What Happen to Aniwatch? Will It Ever Come Back?

February comes to an end with another heartbreak for those who watch anime because the well-known anime streaming service, Aniwatch, goes down.

The well-known online streaming platform, ‘Aniwatch’, has been shut down.

But what was the cause and when will it be back?

For millions of anime lovers all over the world, this is a day of sorrow as they mourn the loss of a different streaming site, Aniwatch. The streaming site that is a huge hit is now officially shut down.

What has happened to the site and is it likely to come back?

The platform that was ad-free and user-friendly was like a wish come to life for us all and was far over the majority of other websites.

It makes us think about what could have caused us that led to such a daring move and if the risk is ever going to happen again.

Aniwatch is been shut down as a streaming platform with a lengthy statement outlining how the website “has reached its limits.”

An official statement says that the website was experiencing financial difficulties as well as a couple of minor server problems, which put them in a position in which they’re unable to provide services.

Aniwatch What Happen to Aniwatch? Will It Ever Come Back?

In the last month, they had tried to close their registrations due to the issue but it didn’t prove to be very effective.

The staff members are trying to get the most of this indefinite break by finding out what they can do they can do and in the process of developing an export function.

What happened to ANIWATCH?

The night before, Aniwatch was officially taken off the internet, with the site sending out a message saying that it was “reached its limits” and “can no longer provide this service.”

On February 28, the first messages from depressed fans began to go out through social media.

The popular streaming website for fans was shut down officially with a long message being published on the homepage of Aniwatch.

Why not use ads or donations to help maintain the costs?

Some believe that Aniwatch with ads is better than having no Aniwatch in the first place. It’s not a solution that their staff would choose to use as the privacy of their customers come first.

Furthermore, Aniwatch believes that the reason for establishing Aniwatch wasn’t to satisfy the lust for privacy-invading corporations.

In mid-February, the company asked for financial assistance from its clients and the website stopped operating for a few weeks after having met the donation goal is a bit suspect.

However, donations can’t be regarded as a long-term solution because it is very unlikely that you can raise 1,000 dollars per month from those who are actively seeking services at no cost.

It seems like the employees are seeking a long-term solution.

Will Aniwatch Ever Return?

The announcement promises we are not in the dark. Aniwatch’s decision to shut down isn’t definitive. Furthermore, the fact that they’re developing an export function gives us hope that it could be back.

More details will be made public in the coming weeks However, I don’t believe it’s going to be back anytime very soon. We can only do our best to allow the staff time to think about their decision and come to a decision that’s most beneficial for the community.

The bottom line is that it’s just piracy that is stealing anime-related content. If they can come up with an affordable and legal subscription service, a lot of fans would have the money to purchase it.

CONCERNS Concerns About Fake Websites…

Following the announcement that Aniwatch was taken offline, There were immediate worries from users on social media regarding fake or phishing sites that attempt to leverage the brand name “Aniwatch” to attract fans.

Aniwatch closed its official announcement with a keynote to those who are looking for a website in the future.

“Aniwatch.me is our single exclusive domain. Beware of apps or websites that claim as if they are us. You can find all detail regarding our current situation at Aniwatch.me and also NOWHERE ELSE.” Aniwatch statement. Aniwatch declaration.

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