20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Magic School Anime is one of the high school anime categories that is a very popular anime genre.

Students can also attend prestigious magic schools in anime to sharpen their skills and put them to use.

This list does not represent a rank these are in random order.

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Here is a list of 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time:

27. Mob Psycho 100

02 mob psycho 100 anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Young Mob is a very strong psychic who lives in a world with all kinds of spirits and magical powers.

But Mob wants to do something that has nothing to do with his powers.

He wants to get stronger so he can get the attention of the girl he likes. He is a good-hearted boy who has been given great powers and must learn how to use them well.

Even though only a small number of people have these powers, they have a lot in common with more traditional magic school anime.

Also, the story is great, and some of the characters are the best I’ve ever seen in this type of book.

If you like action anime and cool psychic powers, you should check it out.

26. Jujutsu Kaisen

03 jujutsu kaisen anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Jujutsu Kaisen is a great action show that starts with the main character just being interested in the paranormal on a casual level. Then things start to get out of hand quickly.

He not only gets new powers, but he also meets a lot of people called “Sorcerers” who have powers that are not too different from his own.

Once the action starts, this show is a real show.

This anime’s powers are a lot of fun to watch, and Panda is in it, which makes it even better.

I like the Panda.

25. My Hero Academia

04 my hero academia anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Since superpowers are pretty much magic, I have no problem putting this on the list.

The show My Hero Academia doesn’t need much of an introduction.

In a world where almost everyone has a superpower called a “quirk,” there are now high schools that help train their students to improve their powers and become superheroes.

Midoriya is one of the unlucky people who didn’t have a quirk from birth. But soon, he gets one from his new teacher, All-Might.

And Midoriya wants to become the best hero with his help and the help of the school.

If you haven’t seen this before, you have to try it.

24. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

06 cute high earth defense club love anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Magical girls are well-known.

They have become so common in anime that they have their subgenre within the medium.

But have you ever thought about… boys who can do magic?

We’ll call this show Love to keep things simple.

But Love is a very fun and strange anime ride. It’s about a group of boys who are chosen to join the Earth Defense Club.

Who is in charge? A kangaroo.

The truth is that this show is just a good time. And the animation is really good.

The boys are very cute as well.

If you’re interested in any of those things, it’s a short and fun show to watch.

23. Demon King Daimao

07 demon king daimao anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

This show brings back a lot of memories for me.

But I also think it has a lot of really cool ideas for its magical world. Compared to other “magical” anime, it is different.

The fact that our main character, Akuto, is the Demon King, is one of the most interesting things about the story.

He spends a lot of the story trying to figure out what this power means and how it affects him and the people around him.

And even though there are a lot of ecchi moments, it’s really interesting to watch Akuto fight against becoming the evil entity that everyone fears.

22. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

08 the legend of the legendary heroes anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Even though most of this show doesn’t take place in a magic school, Ryner is still a student of magic.

So, compared to some of the other entries on the list, it’s a bit of a cheat, but it’s still a great anime.

Most of the time he is shown in the academy when he is with his best friend Sion, who later became the king of Roland.

Early on in the show, he is sent on a quest to find a set of relics that will help Sion’s dream of world peace come true.

There are also a lot of twists and turns that will keep you interested.

21. Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

13 magic kyun renaissance anime 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is not like any of the other things on this list.

Most people who go to magic schools learn how to fight in some way, but in Renaissance, they just learn how to make art.

Since art is like magic and can make all kinds of miracles happen, you can be sure that the pictures here are very pretty.

And instead of the usual male harem anime, this one is about girls!

I think this is a cute show that is at least interesting and different from other shows.

20. Magical Warfare

Magical Warfare 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Magic users can co-exist in the world of Magical Warfare with ordinary people without their knowledge.

One example of a normal person is Takeshi Nanase, who saves a girl and turns him into a magician.

Takeshi enters the magical world and discovers the secrets.

He is enrolled along with Kazumi Ida and Kurumi Isoshima, two new magicians at Subaru Magic Academy.

It’s a fresh start to a new life.

19. Sky Wizards Academy

sky wizards academy lecty eisenach misora whitale rico flamel wallpaper preview 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

In this post-apocalyptic world where humanity got destroyed by giant armored insects forcing them to live in floating cities, watch as wizards from famous wizard academies take on these monsters and try to keep humanity alive.

