Everything About Vegeta Hairline Explained

Dragon Ball is known for its bizarre character designs. Each character has unique yet defining traits. 

Krillin sports his shiny cueball hair, Goku has his poofy, goofy hair, while Vegeta is famous for his widow peak hairline. 

We will take a deep dive into Vegeta Hairline to answer all your questions (and maybe some you didn’t).

Short Answer

Vegeta’s hairline is a stylistic choice made by the creator of the Dragon Ball series, Akira Toriyama. It is meant to convey a sense of power and intensity, as well as to distinguish Vegeta from other characters in the series. Additionally, it is a common trope in anime and manga to have characters with distinct hairstyles that help to distinguish them from one another.

Vegeta’s hairline can be called a Widow’s Peak!

The pattern Vegeta’s hair has at the front is known as a “Widow’s Peak.” This is the place where the hairline becomes an M shape.

It is believed to be genetic. Our Vegeta award to Simon Gregson (British soap star) for the greatest Widow’s Peak is in real life. He plays Steve McDonald.

Vegeta received his Widow’s Peak as a gift from his father.

Vegeta Hairline

Poor Vegeta! You can see his father’s hairline and you will know that he didn’t have much chance. 

As you can see in the photo above, King Vegeta has his Widow’s Peak. Unfortunately, Prince Vegeta inherited his father’s Widow’s Peak.

Was Vegeta a Widow’s Peak child?

Due to inconsistencies, Young Vegeta has images with and without a Widow’s Peak. 

In a Dragon Ball Super flashback, we can see that young Vegeta already has a very prominent widow’s peak. 

Retcons are very common in anime, so we tend to believe that Vegeta had a Widows Peak as a child.

What is the best way for Vegeta to achieve a widow’s peak?

Although a full-blooded Saiyan doesn’t need to have their hair cut, like Gohan or Trunks, it doesn’t mean that their hair will not change with age. 

Nappa, who had a gorgeous Mohawk that sadly vanished when he arrived on Earth, is the best example. 

It’s possible Vegeta’s hairline may have receded over time, so we don’t know which images are accurate.

Why is Vegeta called “Widow’s Peak”?

Because Toriyama made things that way, nearly every question in the Dragon Ball Universe has an answer: “Because Toriyama made things that way.” Vegeta’s hairline doesn’t seem to be an exception. 

Although we cannot see the mind of Toriyama as a genius, it is possible to speculate that Vegeta’s Widow’s Peak was a deliberate design decision.

Vegeta is only a few years younger than Goku. A receding hairline, while not a sign of weakness, is one way to show this to the crowd. 

Receding hairlines, baldness, and more testosterone have been linked to greater manliness and higher testosterone levels for a long time. This immediately suggested that Vegeta may be stronger than Goku.

However, the art of good characterization takes subtlety. Vegeta’s appearance is full of many characterization points, including his hairline.

Vegeta Forehead Meme

Vegeta without his widows peak Everything About Vegeta Hairline Explained

A few memes are available that show Vegeta in his Windows Peaked photo, to illustrate just how prominent Vegeta’s Widows Peak is. It’s impossible to see it again once you have!

Although we can’t prove its true origin, the earliest evidence of this meme is from 2015. This Reddit post.

Vegeta’s short stature and high temper have been linked to a Napolean Complex. Vegeta’s receding hairline could be another source of insecurity. 

Vegeta’s hair starts somewhere behind the ears, where the Widow’s forehead peak is.

The Dragonball universe has men who are either bald or blessed with long, lush hair. 

Vegeta must find it difficult to maintain the appearance of a full head. He may go completely bald one day and no one will know the difference without changing his hair color.

Meme for Vegeta with no Hair

A new meme that someone shared on Reddit features Vegeta without hair. 

This is a disturbing meme that shows why anime characters should not be taken too seriously.

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