Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained

The Demon Slayer Manga ended with Muzan being killed and the Demon Slayer Corps winning. 

Their victory was a significant one, as it ended the reign of the Demons and eliminated the Demon race completely. 

It is important to note that Muzan is the originator of all Demons in this series.

Therefore, stopping him will prevent the creation of Demons forever.

The Demon Slayer manga concluded in a manner that placed us in the first climax within a series. 

Because Muzan is too powerful for the entire Demon Slayer Corps, the initial climax was the defeat of Muzan. 

It culminated in Muzan’s defeat, with Tanjiro becoming a demon.

The Extended Finale is another important part of the manga. It’s set in modern Japan, so it’s important that readers check it. 

To learn more about Demon Slayer’s ending, I wrote down all the details of the final battle. 

This will help you understand the significance of the extended finale and the reasons why it was added.

Is The Demon Slayer Manga Over?

Demon Slayer Manga

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba has its final chapter, 205, released on May 18, 2020. Fans call chapter 205 the extended finale.

This is because the story of chapter 205 is not about Tanjiro but about someone related to him. This is the part I will discuss later when we get to the special epilogue chapter.

If you are curious about the final part of Tanjiro’s story, chapter 204 will do. Chapter 204, entitled A World Without Demons was published on May 11, 2020. 

This chapter was created three months after Muzan Kibutsuji’s defeat. The title states that the demons have been exterminated from the world. After completing their mission of ending the reign of Demons, this is a sign that all are now at peace.

What Happened at the End of Demon Slayer Manga’s Final Chapter?

The best way to explain the ending of the manga is to tell what happened before we move on to the extended finale. 

Everyone fighting Muzan was aware of how powerful he is and was on the brink of giving up. 

But the Demons Slayer Corps are blessed with one enemy weakness: sunlight. 

The whole Corps is buying time by fighting Muzan till the Sun Rises. It was time for the sun to rise, even though some of their allies have already died.

The powerful Muzan was dissolved, giving everyone relief.

Some even wept as they knew the worst of their ordeal was over and that the demons had been exterminated. They finally went to sleep, with no more enemies in sight. 

Some Demon Slayers assisted the wounded, others commented on the final battle, while others couldn’t believe they won.

Giyu checks Tanjiro but he is not responding. Tanjiro stops breathing while kneeling down and holding his knife. 

Everyone panicked, thinking that Tanjiro was dead. He is now exhausted and bleeding from his severed arm after the intense fight against Muzan.

The scene switches to Muzan’s past life as a human. This is when we all realized that the Demon curse was not a supernatural occurrence but a virus that resulted from Muzan’s experimentation. 

Muzan also knows that death is near him, even though he was human. He then switches to the part in which Muzan’s consciousness actually is inside Tanjiro as he gives Tanjiro all his demon blood.

Tanjiro was able to wake up from his death but not as a human. Everyone felt a great sense of relief upon learning that Tanjiro had woken up. 

They also noticed that Tanjiro had regenerated his arm, prompting them not to approach Tanjiro, as they discovered that their friend was now a demon. 

The exhausted Demon Slayers now fear for their safety and wonder why Tanjiro is acting strangely while he revels in his new form of terror.

Demon Slayer 205 Demon Slayer Manga Ending Explained

They were too exhausted from the defeat of the Demon King to make a decision but to prepare for another battle. 

They continued to persuade Tanjiro to return to human form while he was fighting. While Tanjiro continued to release his spine whips and began demonstrating his superpowerful form, Nezuko ran to her brother and hugged his neck so tightly.

This was the beginning of Tanjiro’s inner struggle to remove Muzan’s hold on him. Thanks to sibling love and a little friendship from his allies, they were finally able to get rid of Muzan within Tanjiro, and eventually, restore him to human form. 

They are now at peace and the Demon race has been exterminated. Tanjiro, Tanjiro’s sister, as well as their friends, are now at peace.

Fans will be touched by the final scenes. Tanjiro, Nezuko have finally accomplished their goal and eliminated all demons. 

As the story ends, Tanjiro and Nezuko lived happily ever after with their Kamado friends. The final panel of chapter 204, then, shows a modern city that begins a new story.

Chapter 205, the extended final chapter, is here. This chapter’s timeline was likely to have occurred hundreds of years after Tanjiro. 

This chapter shows the Kamado family of today, with one member displaying a striking resemblance. It also included the descendants of Nezuko and Inosuke as well as Murata. 

All seem to be as close to their ancestors as they were before them, which shows a strong family history.

The final episode of the series ended with a photo showing Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade and Kyojuro’s flame-shaped blade. Also, a photo of Tanjiro with his hanafuda earrings and all those who survived the final battle.

Who Died at the End of Demon Slayer Manga’s Final Chapter?

Demon Slayer Manga

The Demon Slayer, unlike other Shonen mangas, left many people dead. We won’t be covering the deaths of the people who died in the final battle as that would be too long. 

Nevertheless, because of Muzan’s monstrous might, both Tanjiro’s enemies and allies were killed in the final battle.

  • Akaza
  • Gyokko
  • Daki
  • Gyutaro
  • Hantengu
  • Nakime
  • Kokushibo
  • Tamayo
  • Kaigaku

They were not the only ones who sacrificed their lives to distract Muzan. There were also lower-class demon slayers. 

Apart from Muzan’s disintegration from the sun that everyone was expecting, Tanjiro also perished. He was revived by the demon blood. Without it, Tanjiro would have been buried.

Demon Slayer Manga Explained

Demon Slayer is Tanjiro’s story about becoming one of the Demon Slayers that would wipe out the Demons forever. 

The story’s conclusion also shows that absolute peace can only come from defeating Muzan, the source of all demon powers. 

However, this victory is not easy to achieve. This also shows that even the most difficult challenges can be overcome with perseverance and determination to make a better tomorrow.

Another explanation is that they planned how to defeat Muzan and stop the curse of demons, which looks like a combination of magic and virus, by telling Muzan. 

Muzan is the only person who can create demons. The experiment that Muzan was given to keep him alive partially failed, and Muzan became an all-powerful demon.

Demon Slayer Extended Finale Manga Explained

The Manga’s final chapter shows how the Demon Slayers grew closer to one another and even became close to their families. 

It also shows how peaceful the world is now, with all Demons gone. The future generations will live normal lives similar to ours.

The extended finale’s symbolism also shows that there will be no Demons roaming the world of Kimetsu No Yaiba.

People will be able to focus on prospering and modernizing the world, so people can live normal lives without having to fight or become a fighter. 

This was made even more clear by the fact this chapter looked like a slice of life manga. It showed that their lives are not at risk, just as what happened to Tanjiro and his family at the start of the series.

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