Jiren Vs Beerus: is Jiren Stronger than Beerus?

Jiren Vs Beerus: is Jiren Stronger than Beerus?

Since Jiren appeared in the power-play tournament, Dragon Ball fans have been raving about Jiren. 

Fans often talk about Jiren’s power in online forums, where they compare him to a number of other characters. 

One of the most sought-after power-level comparisons is that of Jiren and Beerus. 

Before deciding which is more powerful, let’s begin by learning the facts regarding Beerus as well as Jiren.

How strong is Lord Beerus?

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Beerus can be described as the God of Destruction, and his powers were displayed during his fight with Goku on Earth. But a subsequent revelation reveals that Beerus did not utilize his full power when battling SSJ Goku.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, before the power-play began, a fight between gods took place, in which the Gods of Destruction battled against one another. 

In this battle, Beerus fights with all the Gods of Destruction, showing that he is more powerful than the other Gods of Destruction.

This also states his belief that Goku and Vegeta’s powers are similar to trees when compared to Beerus. The Beerus’ powers are the magnitude of a massive castle that he has built on the planet. It gives us an insight into the depths that Beerus’ power.

Many fans are unaware that Beerus has successfully mastered UI to a large extent (even if it’s not perfect).

Beerus uses his high intelligence to easily beat his opponents in the Battle of the Gods tournament.

What are Jiren’s Power Levels?

Jiren is considered to be the most powerful mortal living in the universe… It is believed that Jiren is stronger than Belmod (God of Destruction of the Universe 11).

Jiren, with all his strength, battled toe-to-toe against MUI Goku. The feat was only equaled by Moro, who held the advantage because of his innate power. 

In the end, Jiren was defeated. Jiren was able to deflect attacks from MUI Goku and after breaking his boundaries, he became stronger. 

To take on Jiren, Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 needed to collaborate to knock him off the ring. This feat is enough to show the strength of Jiren. 

Jiren is a legit contender for the title of the most powerful mortal. But, Beerus is not a mortal, and he’s certainly not as easygoing as Goku. Will he be able to defeat Beerus? Let’s find out.

Is Jiren Stronger Than Beerus?

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Therefore, the answer is no. If we observe their battles to date, Beerus easily triumphs. In the most recent chapter of DBS, Beerus easily overpowers Vegeta, who is nearly as powerful as Ultra Instinct Goku following Yardrat Training. This is the way Beerus is treated by the Prince Of All Saiyans.

He defeated Vegeta, who was fighting Moro and forced him to plead to save his own life. Also, Moro is the most formidable adversary that the Z Fighters have faced to this point.

Beerus is a lot more powerful than we imagine. Beerus can block the attacks of his foes effortlessly. Through his special strategy, Hakai we see him defeating Goku’s Kamehameha by using one hand while battling against him on the earth.

Jiren was pushed to the limit when he was fighting Goku’s Ultra Instinct mode. Beerus, who is using the basic ultra instinct, is superior to other G.O.Ds. 

Later, it was revealed that Jiren was the winner of an arm wrestling match against Belmod. However, this doesn’t prove that in combat, Jiren can take on Belmod. Belmod is just as powerful as Beerus.

This means that Beerus can easily defeat Jiren in a battle.

Some would say that Beerus isn’t equipped with MUI because he’s not yet achieved it to perfection. But think about this: Goku, in his Ultra-Instinct form, was able to destroy a limited-breakdown Jiren. 

However, he did it with the help of Frieza, who was the final version of his appearance. 

Gods are more durable and have more stamina than mortals, and their ultra-instincts are more powerful than mortals. Thus, Beerus > MUI Goku defeated the Limit-Breaking Jiren. Also, Beerus can easily defeat Jiren.

Another group of fans also believe that Beerus was scared of Jiren’s MUI and Goku’s Form of Limit Breaking. The truth is, Beerus’s not afraid but is awed at how a mere mortal Goku can take on this magnificent appearance.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the DBS himself, said that if Goku was a 6, Beerus had a power of 10. This is 15. Therefore, if Goku could defeat Jiren with an overall strength rating of 6, imagine what Beerus could do with a 10.

What is the final verdict?

Jiren vs. Beerus: Who is Stronger?

It’s going to be an extremely close and intense battle. However, Beerus is going to win this one.

Do you think otherwise? Tell us your reasons in the comment section.