16 Best Bloody Anime of All Time

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and watch an bloody anime that delivers nothing but mindless violence and gore.

Their stories may not be top notch, but they make up for it with fluid animation and entertaining dismemberments!

Here are some gore bloody anime fans should check out, but you might need a barf bag!

16. Wicked City

Wicked City bloody anime
© Yoshiaki Kawajiri / Madhouse Inc.

From the creator of Ninja Scroll comes a neo-noir horror film and bloody anime about demons invading the human world after peace treaty expires.

The story is not as good as Ninja Scroll, but it is filled with great visuals for horror anime fans.

15. Another

© Yukito Ayatsuji / Kadokawa Shoten / P.A. Works Corporation / Team Another

Depending on your view, Another is either a thrilling supernatural mystery or a slapstick comedy in this bloody anime. The story of a deadly force that haunts class 3-3 leads to some disturbing (and silly) deaths.

14. Blue Gender

Blue Gender
© AIC Inc. / Toshiba EMI

Blue Gender is a post-apocalyptic mecha series that weaves a decent horror tale among the violencein in this bloody anime. You don’t have to be a mecha fan to feel connected to Yuji Kaido and Marlene Angel.

13. Shigurui

© Takayuki Yamaguchi / Akita Shoten Co., Ltd. / Madhouse Inc. / Shigurui Partners

Shigurui takes place during the early Edo period and centers around a tournament where contestants have to use real blades.

What makes this bloody anime series different is that it only focuses on the first match, and highlights the circumstances that brought the two warriors to the tournament. Keep a barf bag, because the violence is crazy graphic.

12. Genocyber

© Tony Takezaki / Byakuya Shobo / Artmic

Genocyber is another cult series that never gained an audience in Japan. It follows two disabled twin sisters who are experimented on for the sake of creating a psychic superweapon.

Things don’t work out well, and body parts fly everywhere. If you are going to watch Genocyber, do so for the action, because the story is terribad.

11. MD Geist

MD Geist
© Central Park Media Corporation / Koichi Ohata / Riku Sanjo / Nippon Columbia Co.

MD Geist is an OVA from 1986 and was largely ignored by Japan. However, the series has a cult following the U.S. due to being one of the first OVA projects to be dubbed and distributed in the early ’90s.

It follows a genetically engineered soldier whose function is to be a killing machine. Naturally, Geist goes insane and embarks on a killing spree.

10. Violence Jack

 Violence Jack
© Go Nagai / Kodansha Ltd. / Ashi Productions

Violence Jack is an OVA series that follows a violent dude named Jack. A massive earthquake has split the world in half and has thrown the world into chaos. The series is notorious for its graphic violence and fantastic English dub.

9. Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne

Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne
© Xebec, Inc. / Genco, Inc. / Yggdrasil Executive Committee

Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne is a sadistic series that takes joy in torturing the immortal Rin Asougi. While it may seem like torture p*rn at first, the series tell an interesting story that incorporates Viking and Christian mythologies.

8. Gantz

© Hiroya Oku / Shuiesha Inc. / Gonzo K.K. / Gantz Partners

The twisted world of Gantz takes place in a universe where life doesn’t end with death. Some people take part in a futile death game, which leads to very grisly moments while examining the frail human psyche.

7. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll
© Yoshiaki Kawajiri / Madhouse Inc.

Ninja Scroll was in huge for introducing anime to adult audiences during the ’90s. The dark tale of a wandering swordsman and a ninja combating demons looks simple on the surface, but Ninja Scroll is filled with twists and turns. It doesn’t hurt that it has some of the most fluid animation from the era.

6. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party
© Team GrisGris / 5pb. / Asread / Corpse Part Production

Fans of the Corpse Party: Blood Covered might balk at the 4 episode OVA for cutting and re-arranging so much of the story, but gorehounds will find a lot of scenes to love.

5. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate
© Kouta Hirano / Shonen Gahosha / Wild Geese

Hellsing Ultimate manages the rare feat of being able to tell a good story that doesn’t get lost in all of the gore. Who knew that a tale about a vampire that slays zombie would have some well-written characters?

4. Berserk (1997)

© Kentaro Miura / Hakusensha, Inc. / OLM, Inc.

The 1997 adaptation of Berserk is a must watch for fans of Miura’s sense of gritty violence. Much of the gore is intact, and it does a decent job of adapting The Golden Age arc at the expense of cutting most of the supernatural elements.

3. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied
© Lynn Okamoto / Shueisha Inc. / Arms Corporation

Elfen Lied is the most unsubtle series about the harm that bullying and discrimination bring to society, but it makes up for it with high impact violence and buckets of blood!

2. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star
© Buronson / Tetsuo Hara / Shueisha Inc. / Toe Animation Co., Ltd.

Fist of the North Star is one of the most influential shounen series from the ’80s. The series challenge TV broadcast regulations with its ultra violence, which included exploding heads and twisted bodies. The 1986 movie was so bloody that all home video versions released so far have been censored.

1. Blood-C

Blood C 1 16 Best Bloody Anime of All Time
© Production I.G. / CLAMP / Project BLOOD-C

The sequel to Blood+ may fail to live up to expectations story wise, but the series is filled with tasty gore, unintentional comedy (human blender anyone?), and decent fight choreography.

Fans of the TV series should check out The Last Dark, which serves as the series’ finale.

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