This story’s protagonist is Kanata Age

He must rebuild his reputation after being called a traitor.

He took control of the E601 team, which consisted of 3 girls: Misora Whitale, Lecty Eisenach, and Rico Flamel.

The task is easier said than done as they lead him to trouble one after the other.

18. Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

This anime is about Blazers, who can create weapons with their souls.

Koryo Academy High School is specialized in the training of these Blazers.

They are required to team up with another Blazer to unlock their full potential.

This story’s protagonist Tooru Kokonoe is all set to take revenge on his sister enrolled in the academy.

He is paired with Julie Sigtuna, a foreign student, and begins their journey to becoming the Absolute Duo.

17. Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Blade Dance of the Elementalers 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

This anime’s Magic School is a reishi Spirit Academy!

Students are taught how to become elementalists and can then contract a spirit to increase their power.

This story’s main character is Kamito Kazehaya.

On his first day at school, he accidentally injures a powerful spirit.

Claire Rogue, who was supposed to have contracted the spirit originally, is furious.

To add to his troubles Kamito needs to face off with the strongest Elementalist who is contracted with a dark spirit in the Blade Dance.

16. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario Vampire 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

The school is a normal one from the outside, but the training of monsters inside is the specialty.

They teach the monsters how to live peacefully with humans, without creating any trouble at the Youkai Academy.

A sudden twist of events led Tsukune Aono, a normal person who comes close to Moka Akashiya, and his life forever changed when he discovers that she is a terrifying Vampire.

15. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

The unique anime is about a condition called Samon Syndrome, which allows people to travel into fantasy worlds.

Even more amazing is the fact people can retain the skills they acquired in the fantasy world, even if it’s not the real world.

Akatsuki Ousawa, one such person was the Samon Syndrome.

He decided to leave his fantasy world in peace and return to Earth with Miu, the daughter of the Demon King.

They attempt to penetrate Babel together and uncover the true purpose of the organization.

14. The Asterisk War

The Asterisk War Poster 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Invertia was a bizarre event that saw the world change completely.

The nations lost their power and the world changed forever.

Some people were also born with extraordinary physical abilities, and they were called Genestella.

Ayato Amagiri, one such Genestella attended Seidoukan Academy like any other person with his talent.

His deepest motive was to find his sister and uncover a sinister plot.

13. Freezing

Freezing 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

This anime is about the threat to humanity from Novas, an alien species that inflicts havoc wherever they appear.

This story’s main character is Kazuya Aoi, who enrolls himself at West Genetics Military Academy.

He partners up with a powerful Pandora and starts their training to clash with the Novas shortly.

12. Mahou Sensei Negima!

Negima Header 002 20180118 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

This series features a wizard aged 10 years old, known as Negi Who wants to be a Great Wizard in the future.

To achieve his goal, he must complete one last task: he must be the teacher at an all-female school.

So, he embarks on his new journey with a student named Asuna.

They will work together to accomplish various tasks, from helping their class pass exams to fighting wizards.

11. Knight’s and Magic

Knights and Magic 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

We see this magical school of anime Tsubasa Kurata.

After being killed in a car accident, he is born into a medieval realm.

He is reborn with extraordinary magical abilities and joins the medieval world Royal Laihaila Academy to train and become a Silhouette Knight.

He teams up with his twins at school and begins his epic journey into a new world.

10. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine Doll 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

It’s the 20th century, Raishin Akabane, a student puppeteer in Japan has arrived at the Walpurgis regal academy of machine arts, England to study Machinery, a combination of magic and technology that has military applications.

His Automation is a living machine doll that is powered by magical circuits and specialized in hand-to-hand combat.

He is accompanied here by a girl called Yaya.

The academy hosts a combat tournament for the Top 100 students and their automata to determine who will be awarded the title of Wiseman, the greatest puppeteer.

9. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven Season 2 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

“Awaken Now, Kasuga Arata”. Arata’s carefree, uneventful life is over with those words.

The sun is covered in a black shadow and Arata’s entire village is reduced to rubble.

All the residents are swept away by the blackness of sunlight in what is called a “Breakdown Phenomenon”.

As his memories flood back, Arata realizes that he has been living an illusion made by a powerful book full of spells.

