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The 3 Attack On Titan Walls

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Wall Maria

Wall Maria

Wall Maria was the outermost Wall of the human kingdom. Like the other Walls, Wall Maria was approximately 50 meters in height.

In 845, it was breached by the Colossus Titan and Armored Titan, and its territory was lost to the Titans.

Six years later it was repopulated, after the hole in Shiganshina District was sealed by Eren Yeager and all the Titans inside the Walls were killed.

Wall Rose

Wall Rose

Wall Rose was the second outermost Wall following Wall Maria. It was breached by the Colossus Titan in 850, but the breach was later sealed by Eren Yeager with assistance from the military.

It was thought to have been breached again after Titans appeared inside it a little over a month later, but the Titans turned out to have emerged from another source.

Wall Sheena

Wall Sheena

Wall Sheena was the innermost Wall protecting the kingdom where the king used to reside along with other noblemen.

The cities of Wall Sheena are protected by the Military Police serving under Rod Reiss at the time. The underground is poorer and more prone to criminal activity.

Review of The Wall in Attack on Titan

Review of The Wall in Attack on Titan

The ability to become a titan in the world of Attack of the Titans is determined by blood. Only Eldian people can transform into titans, making it seem hereditary.

As per the story told, Ymir, the first Titan, made some arrangement with some devil to get this force a large number of years ago; any individual whose predecessors went to her is Eldian.

Along these, there are the individuals who aren’t Eldian. Thus, these Eldian ruled over for a while and kind of abused the people that couldn’t turn into titans.

Nonetheless, the point, where the individuals who couldn’t utilize the force rebelled against Eldian.  From that point, we have a battle between them and Marley (the human).

There were a lot of bloodshed, battles, and wars, which in the end led to more wars. To shape the Wall, he utilized great monster titans, and with their forces, three walls were built.

An interesting fact is that the walls are actually sleeping, titans.  He then threatened the people of the man’s land. If they ever came to the island, he would set the colossal titans on a rampage.

How Did They Build The Walls in Attack On Titan

Formation of Wall

How the wall got its Formation? Titans have this capacity to solidify their skin, and that essentially makes their skin hard and into a shape; that is the thing that all epic Titans did.

They hardened their skin, hence only once there is some huge crack, we saw one there in the last episode of season 1. Also, the people inside the walls aren’t aware of all this because of memory manipulation.

The first king who did all this whipped people’s memory for a state of peace; as assumed. And, anyone who questioned stuff was killed or removed.

Only the people from the family know that truth. These royal blood people also have the Founding Titian, and it keeps getting passed down a generation.

How Could Fritz Control The Titans?

As for how he can control them: there are ten types of titans, and the Founding titan (the one king was) has the ability to control other Titans, He is basically like a God here actually. The ability is called coordinate ability.

Where Do The Mindless Roaming Titans Come From?

Since, basically, anyone from the Eldian bloodline can be made into a titan through the use of a syringe and injection thing.

Thus, at first, there weren’t any careless titans. After the ruler left, there was war, and the Marley are the ones who won.

After that point, they did make ordinary Eldian people into titans by injection and throw them on the paradise island.

Walls were already there when they started throwing these mindless titans and by the time of Eren, 100 years later you have millions of them roaming around.

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