Eren’s Founding Titan Explained

Eren Yeager is one of the most complex characters in the Attack on Titan franchise. His story is the foundation of Hajime’s manga series. 

Eren’s importance to the plot is not the only reason. He also had three of the Nine Titans at once-the Attacking Titan (War Hammer Titan), and the Founding Titan.

The Founding Titan is the most unique of all the forms. Here’s everything you need to know about Eren and his Founding Titan form.

The Founding Titan of Eren Yeager is extremely specific due to the circumstances in which it manifested. It was already decapitated when it manifested. 

The Founding Titan’s spine had to be connected to Eren’s body. This is why the spine formed the foundation of Titan’s body and created a monstrosity mostly made of bones.

We will continue this article to provide additional information about Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan form. 

The Founding Titan form of Eren Yeager was different than the other Founding Titan forms. It was also very specific and haunting. 

We will provide all information you need about this form in this article.

Eren’s Founding Titan Height

eren founding titan Eren's Founding Titan Explained

We know that Titans are often enormous, and in many cases are taller than normal humans. 

The Founding Titan is one of the largest Titans. His base height is an amazing 13 meters (or 43 feet).

This is the basic form. However, Eren’s Founding Titan was taller than this. Unfortunately, Isayama has not officially disclosed the height of Eren’s Founding Titan. 

This isn’t surprising, considering the Founding Titan form of Ymir Fritz is also unknown.

Why is Eren’s Founding Titan so Huge?

For a very specific and bizarre reason, Eren’s Titan is too large. If we look back at the beginning of Ymir Fritz’s transformation into the Founding Titan, it will be obvious that the Founding Titan was created when the Titan’s spine joined the body of Ymir, creating a larger version. 

Although the Titan appeared to be a monster, it was humanoid in appearance. Eren’s Titan, however, looks completely different.

If you’re wondering why Eren’s Founding Titan looks so monstrous, it’s because of this reason. 

The Founding Titan had already decapitated Eren when it attached itself to Eren. The only way the Founding could manifest was to connect the head to Eren’s spine.

The Founding Titan’s spine connected Eren’s head to Eren’s body. However, due to the distance between them, the spine began to grow uncontrollably and turned Eren into an evil monster.

This is why Eren looks so big and scary. The spine grew out of control, and it was the spine that gave rise to Eren’s Founding Titan form.

Why are Eren’s Founding Titans just bones?

eren titan Eren's Founding Titan Explained

This question is a continuation of the previous one as they are connected. The spine of Eren’s Founding Titan was the largest part of its body when it manifested. 

The Titan’s body is also shaped by the body of its possessor, unlike other Titans. This is because the circumstances of Eren’s Titan’s manifestation were a little more precise.

The spine formed the base of the Titan’s body in this instance, as it was used to link Eren’s severed skull to his body. 

The spine grew in size, and because the spine is essentially a collection of bones, it explains why Eren’s Founding Titan was made of bones (vertebrae ribs).

Grisha gave Eren the Founding Titan?

The Shiganshina District attack was reported by the Reiss family. They gathered below the chapel in the underground cave, where the Titan had been passed down through generations. 

Grisha Yeager visited them in the cave. Grisha Yeager had been asked by Eren Kruger thirteen years earlier to take the Founding Titan.

Grisha claimed to be an Eldian subject and asked Frieda for the Founding Titan to save people from the Walls.

However, Frieda refused to listen to his pleas. Grisha, realizing he had no choice but to fulfill Kruger’s promise, transformed into the Attacking Titan to fight Frieda’s Founding Titan.

Frieda’s inexperience caused her to quickly become overwhelmed. Grisha took her power and killed Frieda.

He then turned his attention to the Reiss line and killed the entire family except for Rod, who escaped, and Historia who was left behind. Grisha returned to Wall Rose, searching for his family.

His adopted daughter Mikasa and son Eren were found by Grisha. However, he learned that Carla had died. 

Grisha gave Eren Kruger’s original mission, which was to bring Eren into the woods and inject him with the Titan transform serum. 

For five years Eren will forget the event and, as a Pure Titan he consumed his father and inherited both the Attack Titan (and the Founding Titan)

What are the Powers and Abilities of the Founding Titan?

We will give an overview of the major powers that the Titan has, making it one of the most powerful Titans.

Titan Creation

The Founding Titan is capable of turning Eldians into Titans and can make them as large as the Colossal Titan. 

King Karl Fritz used this ability to create many 50-meter Titans that make the Walls. 

eren creates old titans 1 Eren's Founding Titan Explained

Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan, Zeke Yeager, can transform Eldians into Titans by howling after injecting them with cerebrospinal fluid.

It can therefore be assumed that the Titan’s method is almost identical to Zeke’s Beast Titan, which Zeke claims has similar abilities to the Beast Titan.

Titan Control

The Founding Titan allows its owners to control the Titans by howling and can have them follow any command. 

Eren Yeager demonstrated this ability, commanding nearby Titans to attack the Armored Titan and devour Dina Fritz’s Titan. 

King Karl also used it to build the walls. He ordered many 50-meter Titans to harden their bodies and confine themselves to the walls.

This same ability was also used over a thousand years ago by Ymir Fritz, who used Titan Power for great deeds in the ancient Kingdom of Eldia.

However, his claims were never supported. Although there is no limit to the power of the Founding Titan’s reach, it is so powerful that the Titans are forced to take actions that could endanger their lives. 

Rod Reiss claimed that the Titan could wipe out all Titans if it was used to its full potential.

Memory Manipulation

The Founding Titan allows you to alter or erase the memories of Eldians. 

It was used by Queen Frieda to secure Historia’s visits to her, and by King, Karl to make his subjects forget the history before the Walls were built.

This made Karl and his successors among the few Walls members who knew the truth about the Outside World.

Non-Eldian bloodlines, such as Clan Ackerman members, and noble families, are immune to mind manipulation since they don’t share a common bloodline with the Eldian race.

Royal Bloodline Connection

According to some, only members of the Reiss family and, by extension, the old Fritz Family can fully use the Founding Titan. 

It seems, however, that even if the Founding Titan is not held by the royal family, it can still be used if the holder has physical contact with a member of the royal family.

This was when Eren unleashed the power of the Founding Titan punching Dinah Fritz’s hand. Later, Rod Reiss, Historia Reiss, and Eren got their hands on Eren’s back. It brought back memories of Grisha Yager.

This method was unsuccessful when Eren tried to see memories while holding Historia’s hand. 

Eren is still unsure if touching a Royal Blood Titan will work again, but he hasn’t discussed the matter publicly for Historia’s safety.

Even though the Titans are still a threat to the world’s memory and the ability to control them, no Founding Titan of royal blood expressed any desire to end the threat and restore freedom to humanity after inheriting the power.

Because the Titans also inherited the First Kings’ ideology and his memories, this is why it is so. 

These memories caused Frieda to experience depression and madness. She claimed that the Eldians were sinners and deserved their punishment.

Why is Eren’s founding Titan so different?

eren founding titan face Eren's Founding Titan Explained

The theory is that Eren’s titan is so different from other titans because his head was cut off.

The moment just before Eren was transformed is the best way to see the source of this founding titan. 

Eren was completely cut off from his body when he was beheaded. After transforming, Eren was left with his head and the source for the titans that extended beyond his neck. 

His titan appearance assumed the appearance of his titan’s head in front and the source of his life in his back.

Ymir’s titan had an exposed bony rib bone cage just like Eren. However, her titan was far more humanoid.

We can see that Eren and Ymir both have this feature.

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