All Death Note Ending Explain & Fan Theories

Hey otaku’s in this article i am going to mention all death note ending theories and also i am going to talk about a alternative ending of death note.

Death note ending is just an ending or there is something more to it ? is there have an alternative ending let see the big picture.

Spoiler alert : if you haven’t watch this awesome anime yet i suggest please watch it first and then come to this article.

Death Note Ending Manga V/S Anime

So.. Lets Talk about Death note ending according to manga and anime so that we can understand the whole obsession around death note ending.

First lets talk about the basic plot of death note to understand better about the ending of death note.

“A high school student discovers a supernatural notebook that has deadly powers. He can kill anyone he wishes simply by inscribing their name within its pages. Intoxicated with his new power, he begins to eliminate those he deems unworthy of life. “

Death Note Manga Ending

In the Manga, Light is still in the warehouse and he sees Ryuk (Near sees him too since he has the Note as well) and he begs the Shinigami to write their names.

Ryuk says “Ok Light, I’ll write…” and while everybody tries to shoot him, he adds “…your name, Light.” Light doens’t want to believe it but when Ryuk shows the Note, his name is written there.

Light sees his entire life and remembers the same sentence Ryuk told him when they met (i.e. that he would be the one to write Light’s name on the Death Note).

Ryuk adds “it would be hard to see you in prison and your life is over anyways” or something similar. After 40 seconds, Light dies in front of the two detective teams.

Death Note Manga Ending

Death Note Anime Ending

In the Anime, Yagami Light, Near, Matsuda and all the squad are in a sort of warehouse. When Light tries to get the piece of paper of his Death Note from the watch, he gets shot by Matsuda in non-fatal points, both times.

While the other guy kills himself, Light runs away, and ends up in another building of what looks like an industrial area.

Ryuk is on top of a chimney and speaking to himself, he “reminds” Light about his first promise, i.e. that he would be the one to write Light’s name on the Death Note. And that’s what he does.

Death Note Anime Ending

Death Note Alternate Ending

The Death Note alternative ending is a possible ending to show something else that might have happened to Light Yagami after his death. It is unknown if the ending is real or fake.

There is a lack of evidence to prove the ending to be real. It has really only been seen on the Internet and there are mainly English versions of the ending circulating, but it has become popular in the Death Note fandom.

Due to the fact that there is no proof, it’s left to fans to decide for themselves. The ending only exists in manga form; there is no anime adaptation for the ending.

Plot of Alternative ending

The story starts off in what appears to an alternative future to the primary Death Note story. Light Yagami is an old man and he is sitting in an office, writing criminal names in his Death Note. After a short while, he tells Ryuk to kill him by writing his name in his Death Note.

Light claims that after so many years of being Kira, he is finally tired of a life of killing others. Ryuk agrees to Light’s request, and so Ryuk writes Light’s name in his Death Note and Light dies. Straight after Light’s death, Light wakes up in a mysterious valley and is no longer an old man. He now has the same appearance that he did towards the end of the primary Death Note storyline.

Suddenly, Ryuk appears before Light and tells Light that he is in the Shinigami Realm. Light begins to wonder what will happen to him and why was he brought there.

Suddenly, Light hears a voice saying “Kurou Otoharada. Heart Attack,” starts to feel a pain in his chest and then dies of a heart attack (resembling the Kurou Otoharada heart Attack of Light’s first victim he killed with his Death Note).

However, Light comes back to life again and hears the voice again, saying “Shibuimaru Takuo Shibuimaru. Car Accident,” and is then run over and killed by a truck that appears out of nowhere (resembling the Shibuimaru Takuo car accident of Light’s second victim he killed with his Death Note).

Yet again, Light comes back to life and wonders to himself what is going on, until Ryuk interrupts and tells him he is experiencing the atonement that a human does whenever a human being uses a Death Note.

Ryuk tells Light that he will die the same amount of times (and in the same ways) as the humans he had killed in his lifetime of using the Death Note. Light hears the mysterious voice yet again and this time it says “Naomi Misora. Suicide.” and Light says out loud, “What is this voice?” Ryuk answers Light’s question and he says it is the Shinigami King’s voice and that only his Death Note can kill the same human again and again.

Light starts to lose control of his left hand and he starts strangling himself to death (resembling the suicide of Misora Naomi) and he begs Ryuk to help him but Ryuk says that it is no use. Ryuk tells him that from body and soul, even from people’s memories and all the records in the human world Light will still experience all the deaths of all the people he killed and will disappear from existence in the end.

Light dies yet again after choking himself and Light returns to life yet again, however this time Light starts laughing incredibly loudly and Ryuk thinks Light has already gone crazy from all the fear. Light reveals that after all the people he has killed he has a huge amount of time before he disappears and that it will be more than enough time for some plan he has in mind.

Ryuk asks Light what he is thinking and Light replies saying that he is going to look for the Shinigami King and make a deal with him. Light says that instead of warranting his own safety, he will lend the king his intelligence with an amazing strategy to rebuild the Shinigami’s rotten world.

Ryuk says that he is unsure if the king will even be interested in the deal, and Light tells Ryuk that he can even kill the king if needed, with a battle for the summit.

Light tells Ryuk that he is not done yet and will amaze Ryuk more. Ryuk gets excited, saying to Light that he is the best after all. Light tells Ryuk that it’s time they start the search, and that he will show Ryuk the genesis of the New World yet again.

The story ends with Light and Ryuk walking away on their journey to find the Shinigami king.

What i think about these endings ?

death note fan art

Well, Nothing like the manga or anime series… over simplified and completely changed just to fit the setting if we’re talking about the U.S. retelling.

Casual viewers might enjoy it, and if it’s the first thing you see of Death Note it probably stands alone. If you were already familiar with it I don’t recommend the U.S. reboot/retelling. You’ll be disappointed with the lack of mind games and complicated puzzles between L and Light.

And if i talk about alternative ending i like the plot of death note alternative ending and there is a hint for season 2 in this ending as well but as we can say its just some fan theories but i really enjoy reading it.

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I just came in here to get some peace of mind after I finished the series, I think the original ending with Light dying in the middle of the stairs is good enough for me, both because Light finally got to rest, and also because I feel like Light really did become that “new” Shinigami, I just need to get out of my feelings!

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