All Hashira Deaths List From Demon Slayer

Unlike some Shounen anime and manga series, Demon Slayer doesn’t hesitate to kill off some of the main characters.

This television series is set in a world where demonic creatures are always present and pose a threat to people’s lives.

So it’s not shocking that the series has murdered a few characters over the course of the narrative. Here is the list of them in the order they died.

1. Kanae

All Hashira Deaths List

Before the main plot begins, Kanae Kocho passes away. Before Doma made the terrible decision to kill Kanae’s family one fateful day, she was leading a regular life with her family.

Gyomei, the Stone Hashira, saved her, and she later underwent training to join the Demon Slayer Corps.

Later, she adopted a young girl and went to the Butterfly Mansion as the Flower Hashira. A few years later, Doma confronted her once more and vanquished her.

But because the light was rising, he had to leave. With her last breath, Kanae gave Shinobu a description of Doma’s looks, promising to exact revenge for her sister’s death.

2. Rengoku

Demon Slayer Rengoku 1 All Hashira Deaths List From Demon Slayer

One of the most adored characters in Demon Slayer is Rengoku.

Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Rengoku were on a mission to look into a case of missing passengers on a train.

Later, they engaged in combat with and vanquished the Lower Moon 1 demon Enmu. Rengoku, however, was compelled to compete against Upper Moon 3 Akaza.

As he did not let any of his allies suffer harm, The Flame Hashira fulfilled his responsibilities until the moment of his death. Akaza was able to kill the Hashira by puncturing Rengoku’s solar plexus with his fist.

Akaza eventually had to leave, though, as the sun was rising quickly. During the series’ Mugen Train arc, this death occurred.

3. Jigoro

Jigoro All Hashira Deaths List From Demon Slayer

Jigoro, once Thunder Hashira, taught Zenitsu and Kaigaku Demon Slayer techniques. He did, however, do seppuku and was not killed by a demon, unlike other Hashiras.

After learning that Kaigaku had changed into a demon, he chose to die as a sign of atonement. Hearing this crushed Zenitsu’s heart, and she even went to face Kaigaku. He was quickly dispatched by Zenitsu, who then used a form he had developed to murder Kaigaku.

Although the exact moment of the death was not stated, it is safe to presume that it occurred during the Hashira Training arc because that is when Kaigaku decided to become a demon after losing to Kokushibo.

4. Shinobu Kocho

shinobu kocho birthday illustration ufotable demon slayer All Hashira Deaths List From Demon Slayer

The Upper Moon 2 Doma was defeated by Shinobu Kocho, the former bug Hashira, during the Infinity Castle arc. Doma’s might and Blood Demon Art completely overpowered her.

She ultimately made the choice to let him eat her nonetheless, as she contained enough poison to render him defenseless. As a result of his absorbing Shinobu, Kanao and Inosuke were ultimately able to vanquish him.

Shinobu gave her life, despite not having the strength, in the hope that the poison would kill Doma.

5. Muichiro

muichiro tokito 2022 birthday illustration ufotable All Hashira Deaths List From Demon Slayer

Undoubtedly, Muichiro is one of the Demon Slayer Corps’ best swordsmen. However, he passed away quite quickly in a battle with the Upper Moon 1 (Kokushibo).

Muichiro, Sanemi, Genya, and Gyomei had to work together to defeat him. Muichiro suffered severe wounds and passed away.

However, just before he passed away, he managed to turn his Nichirin sword red and deal serious damage to Kokushibo.

This occurred during the series’ Infinity Castle storyline.

6. Mitsuri, Gyomei, and Obanai

Mitsuri Gyomei and Obanai 1 All Hashira Deaths List From Demon Slayer

The series’ climax saw the assassination of Muzan thanks in large part to these Hashiras.

The Demon Slayer Corps members were happy to see Muzan dead, but their joy was short-lived as they soon saw Gyomei, Mitsuri, and Obanai pass away.

Before he joined the company, Gyomei had dreams about the kids in his care. He died with a grin on his face because he was in a joyful place.

In the final minutes before their deaths, Obanai comforted Mitsuri by holding her in his arms. In the event that they were reborn into this world, Obanai was requested to wed Mitsuri.

Moments before they died, the two hugged each other and enjoyed each other’s companionship.

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