45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

It’s a fact that all fans love Rom Com Anime Anime series. These kind of series never ever fail to entertains us with their funny scenes and some heartwarming situations.

So.. its would be a perfect date with your girlfriend if you watch these Romance Comedy Anime Series together it will surely keeps you entertain.

The rom-com subgenre is as different as it is familiar. It can be anything from a typical high school story to a fully developed and grown-up seinen project.

But since every new season brings a dozen new shows with more ships, best girls, and best boys, it can be hard to find the real stars.

So I put together this list of some of my favorite love comedies.

Some entries have a lot of touching moments, while others stand out because of how well their scenes and running jokes are put together.

Some shows are more about drama and the strange, while others are about happy, normal things.

I hope you find one or two shows that are interesting to you.

Table of Contents

45. His and Her Circumstances

26 his and her circumstances anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijoui may have had one of the worst shows in the history of anime.

But it’s still a classic shoujo game that you should check out.

With Hideaki Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki, the makers of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, at the helm, this school romance comedy from 1998 was bound to make a big impression.

Soichiro Arima and Yukino Miyazawa are two of the most popular kids in school. Whether it’s in sports, looks, or intelligence, they’re at the top of the class.

But these two people put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect for all the wrong reasons.

One of them has trouble with being left alone, while the other finds her value in what other people say about her.

In the same way, they find it hard to make real friends.

Soichiro and Yukino will soon be able to see through each other’s public masks. And their friendship slowly turns into something more romantic.

Oh, and by the way, the ending song of Kare Kano is one of the most catchy and nostalgic of all time.

Even Japanese people who don’t like anime know about it, which is a good thing.

44. Arakawa Under the Bridge

25 arakawa under the bridge anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

In 2011, Arakawa Under the Bridge was lucky enough to have two seasons.

In fact, director Akiyuki Simbo and series director Yukihiro Miyamoto stayed for both shows and then did the same jobs for Gen Urobuchi’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica a year later.

So, this is done with the perspective of Shaft veterans.

Even if the art or animation isn’t always the best, even the most ordinary scenes look more interesting than they are.

And both of the main characters, the super-rich Kou Ichinimoya and the poor blonde girl Nino, grow and change in great ways.

Who would have thought that they would develop a charming friendship, even if it happened slower than most would have thought? My God, but this time it’s the girl who wants to be with someone.

Still, what really makes Arakawa Under the Bridge stand out are the secondary personalities.

Even if you get tired of how slowly the romance moves, the people who live under the bridge make every show fun to watch.

Both seasons are full of charming and laugh-out-loud funny times because of how these strange people interact with each other and do whatever work they can to make money.

43. Kamisama Kiss

23 kamisama kiss anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

I don’t know why, but rom-com anime with parts of the supernatural or fantasy tends to do well in my books.

The story of Kamisama Kiss is about how a teen girl’s life changes in an instant after she does something nice for a stranger.

Nanami Momozono was poor because her father was hooked to gambling and had a lot of debt. When she saves a man named Mikage from a dog, she gets the rare chance to have a new home.

There’s a big catch, though:

Nanami will live in a shrine that is a bit messy.

It turns out that Mikage was once a god who took care of the shrine. Now, he has given the duties of a god to a normal young girl.

As if this wasn’t strange enough, Tomoe, one of the familiars, doesn’t really want to help her. As you might expect from a shoujo series, Nanami and Tomoe kiss to make their agreement official.

So starts their story, which is full of lighthearted romance, tsundere moments (especially from the male fox), and the need to balance school and spiritual work.

By the second season, you’ll see even more of Tomoe and Nanami’s love story.

42. High Score Girl

22 high score girl anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

I was about to stop watching this show as soon as I found out it was going to be a CGI anime, and now I’m sorry for being so hasty.

I love the story, the setting, and the people.

This is about three kids, Akira Oono, Koharu Hidaka, and Haruo Yaguchi, who all fall in love with video games for different reasons.

Akira, for instance, goes to the playground to get away from the bad people at home. Koharu joined the gaming world on her own because she liked Haruo, an egotistical kid who doesn’t do well in school but is great at video games.

Oh, and I forgot to say that this happens in 1991.

Yes, this is one reason why High Score Girl is different from other anime.

It takes you back to a time when arcades were popular instead of PCs and portable game systems.

And in both seasons, the three have to deal with their own problems, their changing feelings, and the fact that they are growing up.

