Fruits Basket: Akito Is A Girl Or A Boy? & Zodiac Curse

Despite Akito’s vile deeds some fans have been interested in Akito’s gender

Akito Sohma heads the Sohma family and is also the principal antagonist in Fruits Basket. As the head of the family, Akito is the God of the zodiacs. This means that the spirit creatures will follow whatever Akito wishes for.

The job of God is to fulfill the promise made a long time ago. This is to ensure that all Zodiac animals will live united regardless of how many times they’re born again. 

Akito was able to fulfill the promise by provoking Zodiacs with cruel and traumatic words.

Despite his vile deeds many fans have been interested in Akito’s gender. The God is tall and pale with an androgynous appearance. Find out who Akito is by reading this article.

Does Akito in Fruits Basket a Boy or Girl?

Does Akito in Fruits Basket a Boy or Girl

Akito Sohma may be a female however she was made to live as a man. The reason behind this is that Ren did not wish for Akito to take her place in the heart of Akira. 

This is why her hair is nape-length. She also wears masculine clothing or clothing with many layers to conceal the feminine aspects of her.

After Tohru first met Akito in the beginning, she believed Akito is a gorgeous male similar to Yuki. She was shocked by the revelation that Kureno revealed the real gender of Akito and that it was not known to all the rest of Zodiac members except Kureno Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame.

Like all Zodiac members, Akito is also a victim. When she was a child, Akito was brainwashed by her father into believing she was unique and that the Zodiacs loved her. She believed in this belief and began to abuse all the spirit animal species.

After the death of her father, and her mother’s assertion that she was useless, Akito became different. She’s violent, angry, and naive. 

She has manipulated the Zodiacs to ensure they would remain close to her. If they do not respond or fight against her, she harms them emotionally, mentally, and physically.

She underwent character development after meeting Tohru. Tohru accepted Akito as she truly is. Akito changed her ways to be more kind and ultimately led to the conclusion of her curse.

How Does Tohru Break the Zodiac Curse?

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Fruits Basket fans may recognize that the basic premise of this romantic comedy is that an orphaned child named Tohru Honda learns that the family of Sohma has an evil curse that means they are controlled by the 13 species that make up the Chinese zodiac.

In addition, they change into animals when they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex who isn’t part of their family, or who isn’t cursed. This happens when they’re weak or when they’re tired.

Tohru has promised to keep their secret and was then allowed to stay with them. In the end, she decided to discover an escape route from the curse. Did she succeed, and what was the method that helped Tohru achieve this feat?

Let’s first look at this Sohma curse. 

The curse is a result of one man who was living alone. Then, one day, a cat visited him and informed him that he was going to be by his side. 

This made the man satisfied, and then the man started making many connections. The man was able to enjoy a fun dinner with animals, and he was keen to keep doing this for a long time.

He then crafted a spell that all of them at the dinner will remain, friends, even if they die multiple times. 

In the following years, everyone in the Sohma family was reincarnated into the 13 animals of the Zodiac. According to the Manga, Akito represents ‘the God’.

The purpose of the spell was simply to keep the animals in harmony however, God was so powerful that the rejection of God could hurt Zodiacs physically and emotionally. 

In this case, the person who was later revealed to be God made use of this advantage to degrade the others in the family.

The curse of Kureno was the one that first broke. It occurred 10 years before the story began. The people of the Sohma family realize they are beginning to fade away. 

They believe that as Kureno their curse will fade with time however, due to reasons beyond their control, something occurred that caused the curse to break more quickly than they had anticipated.

Tohru established a connection with the Zodiac members. It was her who loved the ones who were not loved, and that was open to accepting Kyo. 

Another factor that ended the curse was the time a Zodiac member rebelled against God or would like to be free of God.

Akito formed a connection with Tohru. Tohru convinced her by showing empathy and even invited her to be a friend. 

Akito was then determined to take down the Cat’s Room and give the other Zodiac members freedom. 

Akito also claimed she didn’t want to be considered a special God and is just an ordinary young woman. The bonds were weakened and broken.

To sum up, Tohru broke the curse just by being her true self. Tohru formed connections with Zodiacs with a heart full of love and strengthened these bonds by her love and care for her loved ones!

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