Who Died in My Hero Academia? Every Death in MHA!

My Hero Academia includes a few deaths, but as one would expect, the majority of the deaths are positive for the characters.

In a tale where the human race transforms completely due to the genetic evolution of Quirks. It’s not a surprise that our society evolves naturally to the point where super-powered heroes must defend people from evil-minded criminals who, for any reason, are determined to cause harm to them. 

In this way, My Hero Academia contains a number of victims of the conflict between the different factions that rule the world, and they’re not restricted to only a single individual.

It’s interesting that it’s only antagonists that are completely unafraid against murder, while the heroes are extra cautious to ensure that they can deliver their enemies safely to secure prison that proves they’re trustworthy and, most importantly they believe that everyone could make a change when given the opportunity. 

Likely, the majority of the deaths that occur in the story are positive people.

6. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

The former owner of the One For All, Nana Shimura was Toshinori Yagi’s teacher, eventually transferring all her power to her pupil like every other incarnation before. 

Even though she was a mother to a child, Kotaro, her son claims that she did not take charge of him or was present when growing up, and blames it on her motherly instinct and her commitment to justice.

Incredibly, she had her own quirk, also known as Float and only a small portion of it has been made public (at least, without resorting to spoilers from manga). 

However, it was not helpful when she faced up against the principal adversary, All For One, who claims that she dies “pathetically.” 

To defend Nana’s position, however, it should be noted that the reason for her defeat was that she had already surrendered the title of One For All — which led to her death, but also the rising as a symbol for peace. All Might.

5. Water Hoses

Water Hoses

Deku encounters a young boy named Kota during his class’s mountains training beneath the supervision of Wild Wild Pussycats.

Kota is adamantly opposed to the concept of heroism which irritates Midoriya (because the kid has lived his whole life around the idea) and forces him to come up with a solution between the two.

Then, he discovers that Kota’s parents, who were heroes known as the Water Hoses were brutally murdered as part of protecting innocent lives from the evil Muscular

The two were definitely strong characters, considering that they were successful in their mission, but although they did manage to hurt the man severely, however, they were the ones who were killed in the final. 

Fortunately, Kota gets some form of closure after Deku literally hits Muscular in the head and knocks him unconscious.

4. Magne


Magne is a member of Tomura’s League of Villains, who barely escapes a scrape in the battle of All Might after his gang is able to kidnap Bakugo and hold him captive. 

Even though she escapes from prison by using Kurogiri’s teleportation quirk, she is defeated within the Shie Hassaikai Arc. 

In this area, the League of Villains agrees to meet with an unknown person only called Overhaul and he annoys the group by demanding to be their leader.

The first person to voice physical protest is Magne who leaps in front of her apparent adversary, with the intention to kill him immediately. 

Unfortunately for her, she is unaware of Kai Chisaki’s terrifying Quirk and her upper body is then exploded in a torrent of guts and blood.

3. Sand Hero: Snatch

Sand Hero Snatch 1 Who Died in My Hero Academia? Every Death in MHA!

Overhaul’s defeat Overhaul by Midoriya with the help of Eri’s Rewind is the final blow of the antagonist and the elaborate plans to destroy every Quirk that exists. 

While he’s being transported for medical treatment (before being placed in Tartarus) the vans are surrounded from the outside by Shigaraki and his gang who are seeking revenge against Shigaraki and his minions. The Pro-Heroes were dispatched Sand Hero: Snatch to be a security figure, so the snatch always tries to bring on the League of Villains down.

At first glance, it appears that the hero has the upper hand since his body is able to show a remarkable fight against Tomura’s Decay because his body is transformed into particles of sand. 

But, when Dabi is introduced to the fight will be lost, as this villain’s blue fire is powerful enough when combined together with Atsuhiro Sako’s Compress to complete Snatch off with the final blow.

2. Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye

The death of Nighteye is among the most painful deaths in the entire story since Nighteye is a beloved figure of the community from the viewpoint of the other Pro-Heroes and the kids he coaches. 

The battle to save Eri demands the complete power of Mirio Togata. However, in the aftermath of his death, it is left to Nighteye to carry out the mission. 

However, it only results in him suffering a curable number of wounds (to the point where the modern medical technologies and Recovery Girl’s Quirk have no impact.)

When he passes away, he sends a final goodbye on his deathbed to All Might, Deku, and Lemillion and informs them that they do not have anything worth shaming about and neither to think that they didn’t achieve their purpose because the aim was always to ensure that Eri’s life was saved regardless of the price. 

Prior to his death, Nighteye employs Foresight to discover the course of Lemillion’s fate and is happy with what he has seen and is able to go peacefully to rest in peace.

1. High-End Nomu

High-End Nomu

Endeavour And Hawks are eating together as an extremely strong Nomu are threatening them, by using words to communicate its determination to fight the tougher hero. 

The number one Pro-Hero is hardly a match to the new enemy because he’s a custom-designed “High-End” Nomu (known as Hood). 

With the amount of damage, Hellflame can cause the world, it’s almost impossible to chance of affecting the chimeric creature, and not any of the Endeavor’s most powerful moves, Prominence Burn.

Fortunately, Hawks assists his friend by significantly increasing the speed of his flight by using his feathers. By creating a huge distance between the enemies and the city.

The hero can release the power of his Plus Ultra Prominence Burn without being held back by anything. The result is that Hood is totally destroyed and Endeavour is standing on top of his fallen foe proud and triumphant.

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