Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan?

Gabi Braun was thrust to the forefront in season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime. The character was introduced late in this storyline; she became a major persona in season 4 of Attack on Titan

The role she played proved to be vital to the circumstances which led to Eren being named the founding Titan which is why it’s only fitting that we dedicate an entire piece to Gabi. 

In the article, we’re going to inform you if she died during Attack on Titan and what her final fate was.

She was able to survive her experiences during Attack on Titan. After the death of Eren, she reunites with her parents and Falco.

However, their reunion is interrupted by the Marleyans, who insist that the Eldians demonstrate that they cannot transform into Titans

The Eldians were saved from Armin. Three years after the battle she and Falco became the caretakers of Levi.

The rest of this article will be focused on her story from the last chapter and volume of Attack on Titan

We’ll provide additional details on her story and also her epilogue within her world in Attack on Titan and you’ll be able to know everything that you must learn about her once you read our article.

Will Gabi die in Attack on Titan?

gabi 1 Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan?

From the moment that she stepped into the spotlight of the Attack on Titan anime series, viewers have been asking questions about her life story. 

She is part of the well-known Braun family as well as a relative of the famous Reiner Braun and her parents’ names haven’t been disclosed. 

Today, Gabi plays an important part in her role in the War for Paradis arc and she is the principal cause for the events which resulted in Eren’s transformation into the colossal founding Titan.

Gabi was a part of the fight scenes with Marley, and fans think she died during Attack on Titan

To provide a quick answer, before we go into detail about her story following Eren’s incident Eren, she does not pass away when she appears in Attack on Titan

She can survive the fights in Marley and continues to tell her story. Now we will discover what happened to her.

Gabi’s development

The idea that everyone develops at their rate is illustrated by Gabi’s development. She finally gets rid of the white and black lenses that hindered her vision of reality, which was full of many colours and shades, particularly grey. 

As her anger is tempered by her rage, she can alter her priorities to protect her family members and, most importantly saving the world. 

This enabled her to remove the barriers that kept her from joining the Alliance.

Her part is important in two ways. She’s an excellent leader for the team and is symbolic of the story. 

If Isayama’s intention is to create a better future for the human race and the world, then she definitely has a spot as the representative of the next generation..

The journey to putting aside her anger is a rocky route she follows to help bring peace that will eventually be achieved. 

If she is alive, does it suggest she’s got a greater goal – like being the inheritor of her father’s Attack Titan? This is the idea that many seem to think, but I’m happy to give my opinion on this.

What’s Gabi’s fate?

A vengeful Gabi Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan?

For the life of Gabi before her encounter with Eren the Yeager shooting, we don’t believe it is essential to go through everything, and regarding the incident that led to Eren Yeager’s shooting, Eren Yeager’s You can find out more at Fiction Horizon

That’s why we’re going to start with her story following being shot by Eren Yeager.

When she shoots Eren, she is thrown back due to the recoil of her rifle, and she is unable to realize Zeke is taking Eren’s head. 

As she falls to the ground, she is aware her walls beginning to crack, and the surrounding ground is beginning to shake. The walls fall down and on their way will be those of the Colossal Titans. 

When looking upwards, she was surprised to observe a unique titan skeleton emerging from Eren’s body, as a result from a massive burst of steam.

She is saved from the falling pieces of debris by Reiner, who uses the Titan’s powers to protect Gabi.

He carries her away from the debris that is falling. But the Titan’s armour starts to break down and force him to leave Titan’s corpse. 

As they continue on their feet, Gabi tries to find Falco. Reiner believes that the child was probably captured by the anger. 

At that exact moment, it is near death because of exhaustion. Gabi assists him in getting to the nearest structure to lie down.

When he finally loses consciousness, Reiner can command her to run south and then evacuate along with the rest of Marley’s army, but Gabi opts to stay to seek out Falco. 

Then, she heads to Ragako along with Armin. When she discovers Falco the two of them mourn Colt’s loss. 

The next day, the group is in Paradise Harbor to find it filled with the Yeagerists.

As a part of the group battling Yeagerists, Pieck carries her and civilians to an island in the harbor. 

When they arrive on the boat Gabi Magath and Gabi assist their fellow comrades by covering the rear with fire. 

Then, within a second the entire group is blinded by an emitted light from the harbour, indicating that Falco has transformed into a Titan.

When the boat departs the harbour, Gabi watches a regenerating Falco. She inquires with Pieck about the location of Magath, and then discovers that he was there to give everyone else the chance to go home. 

Soon after there is an explosion. The passengers watch the pillar of fire as it rises to the heavens in the event of the explosion, Theo Magath is killed. 

When they meet in Odia, Pieck asks Kiyomi Azumabito to hold Gabi and Falco kept in an area on the ship since they are likely to be keen to join. 

Once it comes the Titans are on the way, Gabi desperately begs Annie to let them out.

Utilizing the power of his Titan, Falco transports Gabi and Annie to the heart of the events. They arrive just at the right time to rescue Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, Connie, and Levi from being destroyed by the Titan army. 

As Falco is returned to Eren the group determines they have no choice other than to murder him. 

Gabi shares with the group that after she killed Eren during Shiganshina she observed an ethereal “centipede” rise from the back of his neck, and then connect to his head following the contact Zeke.

