To be honest, the very first time I was introduced to the film, “No Game No Life”, I was a bit skeptical, quite bizarre, and didn’t seem to have the potential of converting to anything significant. It was from my first impression of the synopsis as well as the artwork and the concept. 

However, I was completely wrong! Once I started watching the show I was in awe of the desire to watch it to the end, non-stop! 

Through the day and into the night, I was watching the show in awe of its uncanny ability to entertain and its exceptional performance as an animated. 

No Game No Life is a show that has the potential to be easily regarded in the ranks of one of the top animations of all time. I’m not exaggerating.

Let’s get over the small talk and pleasantries! I’m not certain when the next season will be released. However, while I wait, I’ll suggest other anime similar to The Game, The Game, and No Life. 

Shows that focus on tactics and strategies are getting more well-known, as these genres exaggerate excitement levels beyond proportion and entice the mind into a frenzy. This is why that No Game No Life was an incredible success!

So, I’m here to provide you with the following list of anime that are like the No Game No Life. Although the majority of these shows are based on the theme of strategy and tactics I’ve attempted to incorporate them into fantasy, games, and similar elements in the collection.

Plot Summary of No Game No Life

With unimaginable gaming skills and abilities, Sora and Shiro–collectively known as Blank are the best gamers in their universe. 

Their incredible skills have turned them into urban legends in the world of online gaming. One day a God from another dimension invites them to play a match of chess. 

If they can beat him in that game, they’ll be able to prove worthy of their fame and distinction. 

In addition, they’ll be invited into this world called Disboard which is a place where there is no crime in a world where every issue can be solved through games and entertainment!

15. Inuyashiki: Last Hero (2017)

A park in the public is struck by an explosion, which results in the residents who live in the vicinity developing superhuman abilities. A middle-aged man named Inuyashiki has been identified as one of them. 

Discontent by his circumstances and not finding love within the people around him, he can discover the purpose of his life when the power of God appears in his. He decides to do something positive around the globe by helping people who are in need. 

But, the exact opposite occurs for the other man who experienced the same transformation process as Inuyashiki. The person in question was a teenager who was awed by the new powers he acquired and decided to aid others by removing them from their lives. 

He was a psychopath who began murdering people simply because he was a fan and was an extremely wanted criminal around the world. Not aware of the presence of one another they continue on their own, however, they soon realize that they are fated to meet.

14. Land of the Lustrous (2017)

In a distant future away from the moment, immortality has been discovered. The people referred to as the Lustrous wander the earth. They are immortal and an image of the twenty-eight varieties of gems. 

Their world is constantly under threat from the Lunarians who have captured the Lustrous since they resemble gemstones. 

The Lunarians would like to decorate their homes with their gems! The Lustrous can combat them. However, not all types of gems are beneficial. 

Phos is the newest type of Lustrous and is not able to fight since it is too hard and brittle. But a role has to be found for this particular one which is why they are taken to a literary expedition and collect history. 

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In their search, they encounter an additional form of gems that remain in a secluded area since they’re poisonous to the rest of us. Then, becoming a Phos does not seem so bad.

13. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013)

If they fail to defeat the Demon Lord as well as his comrades do not succeed in conquering Ente Isla, the realm of Ente Isla, two of them flee to the world of contemporary Tokyo. 

However, they discover that their powers aren’t working in the present world and they must find ways to live. The Demon Lord is transformed into a human shape to be able to blend into humans. He begins to work part-time in fast food joints.

Its similarity: The first look, Hataraku Maou-Sama may not appear at all like the No Game No Life. However, I’ve decided to add the film to this list because it’s quite similar. 

In other words, I’m saying that when the main characters from NGNL are transported to another universe as their thoughts are way too advanced for their world In the story of Hataraku Maou Sama the main characters are in the world of ordinary people despite being the best of them all in their original world. 

As the NGNL main characters are ablaze in a different world using their super-intelligent minds, however, the main characters from Hataraku Maou-Sama strive to live modest lives in the normal world using only minimal power.

12. Code Geass (2008)

The story is set in a world that has an alternate history of events. This animated series tells an account of the life of a young boy who decides to take down the authority of his nation and seek revenge against those who killed his mom

Lelouch has been crowned Prince of the Britannian Empire, which is among the top three powers in the world. Britannia has conquered Japan and has stripped the Japanese of their liberties and rights. 

After his mother’s murder and he is taken to Japan, Lelouch is granted the power of Geass by an unknown girl.

A Common Sense: If are looking for strategy or tactics incorporated into the world of a very serious and serious conflict Look no further- Code Geass is an excellent choice. There are a lot of thrilling combats and thrilling battles of minds in this game. 

It appears that the main character from Coding Geass can have it all covered, with actions always one step more advanced than the adversaries. This is the case with the main characters from NGNL. However, Geass is a step above real life as well as serious drama.

11. God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World (2016-2017)

Kazuma Sato dies. Kazuma Sato is dying young, he wakes in the presence of an angel who is willing the opportunity to take him to a different world where he will spend the rest of his life in pursuit of adventures and fighting monsters

Kazuma decides to take the goddess with him to the new reality but when he realizes her indifferent attitude towards everything, he decides to recruit a magician as well as an acrobat to help him defeat the menace that is his adversaries, the Devil King.

10. Problem Children are Coming From another World Isn’t It? (2013)

Sakamaki, Kudo, and Kasukabe have psychic abilities, but they have a normal life as their abilities make life easy for them. If they get an envelope that takes them to another realm where they discover the ‘Little Garden’. 

