Does Light Die in Death Note?

Are you among those who are unable to decide if Light is the main character or the antagonist in the show Death Note

For those who aren’t aware of light, stay with this article until the conclusion, and I’ll show you everything you must be aware of about this subject. 

Will light die in Death Note? What is the reason he will die? And who will be the one to kill him? All of this has been discussed within this piece. 

Let’s start with the introduction to the series as well as the principal character. 

Death Note is a Manga Death Note series Death Note is one of the most popular manga series in the psychological, mystery, and supernatural genres.

It is a Japanese manga collection Death Note is drafted by Tsugumi Ohba. It was drawn by Takeshi Obata. The novel was published by Shueisha on August 1, 2006, titled”Death Note Other Note the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. 

Following the huge success of these two works an animated series was also launched on the 3rd of October, 2006 and ended on June 26th, 2007. 

The series is now over but its popularity is growing. In addition, a lot of questions are popping up.

One of which being: Will Light Yagami ever die during Death Note? Let’s find out if Light Yagami makes it to the finale or not.

About Light Yagami

light deathnote Does Light Die in Death Note?

Light Yagami is also known as “Kira” was the main character in the story Death Note. In the course of a day Yagami receives a mysterious, black notebook that’s known by the name of “Death Note”. 

The notebook can be used for killing anyone so long as the person who owns the book is aware of the name and face of the person he wants to murder. 

The person is immediately killed after they have written their name into the notebook.

At first, Yagami doubted the book’s capability and attempted to kill prominent criminals from Japan Then, he focused on international criminals. 

In consequence of his actions, he was targeted by Ryuk Shinigami, who was the previous owner of the books. 

When Yagami began to kill a lot of criminals, his actions draw people’s attention. Later, they named his name “Kira”.

While Yagami was just looking to kill criminals across the globe, he accidentally became a criminal. 

However, it was difficult to capture Yagami since his identity had not yet been known. A brilliant investigator known as L was commissioned to locate Yagami. 

Did Light be able to conceal his identity? Who will learn about the name of Light? Let’s see what happens.

Does Light Die in Death Note?

evil light Does Light Die in Death Note?

Light was killing the criminals with a maniacal zeal while boasting about doing good actions. 

Light has knowingly collected points that he has used to cover up his crimes. 

Therefore, it is obvious that in the future, Light will face the consequences of being a criminal who was not intentional. 

This is a fact that has been established by the law of nature that humans are not given the right to commit murder by judging them based on their actions. 

This brings us returning to the original question, can the light Yagami die in Death Note?

When the episode was 37 in Death Note, a series of events transpired which revealed Light’s true identity as Kira.

In the episode, Light was aware the world will eventually be aware of his identity and he must face the consequences. 

He decided to record all names in the room, but not his. Near realizes that there is something wrong, and realizes that it is Light who was referred to as “Kira”. 

After all the efforts Light attempts to clean the name of his accomplices, he finally admitted it, after he realized that The Death Note, he has is a fake, Near has the original one.

To give him one final chance at redemption, Light took out a paper from a note of death that was in his watch.

He then attempts to write the name of Near on the paper. 

To stop this, the Matsuda shot Light. But, Light was not giving up. This time, Light tries to write Near’s name onto the page with his blood

This got Matsuda extremely angry and he fired Light numerous times. In the same moment, Light was not giving up.

Mikami chooses a pen and cuts Light’s wrist by using it. However, this didn’t stop Light from getting off. 

Then Light was dying slowly and exhausted from all the shootings. Ryuk who was watching the entire scene from a distant tower wrote Light’s name on the death note and, within the span of 40 Seconds, Light died of heart attacks. This is the end of the storyline.

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