Is Deku A Villain Now in MHA?

SPOILER WARNING! This page includes spoilers of My Hero Academia. Read at your own risk!

The manga went through a major turn following it was clear that War Arc ended. The biggest alteration of all was the moment that Deku was released from the U.A.!

You have heard exactly what you heard: Deku has left the U.A. for good reason! 

The public is pondering the motives for his decision. However, the most important question in everyone’s head is what will he do now that the hero program has been canceled.

Today, I’d like to explain some of the issues troubling My Hero Academia fans. We’ll also be able to explore the subject “Is Deku going to become a villain after is out of school

Did he quit due to his status as a U.A. the traitor?” Without further ado, we’ll get straight into the story!

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia (MHA) or Boku no Hero Academia (BnHA) is a Japanese superhero manga drawn and written by Kohei Horikoshi.

It has appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The chapters are collected into 30 volumes of tankobon as of April 2021. The story follows a teenager Izuku Midoriya and his journey as a member of the no. 1 Pro Hero in the heroes society, All Might.

Although he was a fanboy from the age of four, Izuku was born without having a “Quirk”. In a fateful moment when he met All Might — his idol and the most admired heroes of all time.

With his determined determination and unwavering desire to be a hero, Izuku can impress All Might and so his journey to becoming a hero of the highest order begins.

What Made Deku Quit the U.A. ?

Deku has left the U.A. to protect the future of his teachers, classmates, and family. If All for One and Tomura Shigaraki are in hiding, they’re likely to strike U.A. to kidnap Deku and take One For All.

A few fans believe that Deku quit U.A. because he’s a traitor and that he’s feeling guilty for having sabotaged his friends, and the reason he’s gone to perform villainous work. These are all false statements.

Deku isn’t the U.A. traitor. He was not able to leave because he was being framed to betray his fellow tes and teachers. The current chapter of the manga hasn’t established his identity (identities) that of the traitor(s) at this point.

What Will Deku’s Plans Be After He Leaves U.A. ?

Deku’s departure is vital as he does not just have to prevent wanted criminals such as All for One and Tomura from turning another city into dust. 

He must also ensure the safety of citizens he can reach using his own hands. To accomplish this it is necessary to quit the U.A.

He is worried about how the hero culture is falling apart from the inside huge jailbreaks taking place in eight cities; villains in full swing; risky convicts dragged out and looking for blood and flesh!

All this chaos, he must quickly, with the help of his Pro Heroes, All Might along with the 7 One for All predecessors.

Everyone is living in a day and age where neither citizens nor heroes feel secure. In addition to the fearful citizens who are on the run and being afraid for their lives, many heroes are taking a break!

There are fewer heroes in the position to defend the citizens. While some citizens in the previous chapters dealt with the support equipment of heroes.

However, they’re not trained to use them. Instead of aiding them, they’ve just increased collateral injury and death!

Is Deku The Latest Villain?

Deku A Villain

Deku hasn’t turned into an antagonist in the show. There many believe that Deku is no longer on U.A.’s leash and can take on villains immediately. However, that’s not the situation.

Despite sporting the black sclerae that adorn his eyes, while wearing his worn-out hero costume Deku is determined to help as many civilians and heroes as is possible! 

And why would he quit his school of choice to join one of the off-shoot criminal organizations? As a result, there is a possibility that “Villain Deku” in the My Hero Academia (MHA) fanbase is well-known. 

But, this persona is only present in alternate realms (AUs) which MHA fans have conjured. Instead of showing an altruistic and heroic protagonist, “Villain Deku” is the main anti-hero in the Fanfictions, art or anime-related music video (AMVs), etc.

It’s fun to discover Izuku Midoriya’s alternate identities! 

However, no longer does “Villain Deku” portray the traits of a major Shonen character! 

In a variety of MHA AUs, Villain Deku is the main focus because he’s a sinister brutal, manipulative, and merciless master of many dark Quirks! It’s fascinating! 

Aren’t you thinking it’s the same? It’s even more shocking that he’s got married to Himiko Toga, and they have kids! 

If you’re looking to discover the darker sides that are “Villain Deku”, I’ve created the following Villain Deku blog which delves into the depths of the character’s uniqueness!