The High Score Girl story is unique and has a lot of heart.

I hope that this gem, which is one of the last great rom-coms and seinen books of the 2010s, will still be read by people in the future.

41. The Quintessential Quintuplets

16 the quintessential quintuplets anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

The Quintessential Quintuplets came out in 2019 to please fans and silence skeptics. It was based on a manga, so it already had a strong fan group.

It looked like a typical harem, with the only difference being that the girls are quintuplets, but the series turned out to be both new and familiar.

Fuutarou Uesugi was a smart and hardworking student who only met the quintuplets because he was teaching them to make money. He didn’t want to get in the pants of every girl he saw.

He only wanted to make enough money to help his poor family.

Even as friends, Fuutaro didn’t care about the girls.

Because the quintuplets didn’t want to learn in different ways, he had to learn more about their different characters and figure out how to get them to listen. This helped him come out of his shell.

Even though the girls look alike, it’s pretty amazing how easy it becomes to tell them apart.

The Quintessential Quintuplets does a great job of making them more real. And by the end of the second season (plus the movie), you’ll want all of them to do well in life, not just in love.

40. Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You

15 tonikawa over the moon for you anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

When it was reported that the manga would be turned into a movie, I remembered reading from manga fans that the author, Kenjirou Hata, wrote this story to tell everyone about his happy marriage to voice actress Masumi Asano.

Whether or not that’s true, I’m glad Hata saw the need for a completely good love story.

Tonikaku Kawaii does have a few secrets that haven’t been solved yet.

But the show is mostly about the relationship between Tsukasa Yuzaki and Nasa Yuzaki. It’s about how their simple days as a married couple are full of praise, learning, and finding new ways to show how much they love each other.

Seven Arcs doesn’t have a strong track record (unfortunately, Blue Period was a failure), so it was a nice surprise that Tonikaku Kawaii was adapted so well.

The second season could make this one of the best modern anime romantic comedies ever.

39. Working!!

13 working anime screenshot 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Wagnaria!! is also based on a 4-koma manga story.

It’s a romantic comedy at work that takes place in a family restaurant. There are eight main characters, so you can be sure that a lot of ships will form.

Part of the fun is trying to figure out who will end up with whom in the end.

But you can also just watch how they get along with each other at work and outside of it.

Working!! has been on for five years and has three seasons and a “alternative” version that could just as well be a spinoff.

This gives you a lot of time to get to know the people of Wagnaria.

38. Tsurezure Children

12 tsurezure children anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

The short series Tsurezure Children is similar to Honobono Log in that it shows many different pairs and different ways of showing love.

To be exact, this is a fun collection of songs about young love with 12 MCs.

Each character and couple’s draw can be hit or miss, just like the characters’ chances of falling in love with each other can be hit or miss.

That is, not every couple stays together or gets along as quickly as others.

Still, that’s why Tsurezure Children is good:

It shows in a short but good way how different the results can be for something so common as being young and in love.

37. Horimiya

06 horimiya anime screenshot 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Horimiya was without a doubt the best romantic comedy I saw in 2021.

During a historic Winter season, when big shows like Attack on Titan, Re:Zero, and Mushoku Tensei all fought for attention, it was a pleasure to support this simple show.

Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori had one of the best confession scenes in anime history, and the same goes for Remi Ayasaki and Sengoku Kakeru.

They are honest, quiet, and from the heart, and they show how it feels to be young and in love.

Many people who liked the original book or movie wanted more shows and seasons. But I think this was the best choice because it was both useful and creative.

I also like how it’s told through short stories.

CloverWorks did a great job with the 13-episode series, which was based on the famous 125-chapter manga and covered many of the most important events.

The character designs and background art were always well done, and the sound was just as good, from the theme songs to the voice acting.

This could have been terrible if it had been given to a newbie, but Masashi Ishihama is a great director, which is what you’d expect from the man who made Shinsekai yori.

I love how he mixed social themes and drama with slice-of-life and rom-com elements to give the Horimiya anime its own style while staying true to the manga.

36. Teasing Master Takagi-san

03 teasing master takagi san anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

It’s funny to see how a show can have the same plot for all three seasons (the third is currently running) and still be fun to watch over and over again.

As you might guess from the name, Teasing Master Takagi-san is about Nishikata, a boy who wants to finally outsmart his friend Takagi, a girl who knows every way to tease him.

