What Happened to Annie on Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan is a stunning show that has impressed fans across the world with its show films, as well as its included video games. 

One of the characters that are intriguing is the tough warrior Annie. 

The lone wolf is a character with aspects of mystery, amazing swordsmanship, a captivating backstory, and a secret identity. 

Find the truth about what transpired to Annie in Attack on Titan.

Annie’s Background

Annie on Attack on Titan

The story follows a group of soldiers with training who defend humans from the vile titans that are beyond the wall. 

Annie is a female who can transform into the titan of her choice and has horned combat abilities.

Annie was a part of her time in the 104th Training Corps with flying colors.

She was also a part of the Military Police Brigade.

She was taught by her father how to be a powerful fighter who was a master at hand-to-hand combat and was rewarded at the rank of 4th. 

The challenges of her childhood and the skills she developed left her feeling isolated from the people around her.

Annie as well as Bertholdt and Reiner were taught throughout their life to kill people within the walls but were required to keep their distance so as not to be a target for suspicion within the military. 

They were able to also kill titans often as a result of obligation and occasionally guilt.

What happened to Annie Attack on Titan?

What happened to Annie

The elite collection of fighters makes up the group called Survey Corps. The first season is when the very foundations of their organization are shaken by the fact that one of the members turns out to be an enemy disguised as a friend.

It was found out the fact that Annie Leonhart was a female titan, which led to the rematch of Eren as well as Annie. The match was scheduled for Stohess District, which leads to her crashing near defeat. 

When Eren began to drag her from the nape, they started to fuse. Annie wrapped herself in the crystal barrier to avoid being snatched and tortured from the army. 

Annie was able to do this by tapping into her ability to harden herself and create an extremely strong barrier that kept her secure from them.

In the most recent chapter, Eren breaks through the barrier making use of the force that is the creator and thawed the titans that were encased within the wall. 

Annie along with thousands of powerful titans was held in the wall. This was shattered after Eren employed the force. The titans began to break free, they began to move. Annie’s crystal began to melt and she was free.

Does Annie Come Back in AOT?

What happened to Annie

The most recent chapter of AOT is 125th in the series and welcomes the return of Annie with welcoming arms. 

Annie was imprisoned within the wall since the beginning of season one However, after 8 decades, Eren chose to unharden the walls. This resulted in a female titan breaking loose. 

While Annie’s stint on the manga was not long, her return was a long-awaited moment for the plot. Her strong will and combat capabilities make her return eight years of a frenzied event.

The walls were made of titans, and that’s the reason why any titan’s hardening power could have led to this. When Eren utilized the power of the founder and weakened Reiner’s armor Annie’s crystal melted around her. 

She is now cooperating alongside Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Reiner, and many others. They have been able to capture a former member of the group to help them reach Eren. Her goal is to stop Eren from destroying the human race by using titans.

Why Annie Does Not Kill Armin?

Why Annie Does Not Kill Armin?

People often ask the reason Annie did not murder Armin at the time of the 57th Expedition. This happened beyond those walls as Armin when riding on his horse, noticed the female titan. It was Annie when she raised her head. 

Annie had been on a quest to take down Eren. However, it was discovered that Armin had been the first to discover her identity. When they gazed at each other, Annie could have proceeded to kill him at the moment, but she chose not to.

Initially, Annie was a bad person, but the people were introduced to a different dimension than she was. According to her own perspective, Annie isn’t evil and poses no threat to anyone even in her titanic form. 

She has been to outings with the group, worked with them, and, in a sense regards them as her acquaintances. In the end, she was able to gain nothing by hurting Armin A few of the reasons could be summarized as follows:

  • Annie does not kill for pleasure and kills with purpose. Like, for example, she will kill Eren to serve her master.
  • Armin wasn’t a danger because his sword-manipulating abilities were not enough to be a challenge for her. Even in her mighty form, she was in a position to take on Armin.
  • Annie was in human form for longer than other people who have spent time in their titanic bodies. Annie is able to feel a sense of relationship with Armin because of his warm personality. Her military life is pleasant which helps her to be less violent.

Why did Annie Cry on Attack on Titan?

Why did Annie Cry on Attack on Titan

Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt went on a mission but lost Jaw Titan Marcel to Titan (Ymir) resulting in the failure. This loss meant that they were unable to return to their homes, and they had to endure the repercussions of their defeat.

All of them, including Annie, will be deprived of their titanic powers away, which could mean the end of their lives. With nothing at stake, Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt snuck into the walls, hoping to complete the mission. 

They saw Eren emerging from the Rogue Titan’s nape. They realized that he was processing some kind of shifter’s abilities as well as the fact that Attack Titan (missing for many years) was in his presence.

The capture of him and his transfer to Marley could allow them to be forgiven for their errors. Annie was holding Eren trapped in her arms however, he was saved through Mikasa as well as Levi. She was devastated because she realized she’d missed the best chance to redeem herself and get free once and for all.

She was crying as she was going to have to move to her home without returning to continue her endless crime spree of killing innocent people. 

She was running out of time since they needed to return prior to their last year. Refusing to go to Eren was a sign that she wouldn’t be able to visit her father or enjoy the delights from peace and splendor in her country.

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