Did Flame Hashira Rengoku Die in the Mugen Train Movie?

As a fan of Kimetsu No Yaiba, it’s no secret that the series doesn’t shy away from killing off characters.

And this time, it’s the turn of the beloved Flame Hashira Rengoku to meet his untimely demise. While the manga may have come to an end, the anime is still ongoing, adapting the remaining portions of the story.

News of a movie based on the Mugen Train arc has garnered excitement from fans of both the anime and manga. But for many, this excitement is tinged with sadness, as they know that Rengoku’s fate is sealed.

Spoilers have circulated widely, leaving no doubt in the minds of fans that Rengoku will meet his end on the Mugen Train.

For those who have only watched the anime, the movie will provide a glimpse into the heartache that lies ahead. And for manga readers, it will be a chance to finally share their sadness with others and take pride in their knowledge of the series.

Rengoku, with his strong personality and distinctive yellow and orange hair, won the hearts of fans quickly and his loss will be deeply felt. The Mugen Train serves as a death trap for Rengoku, leaving fans to mourn the loss of a beloved character.

Does the Flame Hashira Rengoku Die?

Does the Flame Hashira Rengoku Die in the Mugen train movie 2 Did Flame Hashira Rengoku Die in the Mugen Train Movie?

Rengoku, a Flame Hashira, was killed by Akaza, a rank three demon, on the Mugen train. When he realized he was defeated, he gave Tanjiro his final wishes and then passed away.

In the moments after Tanjiro and Inosuke had vanquished Enmu, while on the train, Kyojuro Renguko had been examining Tanjiro’s wound when an Upper Rank 3 demon named Akaza jumped in between them and begun attacking them.

Rengoku didn’t waste any time before severing the demon’s arm in two with his Flame Breathing: Second Form – Rising Scorching Sun attack.

This prompted a full-scale battle between the Hashira and the demon, with Tanjiro and Inosuke on the sidelines.

Rengoku and Akaza were both formidable swordsmen, but over time, Akaza’s regenerative abilities gave him the upper hand.

Akaza, impressed by his opponent’s swordsmanship, offered to turn him into a demon so that he could spend infinite time perfecting his technique.

Akaza’s attacks only got more ferocious after Rengoku refused, and he ended up losing his left eye and getting hurt.

After another fierce encounter, Akaza thrust his arm through Hashira’s stomach, nearly killing him.

Rengoku mustered his final strength to swing his sword at Akaza’s neck; however, just as the blade was about to sever his head, Akaza drew back.

As the sun prepared to rise, the demon fled leaving Kyojuro for dead.

How Does the Mugen Train End?

MUGEN TRAIN Did Flame Hashira Rengoku Die in the Mugen Train Movie?

Tickets for the Infinity Train are purchased by Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke as they set out on their quest to meet Rengoku, the Flame Hashira, and learn more about Hinokami Kagura. This kicks off the Mugen Train arc.

They have no idea that Enmu has been sent to eliminate Tanjiro Kamado and thus advance in rank. The demon slayers’ contact with his blood gives him the ability to attack them in their dreams.

Tanjiro and the others are roused from their stupor by Nezuko in time to confront Enmu. Deathly wounds are sustained in the battle, but the demon is ultimately vanquished.

Rengoku, the Flame Hashira, is examining Tanjiro’s wounds when suddenly Akaza, a demon of extremely high rank (rank 3) appears and begins attacking.

Rengoku loses the fight and his life due to the latter’s monstrous strength and regeneration.

Ultimately, Rengoku dies, and the arc concludes with the Hashira calling Tanjiro for a farewell conversation and entrusting him with his will.

Will Tanjiro Become the New Flame Hashira?

demon slayer season 2 mugen train arc opening Did Flame Hashira Rengoku Die in the Mugen Train Movie?

Rengoku didn’t take kindly to Tanjiro at their first meeting because he violated the demon slayer code with his defense of Nezuko.

Rengoku initially disregarded Tanjiro, but after getting to know him on the Mugen train, he came to respect him. When he was ready, he accepted him as his successor and frequently offered him advice on how to improve his strength.

Many people think that Tanjiro will succeed Rengoku as Flame Hashira now that Rengoku has died and left his will to him. Even more so when you consider that Tanjiro’s first method of breathing involved flames.

Truth be told, Tanjiro practices the Sun Breathing style, the apex of all other dances, which is extremely rare.

Because of this, despite their seemingly similar names, it is vastly distinct from the Flame Breathing technique.

Because the Breath of the Sun is so dissimilar to the Flame Breathing style, Tanjiro will not replace Rengoku as Flame Hashira.

In addition, with Rengoku’s passing, the Flame Hashira family line has ended along with his father and brother.

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