Each show gives him a new chance to make her blush, but each time she comes up with a new plan and wins.

Nishikata isn’t wasting time, though.

Each loss never has no point.

Every new thing they do together, even if it’s just to try to trick each other, leads to sweet times that make their relationship stronger.

In real life, many couples start out as friends who fight with each other, right?

By the second season, you can even tell that their relationship is getting better.

Anyway, this show is dangerous.

I don’t know if you can avoid getting “rom-com anime diabetes” if you watch this and My Love Story!! Over the Moon for You by Tonikawa.

35. Ikkoku House

02 ikkoku house anime screenshot 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Since this came out seven years before the Oh! My Goddess OVA, this is the oldest thing on this list.

But why should you care about a 1986 romantic comedy with 96 episodes?

Isn’t it old-fashioned in terms of its animation and story?

Ikkoku House is a proven gem, for one thing.

Even if you’re not looking for a rom-com or a seinen series, you’re sure to love something about it. You won’t want to go to sleep, so you should join the neighbors during their rowdy drinking sessions.

Almost everyone in this story, even Kyoko’s dog Souichirou, adds something important to the plot, no matter how long or short their roles are.

And most of all, I love how adult this anime is.

I don’t mean that Ikkoku is too mature, because it’s not.

Even though the series is set in an older time, adults (or at least young adults) can easily relate to the romance, personal problems, life experiences, and even the everyday conversations.

Both Kyouko Otonashi and Yusaku Godai have their own demons to fight, and 96 episodes don’t feel like that long when they’re used to make a world with people who could have been real.

34. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

01 kaguya sama love is war anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Shingeki no Kyojin’s last season isn’t the source of the rumbling you hear from the depths of the anime world.

From Kaguya-sama: Love is War coming back soon to Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen, a holiday anime, there is a lot to look forward to.

When they got the rights to animate Aka Akasaka’s famous and very popular rom-com manga, they did a great job, just like they did with their two-season adaptation of Saekano.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen had great character animation, editing, dialogue (and internal monologuing), and a Chika Fujiwara dance scene that went popular right away.

This anime is a lot like Teasing Master Takagi-san because it’s about two people who want to outsmart each other.

The best students are Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane.

Not just at school, but all over the country.

Both of them like each other romantically, but neither wants to be the first to say it.

This means that there is always a war. A game of love that is cute, silly, and crazy most of the time at the same time. It challenges you emotionally, socially, and mentally.

Yui Ishigami, Ai Hayasaka (another best girl rival), and Miko Iino are also in the show, and Season 3 will definitely make Kaguya-sama my favorite rom-com anime of all time.

33. Waiting in The Summer (Ano Natsu de Matteru)


In this Romance Comedy Anime Series the October issue of Gakken’s Megami Magazine is announcing on Tuesday that Onegai Teacher/Onegai Twins story creator Yousuke Kuroda and Onegai franchise character designer Taraku Uon are collaborating on a new original anime called Ano Natsu de Matteru.

The anime will be an adolescent romantic comedy. The three main characters are the two girls Ichika Takatsuki and Remon Yamano, and the boy Kaito Kirishima.

32.  My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!)

Ore Monogatari

2015 was a great year for Madhouse.

In addition to One Punch Man, Death Parade, and Overlord, they also made Ore Monogatari!!

Takeo Gouda and Rinko Yamato don’t look like they would go together, but Takeo, who is big and muscular, is just the kind of guy Rinko would like.

Many couples can only dream of having the kind of love and respect that they have for each other.

And yes, Makoto Sunakawa is more beautiful in a typical way.

But she falls for his best friend, and you can’t fool your own heart.

My Love Story!! is just as sweet and good as Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You, but it stands out by having more funny moments.

Makoto and Takeo’s desire to learn how to kiss properly makes for a memorable skit, and I love how much Takeo looks like his mother.

31. Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride)

Ao Haru Ride

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Yoshioka Futaba used to be in love with a boy named Tanaka Kou in middle school.

However, after a misunderstanding, their relationship as friends ends when he transfers schools over summer vacation.

In high school, her world is turned around once more when she meets Kou again, this time under the name of Mabuchi Kou.

30. Actually, I am… (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Meet Kuromine Asahi, “the man who can’t lie.” On the way home, he learns an important secret.

His crush, Shiragami Youko, is actually a vampire! Can Asahi actually keep her secret? It’s a fun, clumsy, one-of-a kind vampire romantic comedy!

