Gojo Satoru Six Eyes Power From Jujutsu Kaisen

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Six Eyes is a special Jujutsu method that is only available to members of the Gojo clan. It is handed across the generations and can only be handed down by members of the Gojo family.

Our childlike, carefree sensei is among those individuals who have been blessed with this gift.

If we are to deep dive into The Six Eye’s capabilities, we must first grasp the limitless power. But don’t worry, we’ll be discussing Limitless earlier than you imagine.

It’s crucial to discuss the time when certain skills were first demonstrated within the Jujutsu Kaisen series. The list is so extensive of skills so many that you can easily get lost in the different ones.

It’s more difficult when you aren’t able to maintain the pace of the Jujutsu dialect in a fight scene! God What could be more frustrating than this?!

Background Of The Six Eyes

gojo idol 3 1 Gojo Satoru Six Eyes Power From Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo our beloved womanizer is the first that was blessed with six Eyes and Limitless over the last couple of centuries. It’s no wonder that he’s so super!

Before we begin discussing Six Eyes, we must understand another powerful ability, known Limitless. 

Limitless is a skill that is handed down through the Gojo family. It is a method that focuses on the concept of Infinity concerning a vast expanse.

The Limitless includes defense and offense components that users can employ in combat.

With Limitless users, they can easily alter their surroundings. But, there’s an obstacle in using this power to the fullest extent.

Every member of the Gojo family is born with an ability known as the Limitless technique.

However, this amazing ability can only be used to its fullest extent when the user is also equipped with an understanding of the Six Eyes.

As I mentioned earlier, Sensei Satoru Gojo has both the Six Eyes and the Limitless. 

Only one person who has the Six Eyes can exist, which means the fact that Gojo has the distinction of being the one and only person on earth with one of the Six Eyes.

Power of Six eyes

Six Eyes Power Gojo Satoru Six Eyes Power From Jujutsu Kaisen

Six Eyes grants its user an enormous boost in their mental capability as well as a greater scope of perception. These two skills are beneficial in battle, and they could be deadly, too.

It’s not just that, Six Eyes allows Gojo to manipulate space using Limitless down to one atom. It’s extremely precise, which is why Limitless and Six Eyes and Limitless can be used together when a person is looking to apply the capability to the maximum extent that it can be.

The Six Eyes is an efficient and complex Jujutsu technique that alters energy that is cursed. If you pair this together with Infinity Space Distortion, you’ll have an extremely dangerous combat strategy to have on your side.

If you’ve ever watched Naruto and Byakugan, then you could say that Six Eyes and Byakugan are alike. 

With Byakugan it is capable of seeing chakras more easily. In the same way, Six Eyes grants its user the ability to spot cursed energy to a more advanced level.

Additionally, Six Eyes gives Gojo the ability to detect the flow of energy that is cursed.

Do you remember the Hanami ambush at the Goodwill Event? Do you remember how fast Gojo was able to locate Aoi and Itadori while they were about to take on Hanami? That’s due to Six Eyes.

Another benefit of having the Six Eyes is that Gojo can see within a short distance of distance.

Pros Of The Six Eyes

This is a listing of the many benefits that come with having Six Eyes

  • Enhances Limitless
  • The visual range is increased to several kilometers
  • See the flow of energy cursed
  • Differentiate between the forms of energy that are cursed.
  • Net Cursed Energy Used: 0
  • Increased Intellect
  • Learn about other users’ technique that is cursed
  • Automatic alert system for the danger

Cons Of The Six Eyes

The Six Eyes has a nagging habit of exhausting its user when their eyes aren’t protected.

This is a wonderful Segway into the most common query many people ask when they look at Gojo Why he doesn’t reveal his eyes? At first, I believed that it was just a fashion statement.

Then I found out that the author claimed Gojo wears sunglasses to get in touch with a lot of women. 

The information is from the hilarious Jujutsu Kaisen Reddit! Therefore, take my words with an eyeful. However, I would not think of putting it past him.

But, Gege Akutami, the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, mentioned that Gojo’s eyes work is magnificent during an interview for Comic Book.

Since his vision field is greater than ideal, it won’t matter if Gojo’s eyes were completely covered. 

Six Eyes are also able to observe things without cursed energy such as towers and structures.

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