What Does Imouto & Himouto Mean?

Are there any other countries, besides Japan, that have a significant impact on today’s youth? Whether it’s about the way things look, the deliciousness of food, the ever-changing weather, or the way people behave.

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As a millennial, I must admit that I find the influence of Japanese slangs and dialects, including the language itself, incredibly captivating.

I’m sure you’ve often heard people around you who are really into anime complaining with phrases like, ‘baka yarou’. Do you sense it? As I write this, I plan to enjoy a cup of coffee because the weather is pleasant.

Updated on May 22, 2024, by Govind: In Japanese, native speakers commonly use the term “imouto” to refer to a younger sister.

Maybe some Japanese learners are familiar with this word because it’s occasionally used in Japanese conversations.

In this blog post, I will provide a detailed explanation of this word, focusing on its kanji character.

Additionally, I will provide clear instructions using example sentences.

Curious about the meaning of “imouto,” huh? Alright, let’s get right to it. Join me.

What Does Imouto Mean?

Haven’t we all enjoyed the platonic love between two friends, be they be male or female to a male or female. There is the purity of intention and unfiltered care and respect hidden inside the minds of the other person.

What Does Imouto 2 What Does Imouto & Himouto Mean?

The energy of such a bond is radiating. We are afraid to make it known or show it to the people close to us, but we all enjoy the anime with scenes showing such pure affection.

The efforts that a brother might put for her sister’s safety And the sacrifices a sister might make for her brother is deeply convincing and at times brings sweet-tasting tears in the eyes. I had a blanket and dim light in the room alone, once.

I carried the vibes of that midnight, and it was cold and breezy as the window was open, and I could see the city lights from the ninth floor.

I was watching OniAi, and the relationship between Akiko and Akito was conspiring my emotional outburst against the ability to hold up. I realize lo-fi music can be intoxicating when you are alone.

By the looks of it, such a phonetic in the Japanese language means ‘little sister.’ However, it can be used interchangeably for female siblings, but imouto refers explicitly to the younger sister.

Anime Reflection Of Imouto

The relevance is unifying. Now, the industry can improvise upon the relationship of an older sibling to his/her/their younger sister. It can be platonic, mostly.

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Let us keep all the judgement aside and respect the ways of nature. In contrast, some other relationship criteria might still be a case of ‘taboo’ in the majority of this globe and for a good reason. It mustn’t be overlooked with a downing eye. 

In the super-popular web anime series, the unconditional love of such characters is painful and fragrance at the same time. How captivating it is to see someone doing a lot for a person from the back, without them knowing it.

You develop a deep connection with the solidarity of the serendipity of emotions. Don’t you? You shall not lie to yourself when you are speaking to yourself, should you? 

The same is the character reflection of ‘imouto’ in the anime world. Imouto is one such figure who is always under the protection of their guardians, which in this case of reference is/are the elder brother/s or sister/s.

In fact, the protagonist is sometimes very incomplete without the absolute motivation regarding the safety of the imouto in the juncture. In simple words, imouto brings out the main character’s healthier instigate against the enemy impulsively. 

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What does Himouto mean? 

Himouto is another slang in the Japanese language, though not originally used in real life. But to talk about the manga or all of the animation world of Japan.

Kirito and Suguha in Sword Art Online 1 What Does Imouto & Himouto Mean?

Himouto is a reference given to the lazy, young and ruthless personality of the sister. In its correct translation, himouto will come out to be ‘dried-fish little sister’.

Which literally means a still fish in the form of a human sister. This also indicates the Japanese staple affection with the food.

A fish is so lively living its life in the waters, and once it is taken out of there, it becomes swollen and dried and lazy. The same goes for a sister who feels lively when she lives her life outside but is lazy when she is out of the waters. 

Oreimo | Let’s Discuss Kirino’s Personality as Imouto

WARNING: Spoiler Alert 

Ever came across a person who ultimately defines the very essence of some category. Like if I say, think of a nerd, chances are you are thinking of Ferb from Phineas And Ferb. Besides, that is a pop anime, and we are discussing anime. But the improvisation is uncanny.

Some characters fit so perfectly into the theme it feels like they own it somehow. So is the Oreimo, the anime which features Kirino as a perfect Otaku and the perfect Imouto.

The concept of such love within the family is even confusing to the main character- Kyosuke Kosaka. As telling the crisp of the series is not our intention, you must go and enjoy this web series anime now that you know it.

However, to shed a little light on the little sister. She is avidly into manga and anime. At the same time, the main character is in absolute disgust with the otaku lifestyle.

Kirinos Personality as Imouto What Does Imouto & Himouto Mean?

It is a light novel. Kirino’s secret hobby is discovered by her elder brother, which proves out to be a turning point in the faring objective each had for the other. So it gets interesting to watch the fights and obsession and care. 

Kirino’s secret life and minimal involvement in the family or to her brother is convincing of her tough side but can also be misleading of her true nature.

She is a soft, kind-hearted, struggling kind which involves herself in petty adult games, which she herself is unaware of how she got attached to. She displays a serene otaku life, is submitted to her thoughts, develops unoriginal obsessions and gets okay about them.

She gets lonely and abrupt but stays calm and cute throughout the series. It ends up in a happy and forgiving kind of romantic relationship with her elder brother. Let me say that it is oddly satisfying. 


Oh, so did you like our article explaining what does imouto means? I desire to be able to share more on this, but I believe the more the experiences grow, the more you are exposed to the knowledge.

Be it anime or manga. The characters are worldly-obliviating and learn full. Sisterhood is one such concept that is highly colorful and has multiple dimensions.

The loving aspect of imouto is very daring but colorful in anime. To be solely involved openly is to create a mind which is open and selfless.

If you have any queries, suggestions or facts, share with the community, use the comment box below. 

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