Does Norman like Emma in The Promised Neverland?

After a long and enjoyable period, The Promised Neverland series ended with the story about Emma, Norman, and Ray coming to a bittersweet end.

Yet there are still unanswered questions, such as Norman’s feelings toward Emma.

About The Promised Neverland

The series was created by Kaiu Shirai, this manga began in the form of a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in the year 2016. 

It was licensed to VIZ Media for an English Language publication, the series has enjoyed immense success with the series selling 4.2 million copies over an extremely short time.

The story centers around the horrifying details of an orphanage found by three bright children: Emma, Norman, and Ray.

Do they like each other? Are they able to reciprocate one another’s feelings in the final?

Does Norman love Emma?

Does Norman love Emma

Norman likes Emma however, it’s not in the romantic sense. As orphans from Grace Field, they have been in close contact throughout their lives and they are willing to give up many things for each other’s benefit. 

Norman and Emma have put their lives at risk several times in order to help one another.

Norman is inspired by Emma’s determination to save everyone. And despite her recklessness and ignorance, he admires the way Emma is with herself.

Norman says it was due to Emma’s emotions that allowed him to smile even though it was getting close to the end.

In the first episode of the series Norman admits to Ray that he would take any action to fulfill Emma’s dream because the two of them love each other. He also says that he’d sacrifice anyone, including himself to help Emma.

After they reunite two years after, despite the length of period they did not see one another, Norman and Emma remain in love and truly love one another.

In a letter written by Norman, Norman mentions how much he’s always been in love with Emma from the time they were infants. 

When Emma asked what she wanted to do as a teenager and a future where it would be with Emma would be the very first thought that came to mind.

What is the way Norman and Emma get to know each other?

As orphans in Grace Field House, Norman and Emma were orphans. Grace Field House, Norman, and Emma have been close to each other through their entire lives. 

Be it taking tests every day or playing games of tag or even eating meals They were always at their side.

In the care of Isabella and the care of other orphans, Norman and Emma had a wonderful life within Grace Field together.

Did Norman confessed his love for Emma?

Did Norman confessed his love for Emma

Since they discovered that the true story about an orphanage Norman and Emma have been by others’ side. Norman offered comfort to Emma as she began crying and encouraged her to stay determined.

Norman has said that he is awed by and loves Emma and is willing to do anything to safeguard Emma. He had originally intended to confess to Emma in person and even recorded his feelings in a letter but then decided to drop the idea.

Instead, he promised to tell Emma his feelings when they had a reunion as adults. In the end, as a result of the promise, Emma lost her memories so all Norman did was to be content that she was alive and well.

Will Emma and Norman have a reunion at the at the end?

After Emma signs her commitment to The Demon King every child is released from the realm of demons. Emma however, is not among them.

The girl wakes up in a new location and discovers that she can’t recall where she came from, the places she was born in, her memories of her childhood, or even her name.

As the years pass by, Emma still doesn’t regain her memories. Thanks to the pendant she received from Mujika, Emma dreams about her family and friends who have gone unnoticed calling her but she forgets about her family and friends when she gets up.

Two years pass and she is given a brand new name, and she is able to find a brand new identity.

A day later, as Emma goes out to town for grocery shopping, looking for her necklace, she meets other children and comes across Norman.

Does Emma remember Norman?

Does Emma remember Norman

When Emma encounters Norman and others while looking to find her pendant, the entire family is thrilled at her return in two years. Emma however, is terrified and overwhelmed because she can’t recall anyone.

When everyone is struck by sadness due to Emma’s forgotten memory, Norman begins crying tears of happiness and expresses his satisfaction about Emma’s overall health.

He explains their joyous new existence in the world of humans and acknowledges Emma for all she did for her family, even though she was devastated by the memories she had lost.

When she hears that, Emma suddenly starts crying and explains that even though she isn’t familiar with the people, she’s feeling as if she’s always wanted to go to see them.

Norman is then able to tell Emma that it’s fine that she doesn’t know their names because regardless it’s still a desire to spend time with them.

The story concludes with Emma, Ray, and Norman sharing a kiss while in the company of their families, with Emma saying she will live with the three of them.

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