Why Was Eren Imprisoned In Attack On Titan Season 4?

Since the beginning of the series, the Survey Corps have put their lives on the line to protect Eren.

So, when we found Eren Imprisoned in jail after the attack on Liberio, it was a big surprise.

But the reason Eren was put in jail only made the Survey Corps more determined to protect Eren no matter what.

But the reason Eren was put in jail only made the Survey Corps more determined to protect Eren no matter what.

The Effect of the Liberio Raid

The answer is simple: the raid wasn’t meant to be this bad. This is why the group doesn’t like Eren. Liberia was attacked without being planned.

Eren went into enemy country on his own because he knew the Survey Corps would have to follow him.

In short, Eren seemed to have made a plan with the worst enemy of the Survey Corps. Since Zeke Yeager is a sensitive subject for the unit, it makes sense that they weren’t sure about this plan.

Also, no matter how bad things got, the Corps would never put citizens’ lives in danger.

Eren’s plan was dangerous, and we all know how terrible it was because so many innocent people died. Not only that, but they also lost Sasha.

Eren cared about his friends more than anything else, so it didn’t seem like him to put their lives in danger. People thought that Zeke was in charge of Eren because it looked like he forced the unit to do what he wanted.

Eren was a totally different guy before he went bad. He turned down Zeke’s plan for partial rumbling because he had strong morals.

Because of this quick change in him, everyone thought that Zeke was controlling him. This means that the Surve Corps blamed Zeke and the volunteers for Eren’s rage.

Eren Returns to Paradis: Aftermath

Also, it’s important to talk about why the Survey Corps and Zeke worked together. Zeke had a big benefit because he knew a lot and had a lot of technology.

To save Paradis, they had to agree with Zeke, the man who cost them the whole company, and Erwin Smith.

With only one year left in his term, they were always being told to use Zeke. For that reason, they had to get him from Marley.

Since neither side trusts the other, it makes sense that the Corps couldn’t figure out what Eren was doing and put it all on Zeke.

Using the same reasoning as above, the Survey Corps wasn’t ready to give up on Eren yet. On the other hand, the military police and Darius Zackley, the Premiere, had different ideas.

Eren had lost their trust, and they were looking for someone to take his place. Hange and Pixis agreed that the first thing to do to stop Zeke from getting more powerful is to catch the volunteers.


Because Yelena met Eren without asking anyone first. This was a very big warning sign. She was Zeke’s biggest fan, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she had something to do with him teaming up with Eren.

It’s clear that Eren’s friends and family found it hard to think that he could make a choice like this.

Why was Eren in jail?

Why Was Eren Imprisoned In Attack On Titan Season 4?

In Season 4, Eren was locked up to keep him away from Zeke and stop him from going bad again. For Eren’s safety, it was more important than ever to stop any “influence” he might be under.

The Survey Corps thought Eren would do anything to save Paradis, but the way he did it made it look like he was forced. Basically, their idea of Eren was so clear that they couldn’t really understand this new Eren.

Now that they think Eren is under Zeke’s control, it was the rules to keep them apart. Zeke could have used Eren’s Founding Titan to help himself, for all they knew.

To “save” Eren from Zeke, it was very important to keep the brothers from meeting. Eren was put in jail to keep him away from Zeke and the volunteers, not to hold him.

His friends knew him as the same Eren they had known since they were kids. One example is how Hange tries to get him to like him even though he doesn’t like him.

They didn’t see him as a threat, but as someone who had been hurt by people who knew more than them. So, Zeke was kept under Levi’s watch so that he could be killed when it was necessary.

What did Eren see that had such a big effect on him?

But this wasn’t how it turned out. Eren did what he had to do, which was to keep his friends in the dark.

As the military coup goes on, it becomes clearer that the real “threat” was Eren’s acts, which spread an ideology that led to the “yeagerists.”

Even though Eren took steps, he still chose to break out of jail, which is another crime to add to his growing list. Zeke, on the other hand, is also ready to run away.

Final Words

Eren was put in jail because the Survey Corps thought his violent actions were a result of him being under Zeke’s influence. They completely distrusted Zeke but maintained their faith in Eren, believing that he’d never take a path this bloody or betray his friends.

Also, it was to keep him away from the volunteers who had easily blended into the military, so that they couldn’t talk to each other in secret.

Eren shows that this guess is wrong by letting the “yeagerists” help him get away so he can get to Zeke.

At the moment, both boys are making their way toward each other. We don’t know what the brothers will do when they get back together, but it’s sad to see that the Corps’s relationship with Eren will never be the same.

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