Mahito’s Death In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

There’s no doubt that everyone loves the characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. The heroes are extremely likable because of their certain eccentric ways. However, even the villains in the series have remarkable characterization.

They’re vicious and evil yet they captivate us to the max. One particular antagonist that has been a source of irritation for a long time is Mahito an expression of human hatred towards one another.

He regards Itadori as his mortal foe and was willing to inflict damage on him.

And it was frustrating that Mahito got stronger with each battle. In addition, Mahito is at the heart of our pain also, as he has hurt our most beloved characters.

We all hoped that Itadori would stop this menace once and for all! We didn’t, did we?

However, Akutami had other ideas for Mahito. What were his plans? Has Mahito actually fulfilled his goal?

Major manga spoilers are ahead!

Is Mahito Dead?

It’s true, Mahito is dead. He was killed in the Shibuya incident.

Kenjaku (or fake Geto) killed Mahito by exorcising him. He employed Goto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation to completely absorb Mahito in the final stage of his life.

Evidently, he was planning to carry out this plan from the beginning. Itadori helped to unlock Mahito’s cursed technique with ease. We’ll talk about that later.

Mahito Kenjaku 2 1 Mahito’s Death In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

It’s not stated explicitly that Mahito passed away. But, all curses that suffer from Curse Manipulation come under the Shaman’s control. When the shaman employs Maximum Uzumaki, they remove the techniques used by the curses.

Because Kenjaku also utilized Uzumaki as well, we can say it is likely that Mahito has passed away. 

But it is possible that we may (a very small chance) imagine that Kenjaku uses Mahito according to his wishes similar to how Geto utilized curses.

Personally, I don’t believe that something similar to that could be possible with Maximum Uzumaki.

Just before his death, the man was fighting Todo and Itadori. He was able to see the true nature of his soul because of Itadori as well. 

Mahito was always aware of the plans of Kenjaku (and Jogo) because he was born into the human race.

Mahito’s demise was a crucial element in Kenjaku’s grand strategy of The Culling Game but was it as significant as the pain he caused us?

Was Mahito’s Ending Satisfying?

To my mind, there is no way to say yes. 

Mahito’s final outcome was not satisfying due to my love for Junpei and Itadori. 

And Nanami. And Nobara. He should have been punished more!

I remember telling my friends how to grind him into a fine powder. Well.

Mahito Kenjaku 1 Mahito’s Death In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

But I also see the poetic aspect of things as well. Mahito’s anticipation for human behavior coming in a full circle was a stunning experience. 

He was playing using Junpei’s guidance Kenjaku played with him the whole time.

A fascinating thing to consider originates from Mahito’s last name and also.

In a fascinating thread on the significance and meaning of the names posted by the User KugisakiAkeno on Twitter Mahito’s name is a combination of both letters Zhen Ren.

The reason for Mahito’s namesake can be explained as follows: Zhen: “real” or “true” and Ren: “person.” Therefore, Mahito’s name refers to ” real person.”

The meaning of this name is very relevant to the vision that the spirits of the curse had in mind for themselves.

The leader of their group was Mahito and, ironically did not seem to be concerned about the issue at all. 

You could claim that Mahito died because he had been indifferent.

Kenjaku killed the “real human” to reveal the real human power. Ironic.

It doesn’t alter my opinion that I had a desire for Itadori to take Mahito to the corner until he pleaded to be killed, however, let’s get real, it was never going to happen.

The truth is that while a portion of me isn’t thrilled with this loss. Yet, another half of me is thrilled by how awesome Mahito’s passing was.

It doesn’t matter if we like that or not Mahito is a key character from Jujutsu Kaisen. Let’s discuss that for a while.

Implications of Mahito’s Demise

He knew it was in the air, didn’t he? Of all the deaths that occurred in Shibuya there were some that were frightening while others were important. 

Mahito’s death was among the most significant due to the fact that it changed the perception of Jujutsu.

It is no surprise that Kenjaku was the brains behind this whole affair.

Kenjaku took on the form of Geto Suguru to deceive Gojo and made use of the cursed spirits as leverage. He was sure to let them perform the dirty work in the false pretense of as their guide.

It was an extremely complex plan that deviated from the goal of the curse in the close. With the rest of the group dead and Kenjaku taking over Mahito and also ended the curse’s end.

Jujutsu’s sorcerers battled tooth and nail against cursed spirits and only to be ended by exorcising the spirits at the conclusion.

And Kenjaku proved that all endings aren’t beautiful.

It’s crazy when you consider Mahito’s death was the main reason to start the Culling Game. Kenjaku was cursed by thousands, just like Tsumiki for many years to get the ‘players’ ready.’

This means that the focus was on getting Idle Transformation at that point too to activate the curse. I wonder if Mahito could figure out that Kenjaku had always wanted to kill him.

In addition, Itadori’s mistake led to Mahito’s incredible growth in helping Kenjaku.

In a greater sense maybe Mahito’s demise was the final piece in the puzzle of unfortunate events. There are so many events that have occurred and are still to be completed that one death could be blamed for.

One of these is the death of countless jujutsu sorcerers. A massive blow to Jujutsu culture isn’t it?

When you speak of Itadori, I’m sure that he didn’t know this was coming. Like I mentioned before we would like to see Itadori finish Mahito’s story so that he could take back all the pain he endured.

It didn’t take place. But, it isn’t impossible to acknowledge the importance of Mahito’s existence as well as his death within the story.

Mahito’s Life And His Death Were Both Important

Mahito And Itadori were their counterparts in character. They differed on the most fundamental in their ideals.

One was a tireless advocate for people, while the other considered them nothing more than souls.

To Mahito humans were as an ant or a mosquito. They all had souls and bodies were just a reflection of souls. 

To Itadori, human beings were required to endure a righteous death. They were distinct from other species, such as curses.

It wasn’t Mahito’s strategy that was not working on Itadori that led to them becoming mortal enemies. It was also how divergent their thinking was.

Mahito was a step Itadori had to take to become the real Shaman. Even Jogo mentions the fact that Mahito is the reflection of human death.

Mahito Itadori 1 Mahito’s Death In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained!

Similar to Sukuna, Mahito is delirious in the pursuit of his own desires. Mahito is the complete opposite of the qualities that humans are proud of.

The first battle against Itadori was the first sign of Mahito’s importance in the story.

Mahito is a terrifying curse due to his growth leaps and bounds in his development, learning more than most people could imagine. Mahito’s death was delayed to make the most dreadful scenario ever.

If he’d been killed by Itadori and Nanami We probably wouldn’t have witnessed Japan ruining itself. I could say it was Mahito was the true enemy instead of the fake Geto or Kenjaku prior to Shibuya.

Mahito’s passing marked the start of an Apocalypse that not only affected the jujutsu community but as well Japan. This left us with the question: “What is the most important thing to ask?.

Was it more Beneficial to allow Mahito either to live or die?

As long as He was alive, he was a tyrant to great lengths. This is where the subject of ethics and morals is a factor.

It makes me think of the tale The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas in which one person is a victim to create an ideal world for everyone. However, what would the time be?

In the story that follows, when the victim passes away, they are replaced by a different person. It’s unimaginably cruel, but could something like that have helped the Jujutsu community even a bit?

I’m not sure that deontological techniques would have been successful in the end.

What I am able to tell you is that Mahito is the curse that plagued Itadori throughout his life and after death. What do you think about Mahito’s demise?

Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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