Are we going to be seeing Villain Deku on the show? The cover art of Chapter 310 may have emphasized Deku’s playful and trickster look. He does give an enigmatic look that is typically seen in villains or fugitives.

With such a dark and savage image of Shonen Jump’s gentle boy, it’s a twisted incident to witness Izuku Midoriya’s face painted by such an eerie tone!

We must also be aware that Horikoshi confirmed Deku’s desire to be the number one hero in the hero society right from the very beginning of the show. 

Since then, “Villain Deku” is not a character MHA fans will see during the series. But I’m not ruling this possibility out entirely. 

We don’t be able to discern what’s happening in Horikoshi’s head. Within one scene, Horikoshi is bending our expectations. In another, he’s done completely 180 degrees on us!

For this moment, U.A. dropped out Izuku Midoriya is not threatening anyone with his intimidating appearance. He’s also not Deku making it a requirement for civilians to believe that he is a hero. 

This is why I don’t expect “Villain Deku” to appear in the MHA’s canonical MHA series at all — not any time soon anyway.

Is Deku an active vigilante from the series? As of right now, Deku has no choice to decide to become the vigilante (an able person can do hero tasks without a government-issued license). Therefore Deku is currently a vigilante and we’re not certain what his status will be in the main show.

If Deku continues to follow the path of vigilantes and continues to break the law. In addition, there is no way to stop him. Hero Public Safety Commission is no longer in operation.

Who can affirm that Deku’s temporary license is still in effect? Its post may bed! Therefore, Deku shouldn’t be chasing criminals, even if they’re his arch-nemesis!

A vigilante, in the end, is someone who is caught between villainous duties and hero status. In the world of Pro Heroes, Pro Heroes don’t acknowledge vigilantes who perform heroic acts. 

In the same way, villains do not honor vigilantes simply because they’re not crazy enough to commit crimes of a criminal nature.

At this moment in the comic, Deku must become a vigilante if he wishes to keep hunting Tomura Shigaraki and All for One to the depths of the shadows. If he can them with his vigilante status the faster will Deku prevent from destroying all things.

What Does This Change Mean For The Future of The No. 1 Hero?

Deku A Villain

Since he awoke from a coma, Deku was walking a fine of morality put to the test!

The conversation he had with Gran Torino echoes in his mind, especially when the elderly man said, “Don’t be too stubborn in rehabilitating Tomura Shigaraki. Sometimes, death could be an opportunity to be saved, too…”

The words that will warm your heart will continue to linger over Deku’s head while he battles crime as a vigilante. Deku isn’t all hero now However, he’s not a complete villain (hence the creation of “Villain Deku” is unforeseeable at this time).

Izuku Midoriya has reached the middle and this is an intentional change that comes from the writer. Deku must hold on to the moral fibers he’s left in his body and take on these challenges to save his world as well as Tomura Shigaraki.

In a time of uncertainty like this, the role of a vigilante can be an ideal excuse to protect the lives of others. However, that doesn’t mean it is exempted Deku from stumbling into risky situations.

He could be hungry right this moment as the money he has is not enough to buy the necessities. The chapter 310 we read about witnessing All Might handing Deku’s favorite food (pork Katsu bowl or Katsudon) in a lunchbox to make sure that the boy eats well and lives!

As a vigilante, however, it’s his right to help any person, even criminals! The government won’t be on hand to stop his next act at all. However, there is a downside that Deku is fulfilling his heroic duties without compensation or recognition.

In addition, Deku is limited in his information sources (e.g. the inability to connect to the Hero Network, losing communication with his allies and friends in the U.A., etc.). 

If he’s not able to collect information, Deku doesn’t have an option but to move at a snail’s speed to track down his enemies!

The idea of hiding in the shadows to act as a vigilante might seem like a good idea in the beginning. First of all, the disguises he wears are helpful since he’s keeping his low profile and not being recognized by the public.

This motivates him on his mission since he is able to conceal his identity from civilians!

Final Words

Deku quit U.A. to protect the lives of his parents, his classmates as well as his teachers. The character is not an antagonist or villain in the show after having dropped out of school.

If he is indeed one of them, then not only is the character change in the wrong direction at this point within the story, it’s part of Deku’s “Shonen character template”. 

Whatever happens, regardless of what Horikoshi-sensei will be bringing to us MHA readers, I’m pretty sure that it will take us off guard!

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