Lilith Asami is a mage sent to investigate the phenomenon.

She gives Arata two options: Give the Book over or Die.

Arata decides to enroll in the Top Secret magical school Royal Biblia Academy.

8. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Sistina goes to a magical academy to learn the magic arts and to help solve the mystery surrounding the mysterious sky castle.

Glen, her replacement teacher after the death of her beloved teacher, proves to be a lazy, incompetent, and tardy bastard of an educator.

How come Glen was chosen by the greatest magician at the academy?

7. The Familiar of Zero

zero familiar 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valerie is an independent mage living in a world full of wands and cloaks.

Tristain Academy is a school for magicians.

However, Louise has a problem.

She cannot cast magic correctly, which earned her the nickname “Louise The Zero” by her classmates.

Louise summons a boy named Saito Hiraga when she is required to perform a summoning ceremony for first-year students.

Louise’s familiar now summons Saito Hiraga, who is forced to clean her clothes, and eat from the ground.

However, when a strange brand is discovered etched on Saito’s hand from the summoning ritual it is believed to be the mark of a powerful familiar named Gandalf.

6. The Irregular at Magic High School

anime the irregular at magic high school wallpaper preview 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Magic is now a systematized technology that can be taught as a technical skill in the 21st century.

First high school, the institution for magicians.

Students are divided into two groups according to their entrance exam scores.

“Blooms” students are those who score high on the entrance exams, while “Weeds”, reserve students, are assigned to the second course.

Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Schiba are both enrolled at the first high school.

Tatsuya is placed in the first course by the prodigious Miyuki after passing the exam.

Although he is a magician, he has extraordinary technical skills, combat abilities, and unique magic techniques.

This makes Tatsuya an irregular at a magical high school.

5. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Chivalry of a Failed Knight 1 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Blazers can manipulate their souls and create weapons in this popular anime from the magic school of anime.

Ikki Kurogane, an F-Rated Blazer is available to Hagun AcademyTo to train to become a Mage Knight.

But, things get complicated when he starts to see Stella Vermillion, she challenges him to a duel naked.

This proves to be difficult for Ikki, as she is an A-Rated Blazer.

It also marks the start of Ikki’s magical journey.

4. Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Onmyoudou magic was once an effective technique that the Japanese used during the second world conflict to gain control and make their nation a strong force.

Japan was defeated quickly after the “Great Spiritual Disaster” caused by the vened onmouji Yamaki tsuchimikado, an event that continues to plague Tokyo.

To exorcise more spiritual disasters, the onmyou agency emerged.

Tsuchimikado Hrutora was born to a distinguished onmyoji family but cannot see “Spirit Energy”.

He lives a happy, peaceful life with his friends from an onmyo branch school.

Tsuchimikado Nasume, his childhood friend, appears one day.

He is the heir to the head family. Is this the beginning of his destiny?

3. Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts

baka and test summon the beasts 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

To get advanced placement in a school of higher grades, you must take a promotion test with strict rules for passing.

The overall quality of your stay depends on your lodgings, which range from the top of the line to embarrassingly cheap.

Classes can be changed via the ESB, a competition in which students are summoned based on exam scores.

Students bring their characters to life by entering their test marks into the system and then competing with their classmates.

2. Little Witch Academia

2 Little Witch Academia 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

Akko Kagari, a normal girl, joins Luna Nova Academy, a prestigious witch academy for girls.

She attended a magic festa as a child, a magic show hosted and performed by a shiny chariot.

Akko was so enthralled by the performance of the shiny chariot that she hoped to one day be like her.

Akko, a young impressionable girl, takes the words of the shiny chariot as her motto: “Never forget a believing heart in your Magic.”

Akko is part of a class and goes into a labyrinth beneath the tower of luna nu.

One of her classmates unleashed an ancient seal dragon.

1. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

magi the labyrinth of mag 912 1680 20+ Best Magic School Anime of All Time

This anime is highly rated and features many labyrinths that are hidden all over the globe, full of riches and treasures.

These labyrinths are believed to have been created by magi who direct a few select people to these dungeons.

Aladdin, a young magician, along with his mentor decides to explore these dungeons.

He didn’t know that this would be such a pivotal moment in his life and that the fate of the entire world would depend on his actions.

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