In conclusion, the “centipede” could be the real reason behind their appearance as Titans. Gabi suggests that they could be able to see the “creature” in the future if Eren is again decapitated. 

From behind the Titan, she helps Mikasa to pull Armin from the Titan’s mouth and shoot his head by using her rifle. 

As Armin Arlert changes into the back of Eren’s “back”, Falco takes all the others and leads them back towards their home in the Fortress of Glory.

Gabi is brought back to her family members and is quick to inform Karina that she is alive. Reiner remains alive, but their reunion is disrupted. 

Eren as well as the “centipede” have survived the transformation of Armin. Gabi recommends that they find a way to stop”the “centipede” from returning to Eren. At the same time, the group is taken aback by the smoke the “centipede” emits. 

It is then that the Survey Corps realizes that in this manner, she’s going to transform the Eldians of Forty-nine into Titans.

Falco goes away, along with Falco leaves with the Ackermans as well as Pieck while Gabi and the rest remain in the background. 

The Eldians who are inside the fortress transform into titans , and immediately fight for the protection of the centipede while it seeks get back to Eren. 

After the demise of Eren the titans’ power is gone and the Eldians are transformed back into human beings.

Gabi is brought back to their parents as well as Falco. But their reunion is disrupted by the arrival of Marleyans who have escaped from their fortress and insist that they’re not capable of transforming into Titans. 

Before the Marleyans begin firing, Armin arrives and manages to convince them to surrender. 

Three years following having fought in the Battle of Slava Fortress, Gabi and Falco were appointed guardians for Levi who was disabled following the battle.

Will Gabi take over the throne of a Titan?

Gabi is surprised by Reiner27s choice of words 1 Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan?

It is a well-known fact that she has the title of Warrior. Warrior Unit The Warrior Unit is a subdivision of the Eldian Unit of the Marley Army. 

The Warrior Unit’s members are granted Titan Power under the control of the Marley Empire and are in charge of taking care of Paradis Island. 

After the group was defunct around 854 there was just one potential candidate from the possible Warriors, Gabi Braun.

So, we recognize that Warriors are potential candidates for Titan powers.

Braun is the very first to receive that power however, since the Titans vanished after Eren’s death, Gabi never actually inherited Titan powers, and did not become an actual Titan.

Which Titan would Gabi have taken on?

Although Gabi Braun did not become a Titan because of the circumstances that we’ve described earlier, we know that she would have been the title of Armored Titan had the Titans vanished after Eren Yeager’s death and the fate of Mikasa Ackerman in the closing chapter of the manga.

Gabi and Eren: Parallels

PARALLELS BETWEEN GABI AND EREN Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan?

A lot of the speculation about she eating Eren is based on the obvious connections in the characters

However, what has the attention of the fans is the very identical mirror scene in Chapter 124. Eren from Chapter 106 that is mimicked by Gabi in Chapter 124.

A determined Eren ties his hair, and, as he looks in the mirror, says “Fight! Fight,” while she also ties her hair and says she will not give up. 

The fans believe Eren is able to access her past memories (likely because she inherited the Titan) in addition to the fact that Eren is unable to stop himself from reliving her actions in the scene due to.

To answer this question, I’d like to suggest that Isayama has a habit of drawing similarities among characters, and this particular scene was not anything more than that. For instance, consider the resemblances in the bond between Uri and Kenny as well as Erwin and Levi. 

There are also connections with Eren as well as Reiner. Naturally, it is among Eren as well as Gabi who were hotheaded kids who were devastated too quickly with revenge, but made to feel less tense by the reality of life.

Where is Gabi going?

But, they have different ways of going about their tale. She is the “hero” in a way, and Eren plays the role of the “villain” in an identical way. 

The similarities of the characters as well as their actions are a tribute to the commonality that exists within the Island and beyond. 

The way Eren once said to Reiner, “Within the walls…outside the walls… we’re all one”. The scene appears to illustrate this thought. 

The idea is tempting but the events of Chapter 137 appear to suggest that there isn’t any plan to allow Gabi to consume Eren.

The most important thing is that Gabi is supported by a number of adult members of the 104th Cadet Corps. It is not normal for them to let children, such as Gabi, inherit the status of a titan

This would contradict the very foundations they’ve been trying to create. There’s also a lot left to get this box of the worms.

The Jaw Titan Conundrum

Another reason I think she is not likely to be the next Titan is that Isayama was already faced with the chance to let her inherit one. However, he made a conscious choice not to accept the offer

Falco is a highly unlikely choice, winds up being The Jaw Titan. I’ve read that, similar to her, Falco also forms part of the “new generation.”

The ancestor of Falco’s Jaw Titan (with features of the Beast) plays a significant part in the downfall of Eren. 

Additionally, the consumption of the spinal fluid by a portion of Falco was an unfortunate accident. 

To say that Gabi could inherit Eren’s titan means she will intentionally implant titan’s spinal fluid into her, or God forbid, another could.

Chapter 137 is a wonderful illustration of the part Gabi serves as the main strategist, along with Armin to take on Eren. 

Gabi is not asked to do much from her other than her sharp mind and the ability to change.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Do you believe that Isayama will do a 360 and kill her or, even more importantly, create her as the new heir to Attack Titan?

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