Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

It is always exciting to see two villains fighting each other. The comparison gets even more interesting when you consider Dragon Ball

We decided to compare two of the most popular villains in the franchise to answer a long-standing question. This article will reveal either Broly or Jiren as the strongest fighter.

In a fight, Broly would defeat Jiren. These villains are both extremely powerful and can be destructive on a massive scale.

However, Broly is much stronger than Jiren as Goku and his friends informally confirmed out of the universe.

Broly vs Jiren: There’s much more to say. We will continue to examine their abilities and how they would interact in their fight.

Broly and his power

BROLY DBZ Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

Broly is a non-canon character that Shigeyasu Youchi created.

However, Broly was rewritten by Akira Toriyama and has a different storyline.

Personality and the psyche

SUPER SAIYAN Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

Broly’s calm and shy nature when wearing his tiara in its normal state contrasts with his cruel and destructive demeanour when he transforms. 

Broly’s enormous power is dragging him into a mad rush of destructive rampage against which he cannot fight.

As a child, we notice that he could transform into Super Saiyan but not at the final stage. In this state, he also hurt his father. We noticed that his father had placed the tiara upon him just before Paragus woke up.

Broly was diagnosed with mental instability and his behaviour falls under the umbrella of bipolar disorder. 

Broly is unable to express joy, fury or anger. However, he has shown relative self-control after transforming.

Saiyan powers

He is a Legendary Super Saiyan. He has normal black hair, just like the other Saiyans. However, he already has an impressive build and musculature for his size.

At this level, Broly’s power and immunity to Vegeta’s attacks are already very high. His musculature and eyes become more powerful at the Legendary Super Saiyan level.

He can also turn his eyes white without pupils. His hair is then straightened into thin, golden strands. However, his aura can change their color to a greenish-colored.

He is fierce and powerful and his adaptability to his opponent’s power is impressive. He transforms into a Super Saiyan by himself during the fight.

Broly sees his father get killed in front of his eyes and loses control. He transforms into a Super Saiyan with maximum power, where his hair is green like the Legendary Saiyan in the Dragon Ball Z films. 

Broly’s power becomes limitless and nothing can stop it. He manages to defeat two Super Saiyans Blue.


BROLY TRANFORMATIONS Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

He transforms into a giant ape after he is sent to Vampa when he was younger. However, the film does not show this transformation. Broly transforms first into a rabid animal on Earth.

Paragus says that Broly is no longer capable of transforming into a giant ape. Broly’s hair stays black and spiky, while his eyes become slightly golden.

Jiren and his powers

Jiren and his powers PERSONALITY Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

Jiren is part of the Pride Troopers, an Eleventh Universe warrior team fighting for justice and freedom. 

Jiren, also known as Jiren The Gray, is the strongest warrior in the Eleventh Universe. He is also the Tournament of Power’s strongest warrior.

Jiren is a large black-eyed alien with small nostrils and no hair. He is a strong alien with a muscular build. He wears a black and white uniform, white boots and gloves, just like his fellow teammates.

The Japanese word Renji, which means stove, gave rise to the name “Jiren”. Akira Toriyama created the character, and it is part of the larger canon.

Morality and personality

Jiren and his powers Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

Jiren is a quiet and cool-headed warrior. He is also the only Pride Troopers member who doesn’t perform artistic poses before fighting. 

He can sometimes be arrogant due to the confidence he has in his abilities. However, he only intervenes in clashes when the situation is critical.

Jiren is dedicated to justice and the welfare for all. He never acts selfishly and refuses to kill anyone.

He believes that strength is the only valid and possible way to get justice. At first, friendship is a weakness. However, he will soon learn to value teamwork and friendships after the Tournament of Power.

He still considers Toppo his best friend despite this.

Jiren’s master, Gichin, is a great warrior who introduced Jiren to Pride Troopers in the hope that he could learn cooperation. According to the animated series, a criminal killed his parents.

Combat skills and abilities

Combat skills and abilities JIREN Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

Jiren’s strength is said to surpass that of the God of Destruction, although that is not entirely true. He can throw powerful punches from a distance due to the air displacements generated.

He is also extremely fast, has a high physical resistance and is capable of parrying and anticipating with ease.

His Chi is so strong that it can create impassible energy barriers around him just by being there. He also has a device that shrinks his enemies and allows him to travel faster than a spaceship to other planets.

Jiren starts the Tournament of Power solely with the goal of winning the super dragon balls, resurrecting the master, and taking over the Tournament of Power.

However, he doesn’t appreciate the possibility of other universes being destroyed.

Jiren removes Hit from the Sixth Universe and Vegeta from the Tournament of Power; in the anime, Maji Kayo from The Third Universe is also eliminated. Roshi too is eliminated by Jiren.

He will fight Goku several times, but he will be able to defeat him in the Ultra Instinct which the Saiyan will unleash during their clash with Jiren.

In the end, Jiren is defeated by Frieza falling from the Tournament ring together with his two opponents. This ensures that C-17 was the last warrior left in the Tournament of Power.

Broly vs Jiren – Who would win?

broly vs. jirenn Broly vs Jiren: Who is the Strongest?

Now, let’s get to the most important section of the article: the analysis. We will use the information we have gathered about these characters to analyze how they would react to each other. Let’s continue.

This one was quite complex due to the characters and the online opinions. A lot of people believe Jiren is stronger. This may be based on superficial interpretations of the manga. It’s not as simple as that.

We do know that Jiren and Broly are both extremely powerful and are the evilest villains in the franchise. They might also be stronger than Beerus, although that is not true. Beerus is many levels higher than these two.

The manga doesn’t really make this clear either. However, we can infer that Broly is at least 400x stronger than Jiren based on their fights with Goku and his friends.

He managed to achieve a level of power that was 400 times greater than Jiren’s.

A Twitter post from an older movie reference confirmed that Broly was Dragon Ball’s strongest character and might be even more powerful than Beerus. However, the latter proved to be wrong.

Broly is the winner. Jiren is strong and looks scary but that’s nothing compared to Broly. Broly would likely obliterate Jiren with little effort.

Goku also suggested that Broly might be more powerful than Beerus. However, Dragon Ball Super comments suggest that Beerus has been greatly eclipsed in favour of Jiren. 

If true, Jiren, who is a god with the power to defeat all Dragon Ball villains could be even stronger than the Legendary Super Saiyan. 

It seems plausible that Jiren would defeat Broly if he were to face the Universe 11 Pride Trooper. He is more disciplined and experienced than the less focused Universe 7 Saiyan.

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