Who is Mahito From Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito can be described as a unique antagonist one who is able to bring the suspense of a shounen anime series by himself. 

We first meet him sitting in a beach-like area as Getou is visiting him. 

His appearance (with an unfinished face) as well as his high intelligence and ability to conduct conversations in a normal way created Mahito to appear like a normal human.

It was later discovered that he was cursed and was associated in a pact with Getou Suguru.

Who is Mahito?

Jujutsu Kaisen Mahito Who is Mahito From Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito is a cursed spirit that was born out of the hate that is spewed out between human beings. It is a negative emotion. 

When humans began to hate one another more, the cursed energy that came out of them took form and gave birth to Mahito. He talks about this with Junpei in one of their talks.

Mahito as well as other cursed spirits, is seeking to destroy humanity and claim their place as real humans. He is so committed to his cause that he’s not afraid of taking his own life doing it.

In the words of Nanami, Mahito is a curse that was born just recently. In the end, Mahito was not as powerful in the beginning. 

The spirit of the curse was attracted by the world and was constantly experimenting about his own abilities and limitations, as children would want to figure out what limitations he had. 

The childlike attitude of his character is evident throughout the manga particularly during his interactions with his fellow cursed spirits Jogo (Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 32 of the manga) and also when he encounters something brand new in his fights against Itadori or Nanami. In these battles when he is able to unlock new powers.

In his first battle against Itadori along with Nanami, Mahito is pushed into a corner. When confronted with a near-death circumstance, he learns his domain expansion “Self-Embodiment in Perfection” (Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapter 29). 

When he had the second time he met Itadori, he discovered the soul of his being and was able to unlock a new shape called “Instant Spiritual Body with distorted killing” (Jujutsu Kaisen manga, chapter 130).

Mahito’s S@distic Character And Deficiency of Sympathy

Mahitos Sadistic Character And Deficiency of Sympathy Who is Mahito From Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito initially utilized his powers to test human beings. He was also shown to be apathetic when he did it, indicating that he didn’t feel any sympathy for them at all. 

He was also a s@dist by nature which was evident from his plans to destroy Itadori’s heart. Actually, Mahito enjoyed toying with human emotions and completely was enthralled by the things he did to Junpei as well as Itadori.

In their fight, Nanami noted that both Mahito and Gojou Satoru were alike in a few ways. Both were perfect examples of superficiality and tremendous power. In the case of Mahito, his strength was on the dark side. 

Mahito was enjoying himself to the max with his growth as the cursed spirit. He learned something new in every battle and grew in strength. 

Nanami realized that this was going to take place and decided to get rid of Mahito before it was too late. But, Mahito would evade him at some point.

Mahito’s Philosophical Side

Mahito's Philosophical Side

Mahito also is a philosopher in his personality that he frequently displays. It is because of his natural ability to detect and understand the souls of human beings. 

This ability could be due to his natural ability to manipulate souls. In the words of Mahito people do not have an emotional heart. 

Instead, the emotions individuals experience are derived from the soul. He is intrigued by the human soul’s nature and conducts research on it.

For Mahito the soul is not anything unique, as he is capable of seeing it just as normal human beings perceive the body and its tissues. 

For him, human life is not a thing with any particular significance or importance. It is just a fact, as everything else around the globe. 

He believes that the lack of significance and value in our lives should permit everyone to pursue their own desires without fear of any regret or consequences. 

This is among the reasons why he does not hesitate to conduct conduction tests on human beings and play with their feelings.

Power Levels of Mahito

Power Levels of Mahito

While Mahito began out as uninspiring, he is now able to be a formidable opponent against Jujutsu Sorcerers particularly Nanami And Itadori later on in the coming years. 

The reason for this is that his strength and power never stopped improving through his experiences, as Nanami has noted. 

In their first encounter, the two of them were not the same strength as Jogo at the time, but when Mahito faced off in his final battle against Itadori and Todou, he was able to discover the essence of his soul and discover his ultimate shape.

Apart from that, his intellect was high, and was able to see the circumstances better with time. In addition, his inherent skill of transmuting his soul was a formidable adversary. 

He was able to modify his soul and strengthen his body, making it difficult to strike him. Being hit by him is suicidal since it could give him the chance to alter the soul of the opponent.

It is possible to suggest the fact that Mahito’s confrontation with Itadori his mortal foe was what brought meaning to his life. 

His motivations were centered around breaking Itadori’s soul, and the subsequent opening up of a path that cursed spirits could rule the world. 

What do you think of Mahito for a persona, and in the role of the antagonist? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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