What is Himedere? Everything You Need to Know


Long ago, the four ‘dere’ types lived together in peace and harmony… Until the ‘Himedere’ decided to attack.

Himedere Characters 1 What is Himedere? Everything You Need to Know

Everyone, by now, thanks to the lockdown, knows the ‘dere types’. They’re ways that a character shows affection towards their love interest. They’re formed by a simple equation.

‘Dere’ type = ‘How the character towards others’ + ‘dere’

Updated on May 22, 2024, by Govind: Many dere types are represented by numerous characters in anime. However, avid fans of the genre are always on the lookout for the top-tier, widely beloved, and exceptionally well-developed examples of these deres.

These characters bring a fresh layer of complexity to what would otherwise be straightforward archetypes.

What is Himedere?

A new type of ‘dere’ has slowly been on the rise in the shadows unbeknownst to anyone. Creeping up in its popularity is the new character archetype, ‘Himedere’.


‘Hime’ is the Japanese word for ‘Princess’.

These characters, whether they are actually royalty or not, do enjoy a status like royalty and are characterized by stereotypical princess characteristics like looking down upon people, having an obvious superiority complex, being vain, and often mistreating the characters around them unfairly, taking them for granted.

Conversely, they also want to be treated like Princesses by all of the characters around them including their love interest to further their illusion that they are fine the way they are.

These characters seem shallow and completely self-centered on the outside, but these feelings stem directly from underlying insecurities and fear that have been instilled in them due to some kind of traumatic event or maybe manipulated into them by an antagonist.

These characters often have backstories that encourage their narcissism by enriching and rewarding their achievements while simultaneously making them feel like their feelings of inadequacy are invalid as they have all of these achievements.

Their tragic backstories give a glimpse into how they went from being just a normal child born into royalty or a very rich and fulfilling family to the empty shell that they have become.

The protagonist, often their love interest, helps them get rid of this illusion that they have lived with and help them look around to find what they actually want.

The protagonist, most if not all the time, does not adhere to this status that they have built for themselves and show the Himedere that they are just like everyone else and that if only they just let people help them and love them, they would be in a much better place.

Most Obvious Himedere Character Traits

Anime fans should also look out for Himedere figures like Erina Nakiri from Food Wars and Beatrice from Re: Zero.

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In the world of anime, there are a lot of colorful and unique characters, and fans often use labels and groups to keep track of types and themes that keep coming up.

The “himbo,” a cute idiot, or a big-sister figure like Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket are two examples. Also, classic -dere traits are often more common in women than in men.

Tsundere, Kuudere, and Dandere are well-known characters, but anime fans who know their stuff may also recognize the Himedere. “Hime” is the Japanese word for “princess,” so Himedere is a character who looks like a princess.

Even though these characters love each other, they are also attracted to how strong and noble they are as would-be queens. In an anime, a Himedere character can be recognized by a few key traits.

The Himedere Has A Terrible Past Of Abuse, Betrayal, Or Neglect

Her sad past often includes betrayal, rejection, neglect, or even abuse—anything that made her feel unloved or powerless. This is why she acts like an all-powerful princess. A lot of the people in Himedere have dark pasts.

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People respond in different ways, both in real life and in stories, and some decide to act like kings and queens to get out of this hopeless situation and be powerful for a change.

Erina Nakiri from Food Wars, for example, saw her mother, Mana, leave the house and then lived for years under the strict rule of her father. Why she became a Himedere and a tsundere makes sense.

Himedere Characters Are Actual Or Wannabe Royalty

A himedere wants to be treated like a king or queen. The thing that sets her apart the most is that she is treated like queen, whether she is or not. In anime, there are a lot of kind and humble queens, but none like Himedere.

These girls tend to make everything about them because they want to be on a throne and have everyone worship and respect them.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry wallpaper What is Himedere? Everything You Need to Know

Himedere characters aren’t always mean or rude, but if someone doesn’t act like a princess, they can get very angry very quickly. This can really test the patience of those around them.

As an example, Aoyama Mio from The World God Only Knows is not a member of the royal family. Instead, she is the daughter of a famous businessman who died recently.

Aoyama thought everyone around her were fools and commoners who didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her. She wanted to use the money her father had left over to live a luxurious life.

Many Characters in Anime are Himedere.

Nakiri Erina from Food Wars, Kiryuuin Satsuki from Kill La Kill, and so on.

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These characters seem very concerned with their own status at any point in time but have that one person, Hisako for Erina and Soroi for Satsuki, who has succeeded in breaking past this barrier that they extend towards other people and are actually able to see the soft side of these characters.

These characters are often aesthetically portrayed as characters that stand above others in some way. They are often portrayed as standing above others and radiant as they enter a place.

Nobody is a stranger to their cold and cruel behavior but yet don’t say anything as they are too captivated by their charisma. Erina is looked up to by everyone and has her own status as the Elite 10 of the Academy.

Kiryuuin Satsuki quite literally stands on the topmost place in her school looking down on all the people who fight to survive in a world that she has created

Himedere Characters Are Weak Behind Their Masks

People in Himedere could be more sure of themselves. In fact, people often have long-lasting fears that hold them back and are still there today.

Most of the time, these fears come from bad experiences in youth. So, the Himedere’s haughty princess character is often (but not always) a total lie that borders on self-deception.

They put a lot of effort into keeping up this front, sometimes going too far, so that no one can see signs of their secret weaknesses or doubts.

Reikado Ayame from NouCome is a good example. She is a full Himedere who uses silicone implants and worries in private about her breasts.

Like Aoyama Mio, who knows that her family’s money is almost all gone, she tries to fool everyone by hiding behind her Himedere image and showing off as much wealth as she can.

Himedere Characters Put So Much Work into Their Looks

A Himedere will do everything she can to stand out and look her best. She sometimes wears her school outfit, but sometimes she wears something different.

Himedere 1 What is Himedere? Everything You Need to Know

If she had the chance, she would wear expensive, flashy clothes that the “commoners” around her could never afford. She might do her hair and add clips or bows to make herself look nice.

Reikado Ayame always looks her best in her pretty clothes and perfectly styled hair, while Beatrice, the librarian in Re: Zero, does the same thing by showing off her fancy clothes and hairstyles.

Erina from Food Wars has sometimes been seen dressed as a real queen sitting on a chair.

Himedere mbti

Himedere’s personality type is ESTJ, which is one of the more “programmed” personality types. Some people might find it annoying that they often seem to have a very “bulldog” attitude about life.

ESTJs make good leaders because they are very loyal and dependable.

ESTJs aren’t afraid to take on difficult tasks because they have a strong sense of self-confidence. They are usually pretty smart and good at making choices based on facts.

ESTJs work hard and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They often know how to handle their time well and are well-organized.

People with the ESTJ personality type are often very competitive and want to do well. They are also pretty honest, which can sometimes upset other people.

Most of the time, ESTJs are able to make choices and stick to them. But they tend to lose their temper quickly, which can sometimes get them into trouble.

Because ESTJs are so focused on one thing, they can sometimes be stiff, inflexible, and closed-minded. They often have high expectations of others and don’t listen well.

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