Overhaul’s Quirk: His Abilities & Limitations

My Hero Academia’s success as a highly recommended and popular show soared over its average following the debut of season 4. 

The most recent season focuses on the character introduced in the finale installment of the season and plays as the principal antagonist. 

The character is known by the name of Kai Chisaki.

About My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is the world of superheroes with powers known as Quirks. He hopes to become a hero like his idol – the most popular superhero All Might

However, his hopes are crushed because he is revealed to be Quirkless which is a small portion of society that is born without the ability to do anything.

However, after an encounter, All Might himself recognizes his potential and suggests to be the inheritor of his strength. Izuku is then accepted into the famous UA School for Heroes and creates a path towards becoming the top hero.

The show is just beginning to test the waters but manga fans are aware of the significance of the character and what he contributes to the plot. 

Kai Chisaki as well as his terrifying quirk have generated an enthralling atmosphere among the viewers and, unfortunately, Kai’s ties to villains make him an effective adversary for the heroes.

What is Kai Chisaki’s peculiarity? What is it about this characteristic that makes him an intimidating presence?

Kai Chisaki’s Quirk – Overhaul

Overhauls Quirk 2 Overhaul’s Quirk: His Abilities & Limitations

Kai Chisaki’s quirk is referred to as Overhaul. His characteristic is disassembling everything that he touches on an atomic level. Additionally, he can rebuild things after disassembling them.

However, he is able to detach or reassemble objects upon touching them with his fingertips. When he has deconstructed the target, Kai may leave it unassembled and then reassemble it to its original shape or design something completely new.

The quirk itself is powerful, but Kai alters the quirk to make it more enthralling. He uses fusion in which he joins two pieces to make something entirely new.

Kai’s abilities aren’t categorized negatively since Kai can recreate the biochemical components of an organism, or a living being, which allows Kai to heal himself and others. The motivation behind his ability to heal isn’t certain, however, he is definitely skilled.

Hows The Mask of Plague Related to Chisaki’s Peculiarity?

The truth is that it’s not! Chisaki wears a mask of plague as he is a mysophobe who is averse to the thought of having bacteria or dirt on his clothes or body.

In addition, Chisaki hates participating in sexually unclean activities or touching others, which is ironic as his character is determined by it.

His obsession with cleanliness is to an extreme level, where he is unable to breathe the same air that humans do. There’s an air filter within his mask of plague.

How strong is the Quirk?

His power is a source of power for everything – both inanimate and animated objects. 

Everything in the world is broken down to the molecular or atomic level. If Overhaul gets his hands on it Overhaul can alter it.

Overhaul’s Limitations

My Hero Academia Fused Overhaul Overhaul’s Quirk: His Abilities & Limitations

As we’ve mentioned, Chisaki can manipulate the structure of everything in his reach. Chisaki has been shown to alter his enemies, allies himself, and even objects. His brutal or nihilistic view on life broadens the field or the targets to make use of his abilities.

He employs his skills to hide his tracks by destructing the target and then acquiring the information required. Then, he reassembles the target in perfect format to eliminate any proof of an assault. 

Contrary to Decay Kai Chisaki’s abilities, Kai Chisaki’s are restricted to the target. Kai Chisaki’s powers aren’t transferred onto anything related to the targets.

His power is only distributed through his personal hand and only his touch. It’s the Ultra Analysis Book, the official source of statistics for MHA characters, reveals Chisaki’s quirks aren’t the only reason behind his strength.

He’s shown as a balanced antagonist, scoring an average of six out of 6 in ambition, five-out-of-six for both technique and intelligence (his abilities to use his ability to use his) as well as the score is four of six in speed. 

He scores three out of six points for his strength that is slightly concerning due to the irreparable damage he can cause.

Is Chisaki unbeatable?

The fear of anyone who fights Overhaul to keep from becoming nearer to him is apparent. Despite the strength of his characteristic, Overhaul is easily defeated. Each character who is as powerful as Overhaul is also had an Achilles Heel.

The power of Overhaul is determined by his ability to get close to his goal. But the strength is concentrated in his hands. If the hands of Overhaul are taken away the quirk becomes ineffective.

Overhaul was, in a manner of speaking, defeated by the League of Villains led by Tomura Shigaraki. The arms of Overhaul are broken through Atsuhiro Sako as well as Tomura Shigaraki.

Overhaul My Hero Academia e1605182257525 1 Overhaul’s Quirk: His Abilities & Limitations

Can Deku Defeat Overhaul?

Deku at his current level, will not be able to overcome Overhaul by himself. As was demonstrated in their fight at the end of the Shie Hassaikai raid

Deku was successful in defeating Overhaul after unlocking 100 percent Of One For All with the assistance of Eri’s ability. As for strength, individual strength, Deku has a long way to go before he can defeat Overhaul by himself.

Did Overhaul actually have a role as a Villain?

Overhaul’s motivations stem from his devotion toward Shie Hassaikai. 

He was taken in through Shie and the Yakuza and rescued from the streets at a young age. 

He believes that the Yakuza owes him a debt, the Shie, the leader of the Yakuza Shie.

Shie and only is concerned for Shie.

Overhaul thinks quirks could be the cause for the current plight of society. 

His distorted view of the world was formed by his brutal childhood. 

It’s clear that he gives no value in human life, not or even to his own.

The only exception to this rule in his case is Shie Hassaikai.

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