All About Rod Reiss From Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has been a great series so far and with only one last part left to be aired, fans are eager to know how Isayama makes his point in these last few episodes.

Some of us have already read the manga to its end because we can’t wait for part two of the last season. I mean part one did end on a wild cliffhanger.

Attack on Titan is a series about freedom and the power of free will. Isayama wrote a character so inclined towards the idea of true freedom that the method to achieve it was justifiable to him regardless of the damage it caused.

For our AOT fans, we have got another article that will go in-depth about Rod Reiss, a member of the Royal Family, and his Titan Form.

Rod Reiss

The eldest son of the King of the Walls, Rod Reiss was a man of short stature.

He had black greasy hair, a small round face upon which sat a thin mustache.

He was a healthy man and always wore a formal pant-suit, a sign of the royal family.

He was a calm man who remain composed for most of the time.

He was a believer of God and as per his promise to his younger brother Uri, he prayed to the Gods and devoted his life to praying.

For our readers, we shall look into more than just his Titan Form.

Early Life

All About Rod Reiss All About Rod Reiss From Attack on Titan

Rod was born into the Royal Family, he was the eldest son of the King of the Walls.

He also had a brother named Uri who inherited the founding Titan from his father was also the True King of the Walls.

As children and teenagers, Uri and Rod constantly begged their father to free humanity from the clutches of the walls, and the titans and Rod even had been sent to jail more than once for his acts.

He had often tried to use force to compel his father and release humanity.

When the time came and the title was to be passed on Uri accepted it with an open arm and told Rod to devote his life to the prayers of the Gods.

When Uri assimilated the Founding Titan and his eyes developed the same glow that he saw in his father, Rod realized that Uri had become something more than human, perhaps an all-knowing God.

Fall of Shiganshina

Colossal Titan looming over Shiganshina All About Rod Reiss From Attack on Titan

When the Armoured and Colossal Titan breached the walls of Shiganshina, Rod went to the Chapel where he prayed.

Underneath that Chapel was the cave only known to the Royal Family where they carried out the ritual to transfer powers.

That night Grisha Yaeger interrupted the Royal Family inside their cave and he asked Frieda to release humanity and grant them their freedom but since Freida was bound by the First King’s Will she could not.

Grisha became a Titan and fought with Frieda defeating her and eating her neck and obtaining the power of the Founding Titan.

Rod was the only one who could flee the scene as he watched his family die one by one to Grisha.

Rod escaped and later tried to meet his only daughter left, Historia.

Historia and Rod

Attack on Titan Historia 1 All About Rod Reiss From Attack on Titan

Rod had five children Frieda, Urklyn, Dirk, Abel, and Florian with his wife.

He also had a sixth child, a secret only a few souls knew.

He had this child with his maid, Alma.

They named her Historia.

After losing the Founder’s Powers to Grisha, Rod went to Historia but there he was interrupted by Kenny Ackermann and the Military Police.

He proposed the idea of sending Historia, who he pretended to not know to the Survey Corps so she could die naturally.

Historia was then given an alias Krista Lenz and then joined the Survey Corps.

Rod hoped that one day he might be able to return the powers of the Founding Titan to the Royal Family by using Historia.

Rod Reiss Titan Form

Rod Reiss Titan Form Attack on Titan All About Rod Reiss From Attack on Titan

Usually a calm and composed man, Rod Reiss went berserk in the cave when he saw Historia break the syringe and waste the spinal fluid.

In a moment of sheer panic, Rod licked the fluid fallen on the ground and turned into a Titan.

His Titan form did not resemble him in the least bit except it was the same gender.

Rod’s Titan towered to an approximate height of 120 meters tall, twice the size of the Colossal.

His Titan was not just tall it was massive in size too, it had short limbs and no support at all so it collapsed because of its height.

The Titan looked malnourished, it had no muscles and the bones were visibly protruding through the skin.

Rod in the Titan form had to crawl to get anywhere and it approached the walls of Sheena crawling on all fours, rubbing its front on the ground as it moved ahead.

When it reached Sheena it had lost its face, belly, and most of its front due to constant rubbing against the ground. Horrible sight, trust me.


That was it! All about Rod Reiss. His family, his brother, his legacy, his personality, and what he valued more than anything.

Rod’s Titan was not the prettiest nor was it the strongest but it was the ugliest.

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