Who Does Hayato Kisaragi End Up With in Hundred?

Are you interested in who Hayato ends up with?

If so, you’re in the right place. The light book series Hundred by Jun Misaki is one of the most popular series to come out in 2012.

There are 18 parts to the novel, which came out between 2012 and 2018. All of them are about Hayato’s experiences as a slayer.

But Hayato’s love interests and who he ends up with are what fans love to talk about the most.

The set of light novels called “Hundred” has been turned into both a manga and an anime. It was drawn by Nekosuke Okuma in 2016, and the anime episodes were put out by Production IMS in April of that year.

Hundred has been praised all over the world for its unique plot and amazing personalities. So, what is the Hundred light book series about?

In Hundred, you go to Hayato Kisaragi’s world, where there are things called Savages that want to kill everyone. Since fighting them is hard, Hayato’s country needs trained soldiers who can kill the Savages.

This is why Little Garden School was created to train young boys who will eventually join the military. Hayato Kisaragi goes to school, where he fights savages and learns about the secrets that surround them.

During his training, Hayato also gets something called “Hundred,” which gives him huge powers. He also works with his classmates to find out the hidden and darker facts about the Savages while fighting them many times.

Hayato’s trip is worth it for fans of supernatural thrillers, and his love story adds to the intrigue of this Light Novel series.

So, what did Hayato and the girl he liked do in the end?

Who are Hayato’s Love Interests in Hundred?

Who Does Hayato Kisaragi End Up With

In Hundred, there are a number of people Hayato might have liked. When Hayato goes to Little Garden School, he meets a lot of people who become his friends and help him fight the Savages.

Claire Harvey, who is one of the main characters in Hundred and also the head of the students’ club at Little Garden School, is one of the people Hayato might like to date.

At first, Claire is shown to be Hayato’s enemy at school. Over time, though, she starts to like him.

The second girl Hayato might like is Sakura Kirishima, who is kind and gentle and has healing skills.

Everyone in her group admires her for always helping and backing others because of how kind she is.

But she has a crush on Hayato and is always there for him emotionally.

But Hayato doesn’t end up with her because, during the events of Hundred, Hayato falls in love with one of the girls he liked as a boy.

Emilia Gudenburg, the third princess of the Kingdom of Gudenburg, meets Hayato when they are both young.

Both of them become friends quickly and start to like each other. But when the Savages attack, Gutenberg is killed.

Emilia is badly hurt during the attack, but Hayato saves her life. Hayato and Emilia go their separate ways after the attack, but they meet again at Little Garden School.

Emilia is also chosen to be a Slayer at school and joins Hayato’s team. Emilia will never forget Hayato, and when she sees her childhood crush Hayato again, all her memories with him start to come back.

She can’t tell Hayato who she really is because she goes to school as a boy with a different name. So, are they going to end up with each other?

Hayato Kisaragi and Emilia Gudenburg Relationship Timeline

After the attack on Gudenburg, Hayato and Emilia can no longer be together because they are now different.

But they are meant to be together, which is why they meet again at school for the “Integrated Hundred” choices.

Emilia has to hide the fact that she is the third princess of the Kingdom of Gudenburg when she leaves Gudenburg to go to school.

So, Emilia dresses up as a boy and goes to the place where her childhood sweetheart is.

Emilia knows everything about Hayato, which is why she is always around him. Since the beginning of their training, Emilia has been there for Hayato in both good and bad times.

Hayato starts to like Emilia more and more, and he becomes her best friend. Many of their friends think that they are gay and dating each other because they are always seen together.

Lastly, Hayato finds out who Emilia is when he and Emilia go on their first task together. Emilia isn’t afraid to tell Hayato how she feels about him.

She talks about why she kept her name secret and how much she loves him. As Emilia helps Hayato remember their past together, he soon remembers everything about her. Emilia also tells him that she and Hayato are both versions with huge powers.

Since Hayato doesn’t know about his skills as a variant, Emilia helps him figure out how to use them. She also kisses him sometimes to turn off his powers.

Soon, Hayato and Emilia start to spend more time together, and they finally start dating. Hayato gives Emilia a necklace on their first date.

Hayato, on the other hand, takes a little longer to say how he feels because he is shy and nervous about being in a love relationship.

Do Hayato and Emilia End Up Together?

Hayato and Emilia Who Does Hayato Kisaragi End Up With in Hundred?

Hayato and Emilia are in a relationship, but their romance is in danger in many ways. Hayato and Emilia’s lives are most in danger from the Savages, who are the biggest enemies of the Slayers.

But they always beat the Savages and stay together by using all of their skills. Aside from this, many people at Little Garden School like Hayato and want to date him.

As was already said, Claire and Sakura both fall in love with Hayato, and because of this, they become Hayato and Emilia’s biggest foes.

Claire always does her best to break them up, but because Emilia is in Hayato’s life, it’s almost impossible for Claire to win his heart back.

Clair and Sakura are always trying to break up Emilia and Hayato’s relationship. This causes them to have a lot of problems and come close to breaking up, but they never lose faith in each other. This is what helps them get through all of the problems and stay together.

During a mission, Claudia Lowetto and Emilia make up. Claudia wants Emilia to go back to her land because she thinks the people there need her.

Emilia, on the other hand, always says she doesn’t want to go back, which makes Claudia wonder why. Soon, she finds out that Hayato is the only reason she doesn’t want to go back to her land and serve the people there.

Claudia tries to make Hayato and Emilia’s relationship difficult so that she will move back to Gudenburg, but she always fails.

As her last move, she plans to bring Hayato and Claire together, since she knows that Claire has feelings for Hayato.

She tries to get Emilia and Hayato to fight over Claire, but Hayato and Emilia can’t stay away from each other, so in the end, Emilia and Hayato end up together despite Claudia’s many attempts.

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