Kocho Shinobu Death in Demon Slayer Explained!

It’s not a fact that Shinobu isn’t the most powerful Hashira. While she’s extremely skilled, she doesn’t have the physical strength needed to remove a demon’s neck, and, as a result, she uses poison to beat her adversaries.

However, this doesn’t make her any less scary, though. Anyone who’s seen her fight with The Demon Spider (Daughter) remembers the sly and deadly she is.

 She may appear to be the most gentle person fighting however she’s among those Demon Slayers that take pleasure in making her victims suffer.

Yet even in the Infinity Castle Arc battle of Hashira against the Demons of Upper-Rank does anyone really have any chance that Shinobu will last?

Spoiler Warning! Before we get to that be aware that this post will include spoilers regarding Shinobu’s death as well as maybe an Infinity Castle Arc!

Does Kocho Shinobu Die?

kochu shinobu Kocho Shinobu Death in Demon Slayer Explained!

Kocho Shinobu’s death is part of the Infinity Castle Arc of the Demon Slayer manga.

She is murdered by Doma, who is the upper Rank 2 in a fight to get revenge on her deceased sister, Kanae Kocho.

However, before her death, Shinobu manages to overdose Doma with a lethal dose of poison, allowing her student Kanao to behead Doma and kill him.

It’s a sad end to one of the greatest characters from Demon Slayers. Shinobu’s final act of sacrifice has left many fans in a pain until the point at which many were forced to stop reading Manga for a time.

It’s nice that the viewers of the series have plenty of time before Shinobu’s death is revealed on screen. 

It’s the Infinity Castle Arc is the second-last arc of Kimetsu No Yaiba, ranging from chapters 137-183 This means it will be portrayed in the final season of the series and shouldn’t be seen for five years.

In the meantime, the anime will likely be focused on educating viewers about Shinobu’s past and her masked character.

How Did Doma Die?

doma demon slayer Kocho Shinobu Death in Demon Slayer Explained!

Shinobu predicted her demise long before she fought Doma and chose to counterattack.

Over the course of one time, Shinobu poisoned her body in small doses to ensure that Doma consume her deadly poison.

A massive amount of poison within her system (seven thousand times that dose that killed her) could incapacitate him until her subordinates were able to take him down. 

Prior to her death, Shinobu notified Kanao who then executed and beheaded Doma with the aid of Inosuke.

Both Inosuke and Kanao broke down crying after the battle.

Kanao was able to recall her childhood memories of how Shinobu and her older brother Kanae adopted her and helped her escape the existence of slavery.

The girls have been more devoted to her than her family and the fact that she had lost each of Kanae along with Shinobu was too much to bear for Kanao.

What was even more shocking however was the reaction of Inosuke. In the wake of learning about his background, Shinobu had acted like Inosuke’s mother. 

Even though Inosuke was not the type to display a lot of feelings (apart from his notoriously sour temper) the show of broken tears revealed just how much he’d come to be in love with Shinobu in turn.

But, Kanao and Inosuke weren’t the only ones to be overwhelmed by emotions. It seemed that during the final moments of his life, Doma, for the first time in his life, experienced real emotions as a human being due to Shinobu.

Did Doma Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Shinobu?

Doma was famous for being the ‘demon who could not feel.’

For a human being, Doma was incapable of being emotionally involved. When his parents committed suicide before him, all he said was a slight annoyance at the mess they’d created and the smell of blood.

Doma was aware that this was atypical and aimed to imitate human emotions. He imitated human emotions to entice people or mock his adversaries. However, he never did ever express sincere feelings towards anyone in his long and arduous life.

But, following his demise, Doma appeared in limbo alongside Shinobu. He praised her plan and was impressed by her trust in her fellow soldiers before coming to the realization that he could feel his heartbeat when he gazed at her. He asked her “Is this what love is like? You’re adorable, Shinobu.”

The conversation referred to the possibility that Doma may have developed a romantic interest in Shinobu and was later followed by him asking her to the gallows with him. Shinobu smiled with a smile when she scolded him in final revenge.

Was it true that Shinobu and Giyuu Meet?

Giyuu and Shinobu did not end up being in a relationship, even though it was suggested that they both were in love with one another. 

Giyuu was more emotional when it came to Shinobu’s death than he did in any of Hashira’s deaths, which led people to believe Giyuu might have loved Shinobu.

Perhaps if Shinobu hadn’t passed away, Giyuu and her would’ve had a chance to be in the same place in the near future or sooner. However, unfortunately, we never got the chance to know.

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