Is Levi a Titan? Why is he so Strong?

Levi Ackerman, who is commonly known as Captain Levi, is the captain of the team from the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps and is widely acknowledged as the world’s most powerful soldier. 

He is one of the most fascinating people in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan franchise.

His extraordinary strength is what makes him so unique. 

In this piece, we’ll examine the reasons why he is so strong, and whether or not he will become the ultimate Titan in the course of the story.

Ackerman, never became the Titan in Attack on Titan, although there were rumors that he might become one, even though it was extremely unlikely. 

In terms of his capabilities, he was the world’s most powerful soldier, due to his training through his father, Kenny Ackerman, and due to the unique abilities of the Ackerman family.

The remainder of this article will go into detail about the things that Levi Ackerman can and can’t accomplish. 

Levi Ackerman is a character that deserves a lot of attention.

In the following paragraphs in this piece, we’re going to give you all the information you should learn about Levi Ackerman, his talents as well as his strengths, as well as his story in Attack on Titan anime.

Is Levi a Titan?

Levi Ackerman is probably one of the most likable characters to acquire Titan abilities, even though he has been fighting Titans all his life. 

So, can he ever get to become the Titan in the course of the story? 

He does not. Let’s be concise and clear in this article The truth is that he does not become a Titan throughout the main narrative of the manga. 

In the next sections, we’ll explain more regarding this fact, and address specific concerns.

Can Levi be transformed into a Titan?

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We have established that only subjects from Ymir, i.e., Eldians, can be Titans during the Attack on Titan

We have also discovered that Levi is not the status of a Titan and we can wonder if he could ever become a Titan at all in the first place. 

While the answer to this question was not entirely clarified in the manga or the animation, we’ve now come to know that Levi is probably not the status of a Titan at all due to his background.

In the beginning, his origins are unidentified. 

We know that his mother belonged to the Ackerman clan, and even though it is true that the Ackermans are Eldians, the subjects of Ymir appear to be immune to Titan serum and that’s why they are unlikely to become Titans at all.

This is a particular characteristic belonging to members of the Ackerman clan and is manifested and also present within Mikasa Ackerman

Another factor to consider is the fact that we don’t know the name of his biological father so it is possible that he’s not an actual Eldian and that would make him unfit to inherit Titan’s abilities.

Does Levi turn into the Beast Titan?

Since Levi does not transform into any Titan, he doesn’t transform into The Beast Titan either. 

So, why would anyone even bother asking this question? 

The main reason we believe that people are interested in him or Beast Titan is the fact they share some sort of history.

For instance, Levi is a defender of the Beast Titan. The Beast Titan is something of an adversary to him, and they have been fighting several times, with Levi being victorious numerous times.

Do you think Levi will become a Titan in the near future?

Fortunately for us, the Attack on Titan manga is finished, which means we are aware of what happens to him and the rest of the characters after the main storyline concludes. 

We know that, in the three years that follow an encounter at Salta, he takes up his home in Marley. 

He is permanently handicapped and he’s taken care of by Gabi and Falco and Falco, meaning that he did not transform into the status of a Titan. 

Furthermore, and this is important, we know that the Titans vanished after Eren’s death, so there was no chance for him to become a Titan at all.

What makes Levi so powerful?

Levi Ackerman was revealed as the most powerful combatant. The “Captain Levi” side story is part of the Attack on Titan canon. 

There are two main motives for this. One is the fact that he was taught combat techniques by Kenny Ackerman, his uncle, who was a strong fighter and also taught Levi his techniques. 

The second is due to the notion that he was an Ackerman, and that means Levi has the unique “Awakened Power,” which we will discuss in the next section.

What is Levi’s power?

Attack On Titan Final Season Titan Crowd Header 1 Is Levi a Titan? Why is he so Strong?

In this section, we’re going to provide you with more information about Levi’s powers and abilities that we’ve seen in both the anime and manga:

Vertical Maneuvering Equipment

Levi is so proficient at VME that people say he is the best at VME. He demonstrated his combat skills by destroying Annie, the Female Titan

In his speedy movements, Levi was depriving Annie of the chance for defense. This is not something that can be accomplished by entire teams and Eren Yeager when he was in Titan form. 

He was defeated by Zeke with the form of his Titan form. The second is among the most powerful warriors of the Marley army and is a formidable Titan.

He unintentionally struck Zeke. He was too close before he realized that there were no buildings or trees. 

By using his blades, Levi cut Zeke’s hands into pieces at such a speed that they dropped to the ground, one after the other. 

In this way, he demonstrated that he was capable of overcoming the strength of the Titans one-on-one and also that his VME in these instances can be used to its fullest.

Levi once again beat Zeke in the woods. Even though he lost several fingers in the blast, he was capable of using the equipment with nearly the same speed as before. 

Levi is so essential that he’s the equivalent of an entire team of soldiers at the highest level. There is a rumor that he was considered extremely strong before joining the Survey Corps.


Levi is a strong physical force, as is evident by his being a VME. 

Despite being small the muscles and body are developed, which makes him robust when it comes to combat. 

He is even able to “intercepts” one of Annie’s Titan attacks with her arms before she can fight Mikasa. 

However, despite her strength and agility, he just like everybody else is vulnerable to getting injured. 

Even after fighting many Titans One blow from him on the left cheek of Eren could cause a break to all of the teeth in his mouth on the left.

Power awakened

As an ancestor of the Ackerman family, Levi “awakened” a hidden power within him at a young age in his life.

It was a power that he claims to have by “knowing exactly what to do.” Like all Ackermans, she isn’t subject to erased memories and is insensitive to Titan serum.

Thunder Spears

Levi is known to be averse to using Thunder Spears, as he does not carry them in his Rebelio Ghetto raid, unlike the other members of the Survey Corps. 

But, he’s adept in handling the spears. This skill enabled him to draw Zeke from the back to the head of the Titan when he attempted to escape from the forest.


Levi was seen with an “unusual fighting style”. He holds his right blade with his left arm and stretches the blade pointing outwards.

This is in front of him, not directly in front of him. This is why the blades create a sort of “circle” around them. 

This allows him to employ spin as well as other spin attacks, which allows him to keep up with incredible speed and agility while fighting.

In addition, it aids in maintaining endurance without losing stamina or strength, permitting him to combat for a longer period and also destroy several targets simultaneously. 

This strategy could be a result of the knives that were taught to Kenny when he was a young man.


Alongside his remarkable fighting skills, Levi has demonstrated the ability to analyze situations quickly and make informed choices during combat. 

This has allowed him to help his friends and himself several times. For instance, if Levi realizes that Annie isn’t easily killed due to her particular skill at crystallization or combating Kenny inside a pub, he employs chairs, double-barreled shotguns, or even corpses to stop his foes. 

But, Levi admits that an individual can’t always be correct or be 100% certain and that certain “turns of events” are not understandable.

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