29. Rainbow Days (Nijiiro Days)

Nijiiro Days

The Romance Comedy Anime Series details the lives of four main characters named Natsuki, Tomoya, Keiichi, and Tsuyoshi.

They spend their days trying to have fun by finishing their studies and debating about romance.

Natsuki, one of the main characters, has a crush on a girl named Anna at school, while others often get involved in their relationship.

28.  Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii)

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

If My Senpai is Annoying and Working!! If this sounds like your thing, don’t forget about this 2018 office romance.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii shows a real, non-NEET nerd in an office romance (or two).

Yes, this gives fans of anime, manga, and other Japanese media who are now adults and have big responsibilities what they have wanted for a long time: a way to see themselves in the stories they love.

Hirotaka Nifuji can’t stop thinking about how to make the best video game character.

In the same way, his friend Narumi Momose, who later became his girlfriend, is also a fujoshi who loves manga.

Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura, two other people they work with, are also otaku in their own ways.

The thing I like best about Wotakoi is that it shows that the lives of adult otaku are not all that different from the lives of everyone else.

They go to the movies together, have drinks after work, and talk about their interests in a relaxed way, without worrying about being made fun of for their “childish” or “immature” interests.

Wotakoi is comforting in an odd way.

And part of that is because the characters have natural chemistry with each other, whether it’s sexual chemistry or just friendship chemistry.

27. My First Girlfriend is a Gal (Hajimete no Gal)

Hajimete no Gal

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is start in Spring. The “season of love” has arrived and it seems that finding himself a girlfriend was harder than Junichi believed.

To break the status quo, Junichi’s friends have forced him into confessing to the gal, Yame Yukana. However, things do not go quite as he expected.

A series of “firsts” begins!

26.  Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Net-juu no Susume)

Net-juu no Susume

This anime Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old single NEET woman. After dropping out from reality, she has taken off in search for a fulfilling life and ended up in a net game or “netoge.”

In the netoge world, she began her new life as a refreshing and handsome character named Hayashi.

While starting out as a beginner, a pretty character named Lily reached out to help her.

Meanwhile, in the real world, awaits a shocking encounter with a good-looking elite company employee, a mysterious blue-eyed blonde.

25.  Saekano How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend  (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

09 saekano how to raise a boring girlfriend anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata is always fun to talk about.

And it’s not just because I met my best girl ever, Eriri Spencer Sawamura, here.

So, here’s the deal:

Saekano is one of the anime shows that ends in a beautiful way.

And it does this with a great full-length movie (thanks, CloverWorks!) that puts the whole series in the top tier of rom-coms and harems.

So you don’t have to read the source material to find out who ends up with who.

Lastly, the art and animation in Saekano are always of a good standard. Plus, three of the most popular and best-selling female main characters in modern anime.

24.  Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

 Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

This romantic comedy has all the usual elements, like mistakes and a male lead who doesn’t know what’s going on… yet it’s hard not to enjoy every second of watching time.

Most of all because of how well it was made, how well it moved, and how well it mixed fluffy romance and fun.

Early on in the anime, Chiyo Sakura got over the shoujo hurdle of telling her crush, Umetarou Nozaki, that she liked him. But since he is stupid (and a well-known shoujo mangaka), she ends up working for him.

Then, because of this unplanned friendship, Chiyo meets a lot of interesting people at school.

From the tsundere Mikoto Mikoshiba, who seems too confident but is actually a tsundere, to the “female prince” Yuu Kashima, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is full of people who cause more mistakes that lead to funny situations.

23. Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches  (Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo)

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Ryuu Yamada is known as a delinquent in his high school; he has been bored of classes after one year of attending school.

One day, he accidentally falls from a flight of stairs onto Urara Shiraishi, the ace student of the school. Yamada wakes up to find that he has swapped bodies with her!

The two try to reverse the change and discover that kissing triggers the body swap.

On the suggestion of student council vice-president Toranosuke Miyamura, they revive the Supernatural Studies Club.

The club encounters other “witches” with different powers that are activated with a kiss!

22. The World God Only Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Keima Katsuragi is an avid galge gamer known at his school as “Otamega” (a derogatory term combining the words Otaku and Megane) and on the internet a “The Capturing God.”

One day he receives an e-mail offering him a contract to “capture” girls.

He accepts thinking it’s a challenge and a demon from Hell named Elsee appears.

