesitate to mock his fiancée after he forced her to commit suicide. 

Look at the joy on his face after she told him, “I’m Kira.” He later taunted her by telling her that the cell phone of his father was at her disposal, even though he knew full well that she was bound to die and could not prevent it from happening.

Light was also prepared to murder his sister in order to conceal his true identity, Kira, in the dark.

Light also killed Light’s beloved lover, Takada, who refused to follow him by making use of his Death Note to force her to be burned to death. He deceived her, promising that she would become god and goddess of his New World, with him as her god and love. 

What is the most painful way to be burned alive? Take a look at some photos on the Internet or read news articles. It’s not pretty.

Even Ryuk realized this and informed him that if he killed all the villains, “you would be the only one who was bad.”

I am also angry. I’m also disturbed by Light’s decision to act as God and kill people he believed deserved to die.

This is the definition of arrogance. Did he even consider that the criminals who were behind the bars he shot were innocent? It happens, and it likely never occurred to him.

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