Is Black Clover Over? Will There Be Another Season?

Black Clover suddenly halted its 170-episode run. This was somewhat surprising considering the manga is still being written and the anime has not yet adopted the entire story. 

Fans were relieved to hear that there was a sequel, but it is still unclear what the future holds for the Black Clover anime.

While the Black Clover manga is still in progress, we are not sure how quickly the plot will evolve. We are currently taking a break from the anime series to allow the story to progress.

We don’t know if it will continue in anime movies or other anime episodes. However, it will undoubtedly continue as we have information.

This article contains additional information about the future of the Black Clover series. Find out what happened with the manga and how it influenced the future of anime series. 

It will also be revealed if there will be additional Black Clover material, and how the franchise will look in the future.

Is the Black Clover Anime Complete?

Is Black Clover Over

Studio Pierrot animated the Black Clover anime series. It aired 170 episodes from October 3, 2017, to March 30, 2021. Black Clover is a long-running anime by Studi Pierrot.

This makes it no surprise that the series has so many episodes, in an era when 20-ish-episode anime series has become almost a norm.

Pierrot now announced that episode 170 of Black Clover would be the final anime episode. This was somewhat surprising for fans as the anime is far from its end.

The manga, however, seems to be at the end. So the anime has plenty of material to adapt.

What does this all mean? Is Black Clover done?

This is the end of the first batch of anime episodes. Pierrot animated 170 episodes, and they don’t plan to continue animating anymore. However, Black Clover has not been finished. We’ll see this in the sections below.

Are There More Black Clover Animations?

Is Black Clover Over

Black Clover has a positive outlook. There are still plenty of chapters in the manga that can be translated. This means there will be more material in the future.

The only question is whether the anime movie will continue the anime series or if it will be an adaptation.

We know for certain that there will be a sequel to the anime, but information about the movie is scarce.

We have no information on the movie, except for the poster. Shueisha promised that more information would be available at a later time, but no additional information has been released as of this writing.

It will likely be a sequel to one or two of the next manga series, but we’ll update this article as soon as more information becomes available.

What is the Black Clover Animation?

Black Clover Asta and Yuno 1 Is Black Clover Over? Will There Be Another Season?

Nowadays, anime series are often adapted from manga. Although this is not a general rule, it is common. If you are adapting an existing manga, there will be no problems as there isn’t any new content. 

However, adapting an anime that is in its final chapter, which is the most common, will pose a problem.

Manga chapters are published on a different schedule than the anime series. Both are not easily adjusted so the manga has its own tempo while the anime follows its own broadcast schedule. This creates a problem where the anime is catching up with the manga.

This was Fullmetal Alchemist. The author allowed the anime producers to make their own interpretations of the story.

However, the complete manga adaptation was later released in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Although this is one solution, it’s not the most common.

An anime series is a more popular solution, especially if it’s long-running like Bleach or Naruto. This allows you to simply stop the main story and use filler episodes or entire seasons.

They aren’t canon, they’re original material from anime. While they don’t advance the plot in any way they allow the manga author more time to write content that will be later adapted. 

This was a popular trend in anime back when the series was shorter and many fans are familiar with it.

The trend to introduce filler content has slowly faded as anime became shorter. Today, there are very few long anime series

Black Clover is a rare example. It was created in an era when one anime didn’t have more than 100 episodes. These anime were usually spread over four seasons with large gaps.

With episode 170, Black Clover was very close to the manga, and the producers had to stop.

They could have released a filler episode, they are certain, but they chose not to. Instead, they decided to concentrate on the sequel film and not create filler content. What does this all mean for anime’s future? We don’t know. 

Producers stated that this was not a cancellation but a hiatus.

A sequel movie is also in the works. We might get to see another Black Clover anime show, or will it be done via anime movies? It remains to be seen. However, Black Clover is definitely not over.

Is the Black Clover Manga finished?