She asks for his help in capturing runaway spirits that are hiding in “real” girls.

He refuses stating he only like the girls from the game and she tells him that if he refuses then both of their heads will be cut off.

21.  Masamune-kun’s Revenge (Masamune Kun No Revenge)

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Masamune Makabe once suffered greatly at the hands of a wealthy and beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki, who nicknamed him “Piggy” due to his chubby appearance.

Seeking revenge against his tormentor, Masamune works hard to improve himself and returns as an incredibly handsome, albeit narcissistic, high school student.

When he encounters Aki once again, he is prepared to exact vengeance. With the aid of the rich girl’s maid, Yoshino Koiwai, Masamune slowly begins to build his relationship with Aki, intending to break her heart when the time is right.

However, as his friendship with Aki begins to grow, Masamune starts to question the objectives of his devious plans, and if bringing them to fruition is what his heart truly desires.

20. Skip Beat

Skip Beat

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Kyoko followed her true love and childhood friend Sho to Tokyo so she could help him reach his dream of becoming an idol.

She cleans, cooks, works three jobs and does nothing for herself because she loves him so much, but gets nothing in return. Still, she remains by his side.

But then one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery, and overhears him talking about her; he reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn’t care for her at all.

Upon hearing this, Kyoko doesn’t just sit around and cry. She cuts and dyes her hair, changes her clothes and attitude and thus begins her journey to join showbiz and have her revenge against Sho.

19. Special A

Special A

This Rom Com Anime Series is When Hikari was little, she and her father liked to watch pro wrestling, and she became very good at it.

She was the pride of her family until one day she was introduced to Kei, the son of her father’s friend. He instantly defeated her in wrestling, and started what would become Hikari’s major ambition to one day beat him.

To do this she enrolled in Kei’s school, an ultra-elite school that costs her father a lot of money.

This unusual school created classes according to grades, and the top seven students become members of the Special A. They have their own building, and can optionally attend class.

Hikari is usually the only one who does so, since she desperately wants to beat Kei with test scores.

The members of the Special A have been close friends since their first year.

18. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

One of the best directors is Atsuko Ishizuka.

Even before she made hits like No Game No Life and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho for Madhouse, she was making a name for herself as a director with The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

This 24-episode version of JC Staff, which has a large cast, could have been a disaster.

Instead, it did all the right things:

Sakura-sou no Pet na Each MC had their moment to shine in Kanojo, and I’m not just talking about happy times.

I appreciate their times of frustration, self-realization, and heartbreak just as much as I praise their wins and amazing dynamics.

The main ship might be between Sorata Kanda and Mahiro Shiina, an artist who is smart but doesn’t talk much. She’s also cute.

Still, the bond between Misaki Kamiigusa and Jin Mitaka is interesting. It adds a whole new level to the series.

Plus, Nanami Aoyama is one of the anime figures that has inspired me the most.

17. One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends)

One Week Friends

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Kaori Fujimiya is always alone because all of her happy memories, including time spent with her friends, disappear every Monday.

Deciding that he wants to be friends with her anyway, Yuuki Hase tries to get close to Kaori each week, wishing that she would one day call him “a friend.”

16. Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid Sama)

Maid Sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! was a popular Rom Com shoujo novel from the 2000s.

So it wasn’t a wonder that people were talking about the 26-episode anime version when it came out in 2010.

But how does this shoujo start?

The two most important things to know are:

First, Misaki Ayuzawa is the head of her school’s student council, which has a lot more guys than girls.

Second, to help her poor family, she works in secret at a maid shop.

In other words, she has two lives: as a scary student leader, especially to boys, and as a cute waitress who dresses up in makeup.

One of the most famous guys at school, Takumi Usui, finds out her secret but doesn’t tell anyone else.

This gives him chances to tease and respect Misaki’s behavior outside of school, which leads him to start to like her in the end.

In the end, Maid Sama! didn’t meet all of the standards in a few ways, like having too many side characters and a slow pace.

But it’s still good in most other ways, like the funny parts and the way it ends. It’s worth going to see.

15.  School Rumble

School Rumble

When I think back on this show, the first thing that comes to mind is Karasuma in his famous kappa jacket, looking like he couldn’t care less.

I love School Rumble because of this strange but cute and funny memory.

This series, which came out in 2004, has seven interesting main characters. When it comes to marriage, Tenma Tsukamoto, Ouji Karasuma, Eri Sawachika, and Kenji Harima stand out.