There, they are required to make use of their talents to participate in Gift Games to improve the status that their community has. 

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Then, it becomes more than a game for them.

9. Death Note (2006-2007)

There’s a book called Death Note that allows its user to kill any person as long as they have their name and facial. 

A high school student known as Light Yagami stumbles upon it and upon discovering its capabilities will decide to take out the terrorists and criminals off the planet Earth. 

As the criminals all over the world begin to die in the aftermath, Interpol calls an unidentified detective under the name “L” to assist them in capturing Light. 

Then, they begin an exciting race between mah-maws and cats.

8. The Irregular at Magic High School (2014)

While ‘No Games No Life’ is set in a different reality ‘The Unusual at Magic High School’ will take viewers to a world of magic. 

By altering certain aspects of history that it traces that there are four powerful nations following during the Third World War, Japan is among the four. 

Following the war, it was evident that the population of people with magical abilities had diminished. The remaining have to go to the school of magic and improve their abilities. 

Tatsuya is skilled in technical aspects but does not possess the magical ability due to which the school considers him to be a weaker school. 

His older sister Miyuki is considered to be among the top students due to her amazing skills.

7. Btooom! (2012)

Ryota Sakamoto was a fan and excelled in playing the video game of combat, Btooom. 

A few days later, the player discovers himself trapped in the game and an error could leave him dead. He is forced to take on the game a second time, but this time with real risks. 

He is with Himiko who is his game-playing wife as they traverse the various levels in an attempt to discover a way to escape. 

As they progress, it becomes clear that this game is an element of the terrorist plot.

6. Outbreak Company (2013)

Shin’ichi is a fan of manga, anime, and games on video. 

They’re more than an obsession for Shin’ichi. He has immense knowledge of the genres. (Relatable much?) In the wake of the information, he is given a job with an enormous firm. 

After accepting the job the kidnappers take him away and send him to a different reality. 

He discovers who his boss is. It’s the Japanese government, and he is taken to the present world to build a bridge between the people of an alternate reality.

5. The World God Only Knows (2008-2014)

Keima Katsuragi may not be a well-known person in the real world however, in the world of gaming Keima Katsuragi is a champion. He enjoys playing games that require him to interact with girls from anime to make them fall in love with him. In the real world, he’s never had a chance of winning a woman however, in the world of there’s no girl that he hasn’t beaten. 

This is why he’s called “The God of Conquests.” One day, he’s given the opportunity by a friend to take part in a game that will “conquer” girls. I think it’s an enjoyable ride, and he agrees. But, as time passes, the ride is revealed to be more than what he could ever imagine being a part of.

Keima Katsuragi is known as the God of dating games and pretty much all games in general. He’s obsessed with playing his games each day, no matter where he’s at home, at school, at home, or even out in nature. In a day, he’s scouted by a Shinigami called Elsie, who is out to rescue lost souls.

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Despite Keima’s resistance to being enlisted, he is asked by Elsie to find lost souls through a death collar that is affixed to his neck. If he doesn’t accept the invitation, then you can take his head off! If he accepts that, he would like to be with real women and convince them to fall in love with him to ensure that the souls of lost souls in their hearts can be freed and taken captive.

Its Similarity: If you believed that in NGNL Sora as well as Shiro were the top two of the world of playing, Keima Katsuragi is the top player in this. While he enjoys dating sims the most, other games are his domain; he has successfully conquered the world of gaming. The similarity of the characters and their ability to be the most effective in gaming brings the two anime together.

4. Accel World (2012)

Haruyuki is a source of ridicule in school because of his small and hefty body. 

He has a solitary existence on the internet and is noticed by Kuroyukihime, an amiable girl at school. 

He is introduced to an innovative kind of game that allows players to change their mental state so that they can slow their speed. 

Haruyuki quickly discovers that it is much more than what it seems and decides to try at all levels to meet the person who invented the game.

3. Log Horizon (2013-2014)

Elder Tale is a massively enjoyed online game with an audience of millions of gamers. 

The moment the most recent expansion pack comes out players playing at the time are transported to a different reality in which the game is its real-world counterpart as well.

The stakes get much higher. Shiroe teams up with his fellow players to make sure that each other’s safety is secured when life-threatening dangers are before them.

Its Similarity: If you liked the gaming aspect from the game No Life but you’d like something more specific to the game and has more depth on the technical aspects that go into it, the Log Horizon is a perfect choice! 

The plot follows a more realistic path within a virtual game, intending to get the most of the game’s surroundings and the rules. This requires a lot of wisdom and foresight. This, is in turn, adds to the resemblance with the anime of the same name.

2. Overlord (2015-present)

Yggdrasil was a huge online role-playing game at one point, but following 12 years of play, its servers were removed. 

Momonga, a fervent participant in the game and leader of one of the largest guilds in the game, is deeply disappointed by this. 

While the other players leave when the shutdown date is near, Momonga decides to stay at the computer until the shutdown occurs. 

However, when the date of closing down the server comes around, Momonga discovers that the game has evolved into an alternate world in which the usual gaming controls do not work, and Momonga is trapped in the game.

1. Sword Art Online (2013)

If a new game featuring headsets that simulate reality is launched, around 10,000 people join to play it. 

However, they discover that they’ve been trapped in a different reality and if they are unable to play or attempt to remove the equipment it will cause death. 

The only way to escape is to complete all the different levels in the game. 

Kazuto was among the early testers of the games and thus knows how the game will function. 

He decides to defeat the game to be free for everyone, however, it takes more time and is much more challenging than he anticipated.