Dragon Ball Super Returns: Anime Confirmed for 2023

The legendary shonen classic Dragon Ball super returns in the news because the Dragon Ball Super anime is coming back next year.

Goku and his friends will come back to the world of anime again, and when fans heard this, they went crazy.

After Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the latest movie in the series, was a huge hit, the stage was set for the anime to come back in 2023.

With the confirmation of a new season of Bleach and the return of Dragon Ball Super, the classic era of anime is back. One Piece and Boruto (manga), which is the successor to Naruto, are both still going on.

If the news that their favourite shonen anime is coming back with new episodes every week didn’t get fans excited enough, there are also new movies in the works.

Let’s look at all the information that has come out about the next episodes of this old favourite.

Dragon Ball Super is coming back in 2023

Dragon Ball Super Returns

The resumption of the journey of the Saiyans

After the Universal Survival Arc was over, it seemed like the anime went on a long break.

Even though Toei Animation gave loyal fans a spin-off show, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the studio seems to have taken the perfect break to come back with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc.

Manga readers already know how great this arc is going to be, so seeing these chapters animated will definitely be one of the best things to ever happen in anime.

Toei Animation has also said that new Dragon Ball movies will come out every two to three years.

This is because the most recent movie in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, did so well.

Since the movie is still in theaters in many countries, we won’t say anything that might ruin it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

But it is a must-see for anyone who likes Dragon Ball because it is basically Gohan’s comeback as a Z-Warrior.


Will Broly and the Super Hero film get revamped in the new episodes of Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super 1 Dragon Ball Super Returns: Anime Confirmed for 2023

So far, nothing has been said about the plot or timeline of the next episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

However, the author, Akira Toriyama, is known for incorporating important parts from the movies into the series.

So there is a good chance that fans will finally be able to see Broly and Gohan’s new form.

People are already used to this style because the anime started out by retelling what happened in the movies Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.

Both movies were big hits, and they gave the anime the important characters it needed to grow the Z-Fighters.

Dragon Ball has always been a favourite among fans of shonen, and the news that the series is coming back has brought back the feel of anime’s golden age.

The next arcs will be full of action, and viewers are in for a treat because the new bad guy the Z-Warriors will face is much more dangerous than anyone they have ever faced before.

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