Karasuma is shy and loves curry. He is also a famous manga artist, like Umetarou Nozaki from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. This makes Tenma fall in love with him.

Tenma is Kenji’s crush, but Eri is the one who likes him.

No matter which couple you like, you’ll have a great time watching what they do at school every day.

After all, “School Rumble” isn’t just a name for nothing.

14.  Please Teacher! (Onegai Teacher)

Please Teacher!

This Romance Comedy Anime Series is about Kusanagi Kei, a high-school student living with his aunt and uncle, has an encounter with a female alien.

This alien is revealed to be a new teacher at his school.

Later, he is forced to marry this alien to preserve her secrets. From there, various romantically-inclined problems crop up repeatedly.

13. Clannad


This Rom Com Anime Series is about Tomoya Okazaki is a third year high school student resentful of his life.

His mother passed away from a car accident when he was younger, causing his father to resort to alcohol and gambling.

This results in fights between the two until Tomoya’s shoulder is injured in a fight. Since then, Tomoya has had distant relationships with his father, causing him to become a delinquent over time.

While on a walk to school, he meets a strange girl named Nagisa Furukawa who is a year older, but is repeating due to illness.

Due to this, she is often alone as most of her friends have moved on. The two begin hanging out and slowly, as time goes by, Tomoya finds his life shifting in a new direction.

12. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (Kimi ni Todoke)

Kimi ni Todoke

The Seven Metamorphoses of Yamato Nadeshiko, which came out three years before Kimi ni Todoke, was a crazy comedy about a girl who is fascinated by scary things.

Production IG’s two-season romantic comedy also has a female main character (MC) who is hard to talk to because of how she looks.

In particular, Sawako Kuronuno looks like Sadako.

Yes, the scary Japanese movie star from The Ring.

But the truth is that she is a nice girl who is just shy.

This is why Sawako likes Shouta Kazehaya, a good-looking and very famous guy at school who has a lot of fans.

But the relationship isn’t one-sided. Shouta has always been interested in Sawako; he just hasn’t told her.

Both consciously and unconsciously, they help each other grow into better people.

Kimi ni Todoke is just a relaxing show that warms your heart and sometimes makes you laugh.

11. Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect

The Romance Comedy Anime Series story involves five high school students, Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui, who are all members of the Cultural Research Club.

One day, they begin experiencing a phenomenon in which they randomly swap bodies amongst themselves.

As these five friends face many different phenomena at the whims of a mysterious being known as Heartseed, their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

10. My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

20 my little monster anime screenshot 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

This Rom Com Anime Series is about Mizutani Shizuku is the type of person who only cares for her own grades.

But when she accidentally delivers lesson notes to Yoshida Haru, he becomes convinced they are friends.

Haru turns out to have a very innocent personality, but who would’ve thought that Haru would actually confess to Shizuku?

A cold-hearted girl and super-troublemaker romance with a fresh new perspective.

9. Haganai: I don’t have many friends (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

This Rom Com Anime Series is about Hasegawa Kodaka has transferred schools, and he’s having a hard time making friends. It doesn’t help that his blond hair tends to make people think he’s a delinquent.

One day, he runs into his bad-tempered solitary classmate Yozora while she’s talking animatedly to her imaginary friend Tomo.

Realizing that neither of them have any actual friends, they decide that the best way to alter this situation is to form a club and start recruiting.

That is how “Rinjinbu” was formed, a club specifically designed for people who don’t have very many friends.

As other lonely classmates slowly join their little club, they’ll try to learn how to build friendships through cooking together, playing games, and other group activities.

But will this group of relationship-challenged misfits really be able to get along?

8. Golden Time

Golden Time

This Rom Com Anime Series is about Tada Banri, a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself completely lost after the opening ceremony, trying to find his way to the freshman orientation.

At that moment, he ran into another lost freshman from the same school, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and they hit it off at once.

Somehow arriving at their intended goal just on time, there appeared in front of the two a beautiful girl holding a bouquet of roses.

The girl then whacked Mitsuo across the face with the bouquet and handed the flowers over to him. “Freshman, congratulations”, was all she said, and then left. 

The stylish, well dressed, perfect woman that had swung at Mitsuo was his childhood friend, Kaga Kouko. As children they had promised to marry each other one day, fulfilling their dreams.

In order to escape from her, Mitsuo had gone out secretly and taken the examination for this well known private college, but now she showed up in the freshman orientation hall.

