How Old Are Eren, Gabi, and Levi in Attack on Titan?

The release of season 4 of “Attack on Titan” was long anticipated by fans. 

We have seen many narratives come together in a short time, including the time skip, some characters dying, the resurfacing of the Levi squad, and the unveiling of the War Hammer Titan. 

The one thing that we couldn’t help but think about was how young Eren and his family were at the beginning of the series.

Season 4’s character designs are quite distinctive. Season 4 features more mature and rugged characters who storm the nation of Marley, unlike the previous seasons. 

We have the answer to your questions about the age of some characters in “Attack on Titan” in the current timeline.

How Old is Eren?

How Old is Eren

As a ten-year-old, Eren first meets Hannes. He witnesses the fall of Wall Maria and, consequently, the mass destruction at the hands of the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan. 

This is also the time that the Smiling Titan eats Eren’s mother. Hannes saves Eren and Mikasa. They begin their military training two years later.

Three years later they officially join the Scouts. Eren was 15 when they finished season 3.

It took four years! Season 4 is four years! The anime has yet to catch up with the events of this term. We have all the information we need for our discussion. 

It is safe to assume that Eren is currently 19 years of age if we keep all this in mind. This reasoning can be applied to many of Eren’s other coworkers, including Mikasa.

How Old is Gabi?

How Old is Gabi

Season 4 introduces Gabi, a new character. Despite her young age and beautiful looks, she is a solid soldier. 

Gabi’s skills are evident in episode 1, where she saves 800 Eldian soldiers. She uses her quick wit and intelligence to distract and hurt enemy troops. 

It is no surprise that Gabi is the Warrior Cadet, who could inherit the Armored Titan’s title. Gabi is currently 12 years old.

How Old is Levi?

How Old is Gabi

Ah, Captain Levi. 

He is strong, determined, skilled, and highly competent. He is an Ackerman and has many unique characteristics that set him apart from all the rest. 

Levi, the most respected soldier on Paradis Island is known as the greatest. He is even feared by the Beast Titan. It might surprise you to find out that Levi is in his thirties despite his youth.

He is a thoughtful person who cares about his soldiers. His squad calls him a “clean freak”, but he also displays the emotional maturity of a 30-something. 

Although his age is not known, we know that Levi was in his early thirties when season 1 began. 

After season 4, the events would make it appear that Levi is now in his late thirties, specifically between 36 and 38, but this is only an estimate.

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