11 Best Street Fighting Anime

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Love Street Fight Shows?

Wait no more as we welcome you to the ultimate showdown, where the streets serve as the battlegrounds and fists fly faster than you can say “anime!”

Street fighting anime isn’t just about the raw intensity of combat; it’s about the characters’ guts, determination, and the adrenaline rush with every punch thrown.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the 11 best street fighting anime that’ll leave you cheering for more!

Here are the 11 Best Street Fighting Anime:

11. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo street fight 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Prepare to be blown away by the underdog story of Makunouchi Ippo, a timid high school student who discovers his passion for boxing.

From his humble beginnings at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym to his rise through the ranks, “Hajime no Ippo” delivers knockout punches and heartfelt moments in equal measure.

10. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Join Kenichi Shirahama, a weakling-turned-martial-artist, on his journey to become stronger and protect those he cares about.

With the help of his eclectic group of mentors, Kenichi faces off against formidable opponents in epic street fights that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

9. Baki the Grappler

baki 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Get ready for bone-crushing action as Baki Hanma, the son of the world’s strongest fighter, takes on challengers from around the globe.

With its intense martial arts battles and larger-than-life characters, “Baki the Grappler” is a must-watch for fans of street fighting anime.

8. Megalo Box

Megalo Box 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Step into the gritty world of underground boxing, where fighters enhance their skills with mechanical exoskeletons known as Gear.

Junk Dog, a down-and-out fighter with dreams of glory, takes on the ultimate challenge in the ring in this stylish and adrenaline-fueled series.

7. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

While not exclusively focused on street fighting, “Yu Yu Hakusho” features some of the most memorable battle scenes in anime history.

Follow Yusuke Urameshi as he navigates the spirit world, taking on supernatural foes and proving that sometimes the best fights happen outside the ring.

6. Street Fighter II V

Street Fighter II V 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Based on the iconic video game franchise, “Street Fighter II V” brings the classic battles of Ryu, Ken, and other beloved characters to life in animated form.

With its fast-paced action and iconic special moves, this series is sure to satisfy fans of the fighting game genre.

5. Tokyo Revengers

tokyo revengers gang 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Time travel meets street fighting in this gripping series about Takemichi Hanagaki, who discovers he can travel back in time to change the course of history.

As he navigates the dangerous world of street gangs, Takemichi must confront his past and protect the ones he loves.

4. Angel Beats

Angel Beats 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

While not a traditional street fighting anime, “Angel Beats” features intense battles between students in a supernatural afterlife.

With its unique premise and emotional depth, this series offers a fresh take on the genre that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

3. Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School 1 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Mixing absurd humor with over-the-top action, “Cromartie High School” follows a group of delinquent students as they navigate the challenges of high school life.

With its hilarious antics and unexpected twists, this series is a must-watch for fans of street fighting anime with a comedic twist.

2. Air Gear

Kogarasumaru29 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

Strap on your rollerblades and get ready for high-flying action in “Air Gear,” where street gangs settle their differences through intense rollerblade battles.

With its unique premise and adrenaline-pumping stunts, this series offers a fresh take on the street fighting genre.

1. Basilisk

Basilisk 11 Best Street Fighting Anime

In the guise of Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, yet another martial arts anime with a “ninja scrolls” concept has been released. An adaptation of a manga that was published in 2003 and that was also adapted from a novel that was published in 1958, Basilisk was released in 2005.

The events of the novel take place in the year 1614, when the ninja clans of Kouga and Iga engage in a battle against one another in order to decide which grandson of Ieyasu Tokugawa is eligible to succeed him as shogun.

Final Thoughts

And that is all there is to it, folks! Listed here are eleven street combat anime that will have you applauding, laughing, and on the edge of your seat simultaneously.

Therefore, grab some popcorn, get yourself comfy, and get ready for the most exhilarating rush of your life!

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