She too had taken the law school entrance examination, catching up with him there.

7. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

This Rom-Com Anime Series is about Tohru Honda is 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, the handsome boy Sohma Yuki, and his cousins, 16 year old Kyo and 27 year old Shigure.

However, these young men and parts of the rest of their family (both close and distant) hold a curse; if they are hugged by the opposite gender, they transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Everyday is an adventure for sweet Tohru, as she gets to know everyone in the large family better (especially Yuki and Kyo), in both common and bizarre situations.

But, the Sohma Family curse is certainly no laughing matter… it also holds horrible cruelity and heartbreak.

6. Nisekoi


Some of the most famous anime girls are in Nisekoi, which is why there were big fights about who should end up with Raku Ichijou.

The Kosaki Onodera fan group was very strong, and the fact that her voice actress was the legendary Kana Hanazawa was a nice bonus.

On the other hand, the Chitoge Kirisaki club fought hard to protect their favorite “gorilla” (Raku called her this as a joke).

Shaft did right by all of the girls because he didn’t take sides.

Nisekoi looks beautiful, too, from the images of its characters and backgrounds to the way it is edited and how its characters act.

Even if your favorite girl loses, you won’t be sorry you saw one of the most stylish and colorful romantic comedies ever made.

5. Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou Host Club)

17 ouran high school host club anime 45 Best Rom Com Anime You Need to Watch

Haruhi is a poor, tomboyish student at a school for the very rich. She can only go there because she has a grant, and she can’t even afford to buy a uniform.

One day, she finds the very strange but very famous Ouran Host Club by accident. She tries to leave, but breaks a vase by accident. Since she can’t pay for it, she is told she has to stay and do odd jobs.

That is, until they decide that she would be better off in the club. They fix her up and give her a male outfit because she looks like a guy and they don’t know she’s a girl.

She becomes popular right away, so they decide to keep her acting even after they find out the truth.

Haruhi is almost too normal for her own good, so she doesn’t know what to make of the strange things the Host Club does or its even stranger members. However, she has no choice but to go along with them.

Soon, real ties are made, friends are made, and Haruhi is accepted in a way she never could have been at this rich school before.

4. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex has been around for more than 15 years, but it is still one of the best examples of shoujo anime.

It’s not a new plot twist that two people fall in love with each other after their crushes end up with each other, but it works well here.

Also, the anime shows how hard it is to be too short or too tall, which is a problem that many people face in real life.

Even now, people make fun of short guys and tall girls.

Lovely Complex shows how Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani deal with this problem in their daily lives.

Yes, it’s okay to like one person more than another. But there’s nothing wrong with giving people a chance even if they don’t meet your first set of standards.

3. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

This Rom Com Anime Series is about Yuuta Togashi suffered from chuunibyou while he was in middle school.

When he graduated, he put that dark history behind him and forgot about it… or he was supposed to.

High school was smooth sailing and full of enjoyment – until the unavoidable, sad event occurs.

The event that locks Yuuta into a contract with Rikka Takanashi and disrupts his desperately ordinary life. Adapted from the back of the first novel.

2. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu)


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru also switched animation studios, but its amazing story didn’t change.

The first season set a high bar, but each season after that raised the stakes and it worked.

I’m not exactly a big fan of Hachiman Hikigaya or his snarky comments.

But I can understand where he’s coming from at first because the anime carefully explains what viewers need to know: his core beliefs, important past experiences, demeanor, and general sense of self in relation to other people in his immediate circle.

In other words, the way Hachiman is shown and written in Oregairu makes him seem like a complicated and flawed person. The same is true for Yui Yuigahama and Yukino Yukinoshita.

I think that the fact that they seem like normal people gives their personal growth and nonstop banter more weight.

 1. Toradora

Toradora romance comedy anime series

It would be illegal for Toradora! didn’t make it to the top five at least.

One of the best anime couples is Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu.

This romantic comedy was made by JC Staff in 2008, and the actors don’t stay in their usual roles.

Even though Taiga is a tsundere, she is better than 99% of them because the show spends time on her family background and other events that have a big impact on how she acts and thinks.

Other figures also seem real because they are neither completely good nor completely bad.

Toradora! is one of the best things to come out of the 2000s.

Come for the sassy tsundere loli and stay for the beautiful character and plot growth, as well as the pranks and A-level OST.

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