Class 1A VS 1B: Which Class Is Stronger?

Since season two, Class 1A vs 1B have been friendly foes. Monoma, who is known as the “dark side of U.A.,” often compares the two groups in the craziest and funniest ways.

In Season 5, I was so surprised by how strong Class B was that I had to get my hands on the series.

We finally got to see all of Class B’s unique traits in motion during the joint training arc. The most shocking thing was that Todoroki and Iida’s team almost lost to Class B.

Since Midoriya, the main character, is in Class A, it makes sense that Class A is better, since we spend more time with them.

But it looks like these two classes might be stuck like Kirishima and Tetsutetsu were during the sports event.

Class A is better than Class B in My Hero Academia. They have been in many more situations where life or death was at stake than Class B.

But Class B has more experience and a good mix of kids, each with their own quirks.

Class A vs Class B

Todoroki and Yaoyorozu got into Class A through recommendations, and Shiozaki and Honenuki got into Class B through recommendations.

Mineta, Aoyama, Koda, Ojiro, Hagakure, and maybe even Jiro, Shoji, Sato, Uraraka, and Asui are some of the worst students in Class A. But we’ve seen each of them use their quirks in creative ways when they were in trouble, like Mineta did against Midnight and on the final test.

Class B’s best include Shiozaki, Tetsutetsu, Shishida, Kendo, Honenuki, Monoma. The rest of Class B’s quirks don’t have as much raw power, but they work very well together.

All of the people in Class B are pretty strong. No one stands out as being too weak or too strong. If you take out Todoroki, Bakugo, and Midoriya, Class B is just slightly better than Class A.

In some ways, Class A’s ongoing fights with bad guys have been both good and bad. Class B seems to be doing better in school than Class A.

All Might says in Chapter 195 that even though Class A has been in more trouble with bad guys, Class B has been growing, working hard, and keeping up with lessons and training the whole time.

Both the final exam and the temporary license exam were better for Class B. Also, Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, Bakugo, Kirishima, and maybe Asui and Uraraka are the only ones who have real practice fighting bad guys. During the USJ attack, the bad guys that the whole class had to face were not very strong.

Class B Class 1A VS 1B: Which Class Is Stronger?

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

  • During the first round, Class A’s obstacle course was mostly in the lead. In Chapter 25, All Might and Aizawa said that the USJ event had helped Class A not hesitate and speed up their reactions.
  • Most of the Class A players who made it past the first round were in the top 21, while most of the Class B players were in the bottom 21. Shiozaki, Honenuki, Tetsutetsu, and Awase were the only ones to get more than one of the top spots.
  • In Chapter 27, Monoma said that Class B stayed behind on the obstacle course on purpose so they could find out what made their peers different. Monoma’s team even snatched up the second spot on the table in a quiet way.
  • In round two, Class B did much better than in round one. But their oddities wore them out quickly, and they couldn’t keep up with Class A’s persistence.
  • All of Class A’s teams were put together with a plan, and Mineta, Asui, and Shoji’s plan to hide in Shoji’s arms like a tank was probably the most creative of all the students.
  • By the time of the Sports Festival Arc, Class B’s quirks and ability to make decisions hadn’t had much time to grow.
  • During the tournament, Shiozaki beat Kaminari right away, but Iida was just as quick to figure out her plan. Tetsutetsu and Kirishima were both strong, so they had to arm-wrestle to decide who won. So, it’s safe to say that Class A did better at the Sports Festival.

Joint Training Arc

Fans got to see Class A and B fight for the first time in the Joint Training Arc. Since Shinso was also included, it was a great way to compare how well two groups did at the Sports Festival.

Class A won the first match, but Class B was too strong for them. Asui was the only one who came up with a plan to fight back. Without Shinso’s work, Class A would not have won. Class B’s first plan was good, but as the game went on, they stopped working together and talking to each other.

During the second match, Class B had a great plan and strategy. They were better prepared and made a plan with two parts. The strengths of Kendo and Yaoyorozu’s indecision were brought out. At first, Yaoyorozu’s insight seemed to give Class A a chance, but Class B won because Tokoyami didn’t give Komori enough credit.

Class B beat Class A in the third match because Honenuki made plans that were easy to change. Even though Todoroki was bad at planning, Class B was able to outsmart and beat him. Class A didn’t have any plans, so Class B would have won without Iida. In the end, Class B got a draw because Tsunotori thought quickly and logically.

In match four, Bakugo shocked us all. Class A didn’t waste time; they worked quickly, helped each other, built on each other’s skills, and fought Class B as a well-oiled machine. Class B’s plan was too set in stone and was only about surprising Class A.

During the fifth match, Class B had a good plan. If Midoriya hadn’t lost control of the match in the middle, Monoma’s plan would have worked. The strange things about Yanagi, Shoda, and Kodai all fit together very well.In the end, Class A only won because they were quick thinkers, worked well as a team, and got lucky.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Class 1A VS 1B

In Volume 29, the two classes worked together against Gigantomachia, which was different from the Joint Training Arc. The young heroes had to face off against both Gigantomachia and the League of Villains.

  • As soon as it was midnight, she told Yaoyorozu to make a tranquilizer that would put Gigantomachia to sleep. Yaoyorozu’s indecision was put to the test, but she handled it well.
  • Jiro and Shoji used their special skills to figure out how far away Gigantomachia was and from which direction he was coming.
  • The students caught the giant with Mineta’s sticky balls and Honenuki’s softness, while Shiozaki held him back with her vines. Cables were also used by Kendo, Sato, and Shishida to hold him down. Keeping Gigantomachia in check wasn’t easy, and it’s clear that both classes have gotten stronger since the Joint Training Arc.
  • Both classes worked together to attack the bad guys on the back of Gigantomachia, but Dabi and Mr. Compress blew them away. The plan to calm down Gigantomachia worked because Ashido and Kirishima worked together. The kids who faced Gigantomachia seemed to be about the same strength.

Which Class Will Produce The Next Big Three?

Kendo, Shiozaki, and Honenuki are all strong students in Class B who would make great heroes. On the other hand, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Iida are all strong students in Class A who still have room to grow.

Iida did great on the test for a temporary license, but Todoroki and Bakugo both failed. Since being a hero is about more than just strength, Class A could definitely give us the next Big Three if Bakugo changed his attitude.

Class A and Class B still have 40 of the best kids out of the thousands who tried to get into U.A. Both classes learn the same things, get the same training, and have the same chances to grow.

Class A’s extra knowledge isn’t worth much and only helped them get started faster. Since then, Class B has been catching up slowly but surely.

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