Zuko’s Life-changing Field Trip: Who Did Zuko Marry?

The character with one of the best redemption arcs in history is here. Zuko demonstrated incredible growth and progression throughout the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender Series.

He recognized that his need to capture the Avatar, his need to restore his honor, his need to prove himself to his father and his need to return home were all just selfish demands of his father.

He realized that his need to be approved and taken back by his father was never the solution. He understood and held his father responsible for all of his actions.

Zuko did receive the benefits of his journey in the end. Not only ruling his nation a a very capable Firelord and having a good, restored relationship with the Avatar and his beloved uncle Iroh but also finding his new destiny to bring balance to the world.

This begs the question, Who did Zuko marry?

Firelord Zuko was quite popular with the girls in the series being involved in ships like Maiko (Zuko and Mai), Zutara (Zuko and Katara), Jinko (Zuko and Jin) and Toko (Toph and Zuko).

The animated series ended with Mai threatening Zuko never to break up with her again, but the reality is not-so rose coloured for him. So, let’s break this down ship by ship.

1. Zuko and Katara

Zuko and Katara

Didn’t happen since Katara canonically married Aang.

2. Zuko and Toph

Zuko and Toph

Toph had two daughters, Lin and Suyin who seemingly have different fathers. Lin’s father is known as Kanto as Toph mentions in The Legend of Korra series and Suyin’s father is still unknown.

There are many credible fan theories about how Suyin’s father is, highly likely, Sokka.

3. Zuko and Jin

Zuko and Jin

Jin is an Earth Kingdom citizen who asked Zuko for a date and probably is one of the healthiest relationships Zuko is involved in. Jin is shown to have met Zuko again in the Avatar comic “Going Home Again”.

The chance that this relationship would rekindle is actually pretty high since Zuko would often visit his uncle’s prison cell is Ba Sing Se.

Zuko’s daughter, Firelord Izumi (in The Legend of Korra) shows a lot of characteristics of an earthbender.

Her calm and composed personality along with the patience to listen to everyone before giving her own decision o opinion makes it highly like tht she gets it from her mother, an earthbender or someone who has some association to the earth kingdom.

Firelord Izumi open refuses unnecessarily aggressive behavior and unprovoked attacks on other nations, which goes along with the classic earth bending principles of waiting and listening.

She doesn’t tolerate humor during military discussions and exudes a firm disposition which she likely gets from her father.

4. Zuko and Mai

Zuko and Mai

Mai and Zuko have always had an on-and-off relationship throughout the series. Mai has often gone out of her way to support Zuko and has always has a crush on him since childhood.

Zuko seems to only share and reciprocate these feelings towards her. They have quite the subliminal message indicating them getting laid in the episode “Nightmares and Daydreams”.

However, their relationship is often characterized by conflict. They do have problems in communication, which makes them often break up and get back together.

Mai often chooses to focus on everything that Zuko does wrong and Zuko focuses on how Mai is never interested in anything. Mai also starts dating a man named Kei Lo in the comics who she breaks up with as well.

Although Mai is the closest of what we can have as a “potential marriage partner” for Zuko , their relationship would definitely would not be a stable one or last long until they learn to talk to each other.

So, currently based on Avatar: The Last Airbender the animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender comics and The Legend of Korra the nimated series, it is safe to assume that Firelord Zuko either married Jin or Mai.

I hope he soon gives Toph the life changing field trip she has been waiting for.

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