Is Black Clover Over

Yuki Tabata started publishing Black Clover on February 16, 2015. As of this writing, there are more than 300 chapters published.

The chapters have been collected into 30 volumes. According to the plot, the manga will continue and we don’t expect it to end anytime soon.

There were moments when Tabata could have just gone for the last arc. But he has succeeded in prolonging the manga’s plot so far. We are confident that he can do it again in the future.

What happens to the manga’s episode 170? Yuno is in training when he sees Langris nearby. Yuno calls Langris and asks why he’s there. 

Langris says he came to help Yuno, who is fighting a space magic user. Yuno accepts Langris’ help, believing that Langris should be stronger.

Asta and Love lose Night once more and are forced to heal their wounds with food made by the Spade Kingdom’s resistance. 

Love suddenly comes up with an idea for Asta, and Asta fails to realize it. Night suggests they meet up, but Asta realizes that it has been two days.

Night tells them they must die because it didn’t work and uses Hunting Ground, a dark prison to shroud them with shadows. 

Asta and Love reflect on why they want more power, and how they can let the other die as Nacht attacks them. A flash of light suddenly breaks through, shocking Nacht.

Zenon visits Moris Libardirt in the Spade Kingdom and asks him about his brother. Zenon is assured by Moris that Dante will be fine and that he will be even stronger than before. 

Dante, in the tank, reflects on how he cannot wait to fight Asta again. Zenon questions Moris about the other projects, and he tells Zenon that everything is fine.

Asta is back and has undone Night’s magic. Nacht wonders how Asta could be strong, and tells them that he lost. Asta is pleased to be able to join the mission.

However, Nacht states that Asta cannot go now as he has not fully mastered his union. Nacht leaves Gimodelo to continue training and tells them that they will wait until they arrive.

Everyone is getting ready to attack the Spade Kingdom from the capital of Clover Kingdom. Some captains inquire about Asta’s whereabouts when Nacht arrives.

Nacht responds that Asta will be there later. Nacht uses his Shadow Corridor spell, to bring the rest to the Spade Kingdom.

Zenon is informed by Moris in the Spade Kingdom that the Resistance has arrived. The Resistance announces they will retake the kingdom and the Magic Knights arrive at Spade Kingdom’s castle. 

The Resistance is confronted by a gigantic demon, and Zenon declares that only the strong will become citizens of Spade Kingdom.

Fuegoleon sees the mana outside and asks Nacht if they are okay. Mereoleona appears outside and attacks the demon while claiming that she will support the resistance. 

The Magic Knights broke up inside the castle and remembered what Nacht had told them about stopping the Advent of Qliphoth.

Mereoleona outside reflects on her encounter with Nacht. She realizes that she can be stronger. Mereoleona’s Hellfire Incarnation spell is used to increase her power.

Mereoleona uses her Calidos Brachium Purgatory Abyss to push the demon to the ground. Rill and Charlotte confront Vanica at the castle. Yuno, Langris and Zenon confront Zenon. Night and Jack confront Dante.

Zenon is surprised to see Yuno alive. Yuno responds that William’s magic is the reason. Zenon is also attacked by Yuno, who announces that William will be back once they defeat Zenon. 

Zenon blocks the spell, and Yuno considers how Zenon uses his bone magic as a defense mechanism while Yuno uses his space magic to disrupt Zenon’s mana.

Langris attacks them with his Archangel Crash spell but Zenon stops him using his space magic. Langris then decides to attack with Archangel Destruction, but Zenon stops him by covering the area using his spatial mana mastery.

Zenon is able to disrupt his opponent’s mana. Zenon informs them that they will not be able to make any moves or attacks and that they will all die. Sylph suddenly appears and declares that they will defeat Zenon.

Are There More Black Clover Mangas?

While we don’t know the date Tabata will end the manga, we do know that he has a goal: Asta becoming King.

But how far away we are from this goal is still unknown. 

This means we’ll be reading more Black Clover manga chapters over the next few months.

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